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>we still don't know who Gus was in Chile

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So how will Jessie and wauuhlt come into it? It can't be after as know wault is dead (ok could be alive but doubt it) and Jessie had his wicked sick movie.

What are the scenarios? Bros...

May the many other Nachos live on and keep his legacy alive

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>Gus drops the glass symbolizing his plan has now spiralled out of control
>nacho calls finally having leverage over Gus because he realizes he could rat him out to the cartel
>instead of having a deadly cat and mouse for the rest of the season where maybe even Lalo forgives Nacho and goes to save his father while they fight Gus, Nacho gives up and surrenders to Gus because KFC skinny nigger has plot armor
This is the problem with being a prequel

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Betsy, Kim, or Erin?

Erin bros....

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Thank you based kettlemilf

My prediction for the Walter and Jesse cameo is that either late in Season 6A or early 6B there will be a Breakin Bad era episode set during Face/off.
It will reveal how Walt poisoned Brock and give extra scenes between Jessie /Andrea/Brock.
This would be a good time to show Saul’s disgust at complying with Walt’s scheme by pickpocketing Jessie’s ricin.
This is also a way to gracefully ends Gus’ storyline in BCS.
I don’t want this to be the case but I see this as a possibility


Obligatory leak post, big ass fucking SPOILER warning in case it's real (which really seems like it)


>She will never suffocate you between her cellulite thighs.

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You're literally gay if you don't want kim to make you her butthole sniffing coomslave

prime slampig material

your legit retarded if you think this is real

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You tell Nachito that I won't think twice to stick that barrel straight down his throat.. you know I got something for his PUNK ASS

Based Erin coomers

Bravo fellow /bcs/hifter

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Would you rather taste Kim's ass sweat on your tongue or save Nacho?

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Yeah I must he gap filer's in the bb story line. We know how they meet

Can we finally admit that Nacho was a wasted character?

Jean Effron

I'd save Nachbro

Nachofags are legit Freaking Mad rn

Thank god Mike died before seeing his granddaughter's insta


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holy thot


What the fuck is Lalo supposed to do now? He has no proof, is he just going to fuck around for the rest of the season?

The absolute state of parenting

Thank you sir

kim's ass sweat then kill nacho myself

How do you go from this....

not sure what he expects to find, but he does know that Saul is a sussy baka and so he's probably the next visit from punished Lalo

Anyone streaming it tonight?

>Where's my 2 million pop-pop?

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we have 2 spare nachos so i'm not worried about tonight's episode

To this?

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that's not a choice

what about her pit sweat?

Betsy > Lydia > Erin > Makeup student > Kim > Stacey > Howie's Prostitutes > Paige > Irene > Rebecca

Look Yea Forums I highly suggest you think wisely about your next move. It's not gonna go how you think it will.

eurofag here, for you american travelling in time: was the leak true? tell me i cannot wait any longer

Let's just say nacho didn't think wisely about his next move.

I think Betsy Kettleman will destroy me in bed, you telling me it's not happening?

Jesse has to connect with Crazy 8 somehow so maybe something with that.

Yea, Gus's plot armor in this situation removes most of the tension. Lalo wants evidence so he can convince don eladio to approve to kill Gus. However, the rest of the salamancas family would take Lalo's word for it. The only way for this to work is if Lalo somehow never is able to contact anyone else in his family, which seems extremely unlikely, and not believable.

jobros where we at

yeah, it's kinda stupid when you think about it. lalo doesn't need evidence. just him being alive and telling them gus did it would make people take him for his word.


Everyone is so fucking OLD

The snitch that literally kicked off Breaking Bad's plot has still never been named. I don't think we're ending on The Gene Show.
My theory is that after Nacho, Lalo, Kim, and Howard's stories conclude, Krazy 8 gets picked up by the DEA and needs to inform again. So he rats out Cap'n Cook. Knowing his cousin will be there too, he talks with Saul to guarantee Emilio can get out on bail before gives up where they cook.
We get a dramatic irony callback to when Krazy 8 was accusing Jesse of being a snitch when it was really Krazy 8 himself. We don't see the actual bust again, but Jesse is seen in some scenes with Krazy 8 and Emelio.
Hank gets a phone call from Gomie about the operation while sitting out by the Whites' pool. Depth of field filter with the focus on Hank's face during the phone call, then the focus switches to Walt sitting at the table listening to the call.
Cut to black, Bravo Vince ensues.

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>the leak was a play made by Vince
>"it's not gonna go down the way you think it is"
>something incredible happens during the next episodes

paradoxically, killing nacho on e3 would be something fitting the "not going down the way we think it is"

Gus doesn't necessarily have plot armor. He can still die. If you believe the widely accepted timeshift theory, the Gus we see in Breaking Bad is a different version than the one we're seeing now. Think about it, why would Vince put HG Wells 'Time Machine' in the show if there were no implications. Chekov's gun my friends.

the "vaccine" wil heal that presto, i'm sure

but Mike doesn't want Nacho killed, so him saying that it's not going down the way you think it is implies that Nacho is going to live

subvert expectations

Mike was talking to the audience you absolute ape. Whatever happens next, it is NOT what we will be expecting.

The leak is true? Unexpected.
The leak is not true? Unexpected.

It's the paradox of the execution, study, you dog

Why would Mike be talking to the audience? This isn't some Truman show shit.

Nachos are made of corn
Chickens eat corn
Chicken = pollo = gus
Therefore chickens eat nachos
Therefore gus cooks and eats nacho to gain his power in the finale, which is why he’s nowhere in bb


It's over.

is somebody going to stream this shit? i'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night and follow if somebody's streaming

People are overanalyzing a line that was made exclusively for trailer bait. It's literally nothing.

He doesn't want his father killed, not Nacho.

There is no fucking way Nacho makes it out alive

1. Howard
... powergap
2. Nacho
3. Chuck
... the rest are garbage and can all die

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