Should Christians be blacklisted from Hollywood?

Should Christians be blacklisted from Hollywood?

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Prattsisters it's over...

Jews love money but hate Christianity. so this could go either way

Caucasianbros it’s over…

Why is Pratt being targeted, but Mark Wahlberg is left alone?

>(((conversion therapy)))
So coercing children into castration is evil according to leftists. Will make it a lot easier on my conscious when Im slaughtering them in the upcoming scarcity wars which they caused by dumping billions and billions into mutilation surguries and other horrors which is unsustainable in it if itself, they're causing the destruction and pollution of Earth because they love fucking kids so much.

God I hope so. I'm sick of that lot.

Members of the gay-ass Hillsong Pedo Church?
Another matter entirely.

>gay-ass Hillsong Pedo Church?
Wouldn't pedowood love them?

It's a wonder they haven't been already provided how much kikes hate Christ.

>God I hope so

Jesus is Lord and he died for everyone on this board

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>Why is Pratt being targeted
hes a republican

>death to all degenerates

And Mark “Vietnam Fucking Shit” Wahlberg is a Democrat?

Everyone is at most three degrees of separation from some person or organization who rapes babies or tortures minorities or some other twisted shit, Hollywood even more so.

he's diversified enough between wahlburgers and being under Mel's wing they can't hit him

worse he's a those who call themselves jews but are not

Hillsong ins't a gay church in the sense of wanting Tom af Finland looking ass dudes to ravage your anus, it's just really, really fucking gay. Oh and lead by pedos.

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Dry White Toast, the actor.

He's not. They only person we know he voted for is Obama

Because Mark isn't in Marvel movies so they don't care

American leftists can be racist, sexist and homophobic but it doesn't count because of reasons. Just look at Family Guy.

Yes. And from society.


>/threading his own comment

yes, accelerate

>believing in magic sky jew
lmfao kill yourself larper. take chris pratt down wih you maybe

Whoever inevitably cuts your nose off had better record it for the rest of us.

>enter thread
>demand all christians be shunned from society (majority of people in usa)
>anyone who expresses disagreement is a chud larper

Suggested by people who stand shoulder to shoulder with criminals, druggies, child diddlers, and rapists.

Based beyond belief

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He doesn't wake up at 2:30 am for prayer time

Mark isnt in marvel capeshit so hes off the demon possessed normies radar
also hes based Catholic so he has the additional protection of God, the Holy Virgin Mary, the angels and the saints and mel gibson

They're already blacklisted in Silicon Valley. The show with the same name even addressed this.

Reminder that the Bible was proven to plagiarize the Epic of Gilgamesh, sometimes word for word. Meaning christianity is objectively a lie and all christians are objectively retarded.

I like how James Gunn flat out lied to the whole word about Chris, when the most basic research proves him wrong.

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If you banned Christians you'd have to ban Jews, and that would decimate the movie industry.

He donated like 1000 despite his wealth, so the insatiable mob will accuse him of just making a paltry overture to obscure his true political leanings.

What about blacks being Christianlisted?

It doesn't though. Zoe church may not support the same things as Hilsong.

Christians should be banned from civilization altogether
Fuck off retards you're liie flatearthers but boring

He is married to a kennedy, he has connections to the kennedy family, he will be fine

Marky Mark is uncancellable

Amen brother

leftists need to be culled

Show us those cool karate moves you know, tough guy.

>Duuuuuuude day of the rope any moment now I'm gonna go postal on these fooking kikes brooooo any second
Lmao look at the goyim cattle barking something

Mark is bluepilled on the gayquestion.

>conversion therapy bad
>hormone therapy good
Make it make sense

Literally uncancelable
The man beat up vietshits
He'll just beat up niggeshits, faggoshits, libshits, troonshits or anyone that tries to stop him.

het gets a pass because he stopped those terrorists on 9/11

>While Pratt has never publicly expressed his views...
I see cancel culture is evolving. So now it doesn't even matter if you did something. "Links" are enough. Add in some faulty lefty "logic" and you're done for. I say we cancel Amber Heard (if Depp doesn't accomplish it with the trial). She is linked to Adolf Hitler by having the same initials. She's gotta go.

I'm sick of you faggots! Do whatever you want in your bed. But being a fag is a PATHOLOGY. There are only TWO GENDERS. Trannies will NEVER BE WOMEN. Even you're satan's children you still can repent your sins

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I've noticed that a huge portion of SJW activism doesnt extend beyond childlike things like Disney and Marvel movies.

Just a whole horde of disjointed blob-like onions-people trying to create a mcdonalds playplace for adults in their 30-40s and demanding rigorous adherence to their whims

It's really funny how Christian actors are hounded for following a religion that doesn't accept gay marriage but you will never see these people attack Muslims

>but you will never see these people attack Muslims
Brown skin = license to kill

>links to
>accused of
$1000 the "conversion therapy" is like "counseling" or some dumb shit like that

(((conversion therapy)))
this is fine as well apparently

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In the future all actors are gonna be required to suck dick in front of full pack stadium to prove that they are not homophobics


stop being so melodramatic you malleable piece of shit


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I'll be as melodramatic as I want dumb ass bitch nigga