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sonatine edition

>/film/ literature
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>but user, how do I make webms with MPV?


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>>/film/ literature
>>/film/ charts
>>/film/ directors directory
>>but user, how do I make webms with MPV?
hey they're pretty good infos

Recommend me some French romance filmbros

Lola, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Young Girls of Rochefort

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Le silence est d'or

Gimme a rec for something vaguely dreamlike/weird but with a darker mood to it. I feel like watching something in the vein of Possession or maybe Valerie and her Week of Wonders. Rec me anything even if it seems obvious. There's a good chance I haven't seen whatever it is.



give me good gothic/moody indie shit

These + others from these directors

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sneed bump


>not even 200 posts last thread
film amigos... we NEED to make a discord...


Scorsese's Film Foundation is launching a free virtual screening room to showcase film restorations.
>The first Film Foundation restoration screening is set to launch Monday, May 9, and will feature the 1945 romantic comedy “I Know Where I’m Going!,” directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.
>The film will be available for 24 hours. Screening participants can also enjoy access to introductions with filmmakers and archivists, which will provide insight not only into the film but the restoration process itself. The concept harkens back to “appointment viewing,” with films and materials available at a set date and time and only for a limited period, unlike other streaming models.
>Scorsese will introduce the film, and there will be interviews with Thelma Schoonmaker, Tilda Swinton, Kevin Macdonald, and “The Souvenir” director Joanna Hogg, a filmmaker Scorsese helped by executive producing her ‘Souvenir’ films. There are a number of other restorations planned in a wide range of genres, with upcoming titles including Federico Fellini‘s “La Strada,” “the 1979 Malaysian film “Kummatty” by filmmaker G. Aravindan, Marlon Brando‘s “One-Eyed Jacks,” Sarah Maldoror‘s 1972 war-in-Angola feature “Sambizanga,” and a noir double feature of “Detour” and “The Chase.”

thank you Marty very cool! we should do a live thread watch-along for it

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>the naked island

>I know where I'm going
They could screen movies that don't have a bluray release

And you need to dilate discordnigger

>the 1979 Malaysian film “Kummatty” by filmmaker G. Aravindan
Waht fucking retard wrote this? It's a Malayalam film.

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this man is not our enemy

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Sion was redeemed with the recent revelations.

Juzo Itami or Takeshi Kitano?

Who are the best directors who started this century besides Weerasethakul

I unironically like him more now

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Do we have a list of women who got SONOD?

>started this century
all garbage

nice fedora lmfao

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also Hamaguchi

Love Me if you Dare is great, I haven't seen any Rohmer but heard he does that type of stuff


rohmer's films are like anti romantic, they critique the whole notion of romance as liberation

sounds lame I will skip them now

Kioshi Kurosawa's License To Live and Bright Future

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any other cuck kino?

sonatine was kind of retarded

Woman in the Dunes is fucking awesome but I would say it's the opposite to dreamlike, shit gets real and fast

that user is lying. Watch Summer's Tale and
Boyfriends and Girlfriends immediately please.

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What are the best Mystery films ever made? Feels like i've watched all of them

>Feels like i've watched all of them
And which ones you consider the best?


Like what?

The movies listed in the post you retard.

My wife hated this film but I really loved it. Felt like a weird, modern fairytale or a dream
Plus everyone was /fa/ as fuck

Perfect Blue
Dead Man's Shoes
The Skin I Live In
Bunny Lake Is Missing

La prisonnière

watched The Last of Sheila the other day and liked it. It has one of those mysteries complicated enough to keep you guessing yet they make perfect sense in the end. Written by Anthony "Psycho" Perkins and Stephen "Sweeney Todd" Sondheim I kid you not.

I could get to know your wife


Mysterious Skin

Saw it already

Psychodrama is the genre you're looking for. Bergman's Persona, The Silence, Hour of the Wolf, Shame. Antonioni's Red Desert. Last Year at Marienbad is kinda like it but might be too mysterious/vague. Altman's Three Women is absolutely fantastic and underrated

ok lemme look

The entire giallo genre. Start with Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Deep Red

The only giallo movie I've seen is The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears. I guess the imagery was pretty good, but there wasn't much in terms of story, which is by far the most important part of a movie for me.

You should probably read some good books then, since film is a visual medium.

You sound like you watch Ben Wheatley's movies and think you're smart because of it.

Yeah that one is like a avant garde modern homage and not fully representative of the genre. Some that have a good mystery element story would b
>What Have You Done to Solange
>Blade in the Dark
>Short Night of the Glass Dolls
>Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion
>Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

sorry cant find anything, gothicc....

You sound like a film illiterate retard. Many such cases

Cool, finally one I haven't seen