Dishonest filmmaking

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What is dishonest here?

Apocalypto is peak honest filmmaking

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They're filming him with a camera.

will this movie be released in cave painting format?

He should had just acted and then they could tell us about how he acted? That's a book.

OP is dishonest.
Also obligatory fuck HistoryBuffs.

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>Implying acting is honest.
It's literally called "acting"

Mel Gibson should have invited us to the Amazon so we could just watch the events unfold naturally. particularly the human sacrifice.

beautiful movie, now that the nortman has been released, do you think our boy Mel's Viking movie would have been better?

why do they not freak out upon seeing a robot?

the film wasnt actually shot in 15th century mesoamerica, its dishonest and fake

Mel Gibson made this movie just for the White Kangz ending,

Is it cringe to wear one of those hats? I like it

>white man's burden

>do you think our boy Mel's Viking movie would have been better?

it definitely would have been. I don't even like Mel but he know how to tell a straightforward story.

Imagine working with based Mel in the middle of the jungle.

In addition, he has a dazzling visual taste. This film reveals Mel's visual artist vein.

superior indiokino coming through

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OP's mom is dishonest lol

not if you're mel gibson
you can pretty much wear anything

I watched this movie the other day and thought it was quite good. One of the gripes I had with it though was at the end when he was saving his wife and kids. It just changed scenes and she was suddenly out of the hole with the two kids in-tact. Before the scene change she and the kids were nearly drowned, the rope was cut earlier so it was useless, and the guy was pretty seriously wounded and shouldn’t have been able to pull up that much weight. Seemed like a bit of a cheap cop out to not show him saving them.

People wear them in my area all the time. But I live in a small farming community.

Imagine being worked on by based Mel in the middle of the jungle.

the hole filled with water.

Apocalypto is legit one of my favorite movies

zoomer here, should i watch this?

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Nigga went through hell and your gripe is they didn't show him picking up his wife and kids?

yes. 140 minutes of kino

Yes. Alternatively decide for yourself


unpopular opinion: The Passion of the Christ is also a great movie

Fantastic film. It gave me a lot to ponder.


What film?

whiter than most amerimutts

>I don't even like Mel

Any hat is based if you really own it and become a distinct hat wearer. Hardest part is turning into a hat wearing individual when people know you as a hatless person

Yes. It is very engaging with a good ending. Mel Gibson makes great films.

embrace of the serpent

Even fedoras?

>this movie isn't 100% historically accurate, therefor it is LE BAD!
I love how based Mel shits on british faggots in braveheart and the patriot which makes historybuffs absolutely seethe.

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A real Spaniard has blonde hair and green eyes.

Thanks pal, if it's on par with Apocalypto then I won't hesitate to make time for it

As with most things in life it helps if you're moderately attractive, have style and an ambivalent attitude so people don't consider you a tryhard

Its a well made movie you cant tell was made nearly 20 years ago.

This is so true

god he is such a faggot. I'm glad Yea Forums is in agreement about that. His historical takes are super basic bitch as well. Just appeals to retard normies.

>just put it on and it fits bro

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This image triggers a dark sense in me

Probably the prettiest black and white film ever made but I thought the plot felt unfinished.

better than the northman by a country mile

Can confirm as a hat wearing person of 30 years that it is genuienly impossible to become a hatless person

his video on apocalypto was literally word for word reading from an article by a guy who has no fucking idea about history
i dont know if its by accident or on purpose but apocalyto is unironically autistic levels of historically accurate, to a degree where you need to know a lot about that specific time in history to understand it

I started wearing a chairman Mao hat (green cap with an inseam red star) around in public and got all sorts of compliments. I am above average looking but it was pretty crazy how everyone began to remark on liking the hat; a friend of mine was so inspired he got himself a similar hat. I don't have any sympathies or fondness for the man who popularized the hat, nor the ideology he subscribed to, but somehow I managed to really own the commiefag hat
Thoughts? Am I cringe? Yes. But am I also based?

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you are not. take your lithium.

Exactly. We aren't watching reality as it unfolds. It is dishonest.

you are. take your carbon monoxide.

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they were not kidding with this film, why does the northman feel so sóy in comparison?

*tips chairman mao hat*

History Buff IS a fucking faggot and I hate his voice.

t. English

Actually, this is very honest. Unless they used shit previs for it. Previs is overused.