Movies about an unexpected change?

Movies about an unexpected change?

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this nigga got scammed hard

hes no longer the richest in the world but at least we will have free speech

It's going to be just as shitty with him as the owner

Is twitter finna bout to be lit??

Now he controls the mind virus.

Twitter... So, is that where all the twits post?

Nothing will change

Trump will probably get his account back

He'll most likely ban all the outright Nazi accounts

what a waste of money he could have just made his own
hope he dewokes it.

How much would it cost to buy Yea Forums, 10 bucks and a burrito

That's an overpay

>*goes private *
Lmao. Also based friggin Elon musk based billionaire will surely fight for our cause bros

>users will now be forced to hear their post be read aloud before they can post it

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He was never the world's richest, stop buying Forbes's bs


Twitter is EXTREMELY irrelevant. Check the data. Only terminally online people use that shit, that's why it seems to be much more popular than it is.

You have to figure in the jannies salary in the purchase price

All this means is the platform will fucking die. This cunt got absolutely scammed. Most of the users of twitter were vehemently against him purchasing it, they dont give a fuck about his "le free speech" angle. They dont see it that way. They will just most to the next platform, which honestly could lead to a good investment, if you get lucky and put money on whichever one catches on.

Trumps will be reinstated....Q predicted this

I just want the orange man posts back

He's not black. Get your eyes checked lolol

>richest in the world
the oil rich sheiks are definetly richer than him

And That's Why Elon Musk Buying Twitter Is A Good Thing.

Free speech is a smokescreen, he wants to combine twitter analytics with AI and take them to the next level. This will allow him to predict shit well before it happens, how do you think he learned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine months in advance (and then leak it to Alex Jones)

Trannies on absolute suicide watch (more so than usual)

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it's good for finding footage of russian tanks, boats, and oil tankers exploding for purely accidental reasons.

Money doesn't work like that... It's their net worth, it's not like they have it lying around in a bank or something. His worth is the same, but now some parts of it is in Twitter. If he would make twitter public again, he'd get much of the money back

Why do right wingers simp for billionaires

He is literally an African you double-retard.

This. Whenever I'm bummed out about the state of the internet I remember this statistic and that there's only 50,000 registered users on resetera

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More like 8 bucks and the wrapper from the buritto

All leftist faggots about to get fired and banned.

>will go private
i thought it was a private company? wtf does that mean

Depends on how he wants to reform it. I think you seriously overestimate the amount of people peeved at Musk vs. the amount of people who have been alienated by Twitter over the years and would be open to returning. Most are in the middle: they don't care. Twitter was free when it was on the rise, as most platforms tend to be. Then the establishment rolls in and creates a code of acceptability.

Most twitter users are boomers following sports. Most active posters are broke 20 year olds with chemical imbalances from vitamin d deficiencies.

>how do you think he learned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Probably because Russia has been threatening to invade Ukraine for about 15 years.

>how do you think he learned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine months in advance

Because the US started moving weapons into Ukraine in response to a possible invasion and said so numerous times

Conservatives worship the rich and famous despite accusing lefties of doing the same thing

you think Elon won't just buy that too?

I dont think they are. Tech definitely outshines oil these days.

I can agree with this.

Wouldnt he still be the richest? I mean his networth was quite a bit higher than Bezos

lel twitter had a bad reputation and low activity already and now he's stuck with it, what a dunce. probably would have been a good purchase years ago but now? good fucking luck.

He was able to pin it to February, rather specific.

>$40 billion us burgers for twitter
that can't be the real worth lmao

reminder free speech is completely irrelevant in the context of private entities

January 6th

it' means the stock won't be listed for sale on the NYSE anymore. If you own Twitter stock, you'll auto-sell it, and get a bit more than the current market value.

Cancel culture is CANCELLED

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>Most of the users of twitter were vehemently against him purchasing it

Yes the leftist morons would rather have it continue to be owned by a group that primarily consists of Saudi royalty, Blackrock and Goldman Sachs. As always, leftists shilling for groups of people they claim to hate.

post the goods schizobro

I mean, insofar as they support things like free speech. As opposed to just blind cocksucking of people who cheerlead statism, censorship, mind control.

Twitter is about to become an absolute shitfest of unhinged madness, cannot wait

Free speech is when billionaires control Twitter and go private

Kek leftards keep losing. It's a private company faggots they can do what they want.

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damn that's a mega based tweet

fake and gay

No it isn't. Just as a private business is allowed to set its speech standards, its customer base is allowed to demand certain rights on it or leave. And a private individual is allowed to come in and just buy it lmao.

the only correct move is to delete twitter and he wont be doing that.

it's currently a publicly traded company, which means people can buy stock of it and influence how the company is run in exchange for a larger market cap and ability to obtain capital
he's going to make it privately owned, which reduces the amount of external influence on business policies because you don't have to please shareholders

Like who? Elon is the only rich person that conservatives like and it's not because of his business acumen, it's because he makes lefties seethe. Oh, I guess Trump, too, but for the same reason.

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is this really worth a sticky on /pol/? apparently...
honestly I really don't want to go in a sticky ever again after what was posted in the last one

pretend battles over free speech is how the actual ruling class keeps you busy from forgetting how powerless you actually are