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now that the dust has settled, what (if anything) was he in the wrong about?

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King Grifter


Jealous of this nigga's perfect hairline.

What does he even do? He looks very well off.

Imma need Yea Forums to tag 3 big dick ass niggas


comes up with insanely shit hot takes on twitter
take any passage from mein kampf, replace "jews" with "whitey" then eat lead paint chips.

He's at war with bed wenches now

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He's a rapper.

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I respect him for being a meme, perhaps even a lolcow at times. But he gave us timeless content. I hope he does more projects in the future.

When's his next kino?

He's a best selling author

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these swirler harlots are something else...

Buck Breaking absolutely and thoroughly fucked Yea Forums's asshole when it was released

Is it worth seeing?

If you're into that kind of thing sure.


I've got some excerpts

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Based zestposter

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every single thread was about Buck Breaking, and yes its worth watching at least once while your mind is altered on substances

there's basically no way he's not a closeted hardcore bottom gay that fantasizes daily about incomprehensibly degrading bondage slave-play.

This thread reeks of bussy juice

tariqs pretty funny if youve ever watched one of his videos

sleeping mechanics?


Very interesting.

Bed wrenches->Bed wenches


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>and btw, this aint for no bussy action... with yo moist ass
What did he mean by this

Bitch doesn't even have a boyfriend, she's just thirst trapping whiteboys

As all attractive black females should.

use race bait to milk white incels out of their money?

Found the buck

Diarrhea user

>"captured slave" technique
Tariq would know about that one wouldn't he


I love black women bros

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imagine the smell

Two more weeks

>So we been breaking bucks for 3 generations.
>Mos' time the breaking sticks. The buck don't give you any kine uh problems.
>B b but sometimes, sometimes... well sometimes you get a PECULIAR buck.
>This one buck, well he was the peculiar type, he a uh, well he would act up but he wouldnt hide it.
>It seem every week he was pretending to take a nap on pickin duty( but with one eye open all koi like) or he'd take extra molasses pie, or or or he'd sit his field ass on the front porch.
>Every week he'd do somethin' rascally IN PLain damn sight of the OVaseeah.
>OVasseha would call out to the buck to get to the Breakin Barn. This Bucks eyes would light up and before you could whistle dixie, he'd be in the barn.
>This Buck would run to that breaking barn like it was a cool stream on a hot August day in Georgia.
>Hellll it got sooo bad this buck would TELL You what kine mischief he was gone get his midnight black ass into. He hadnt even DO nuthin yet..
>He would skip over to the barn after an call out " COME On MAaaaaSSA THIS BUCK AINT GUNNA BREAK HISSELF!"
>Just down right peculiar...

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>NaSneeds feed and seed
>formerly Bucks

___ ____ _____ ___ __ _____, _____

Brutal ass mogging

I dont think black slaves were turned into crab creatures by slave owners

take that thong out of bussy, playa?

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/gif/ too

That guy looks jewish. Wouldn't surprise me considering a large amount of slave owners were jews.

>off the rack suit
>200 dollar watch
>very well off

He's part of the nigger larp group called the Nation of Islam, which completely gets everything wrong...about Islam. Their interpretation of Islam is heretical and full of innovations (bid'ah)

Well lookee here

Close, you can yet escape this place.

Fucking white revisionist asshole



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I like the steamed hams meme though


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That's a tailored silk suit, rolex watch, fine haircut, and two diamond earrings. His smugness? Priceless.

imagine spending money on this shit movie

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>proudly taking a picture with some dudes BDSM raceplay sex fantasy ""documentary""
down right peculiar