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Viking fatigue is finally happening.

None of Egger's films were ever that good desu.
>The Witch sucked ass
>The Lighthouse is a meme
>The Northman is boring as hell
He's quite overrated.

you may NOT make art, ONLY films about interracial couples and bisexualness

No, if anything we need more high budget historic kinos. The goy masses must be forced into enjoying kino, it's not a matter of choice.

You’ll end up shot for such an attempt.

you bitch but you didnt pay to see it either

i agree. A big budget Schindler's List remake is long overdue

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when will we get it on streaming platforms???

All three are good pleb. The Northman is probably the weakest, but is till enjoyable.

It's already made $23.5 million on a $90 million budget. It's not going to be a smash hit, but it will make money and be fine.

Calm down.

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>It's already made $23.5 million on a $90 million budget.
biggest cope of the year. Any other movie with those numbers and you would make 500 flop threads. So fucking pathetic

This reply is cope. Not every movie has or can be a box office hit to be successful.

what is supposed to be going on with her teeth here.in the film it looked like she was wearing braces.

Spotted the fag who browses /r/WitchesvsPatriarchy
>The film's plot orbits around a psychological conflict, using a repressive, patriarchal portrayal of Puritan society and the dark, murderous liberation of the witches.[22] The main female character, Thomasin, harbors worldly desires that differ from those of her conventionally Christian family,[23] yearning for independence,[22][24] sexuality,[25] acceptance[26][25] and power.[26][25] However, while her father and the Christian God fail to fulfill her needs, Satan instead speaks personally to her, offering her earthly satisfaction.[27] Therefore, with the demise of her family and the rejection of the Puritan society, Thomasin joins Satan and the witches, her only alternative, in order to find her long desired control over her own life.[28] Her nudity in the last scene reflects her act of casting out the bonds of her previous society.[24]

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It's a well made film with an interesting style and visuals, and good acting.

>According to Pattinson, the phallic imagery of the lighthouse is explicit, as Eggers described it as an erect penis in the script.[28] The film was meant to include "a very juvenile shot of a lighthouse moving like an erect penis and a match-cut to Pattinson's actual erect penis", although this cut was removed upon request by financiers.[29] Winslow displays an Oedipal fixation on his boss, Wake, given his simultaneous fear and admiration of him. Pattinson commented on the father/son dynamic in the film, stating "I was pretty conscious of how I wanted the relationship to come across. In a lot of ways, he sort of wants a daddy."[28]

>Robert Eggers is ambiguous about whether or not the characters are gay, stating: "Am I saying these characters are gay? No. I'm not saying they're not either. Forget about complexities of human sexuality or their particular inclinations. I'm more about questions than answers in this movie."[28] Sexual fantasy and masturbation are recurring themes in the film. For Dafoe, the androeroticism in the film is blatant, but it is also used to explore what it means to be a man: "They have a sense of guilt, of wrong [...] it's got existential roots [...] about masculinity and domination and submission."[28] After beating Wake into submission, Howard assumes a dominant role, calling Wake "dog" and dragging him on a leash. Commenting on this scene, Pattinson said "there's definitely a take where we were literally trying to pull each other's pants down. It literally almost looked like foreplay."[33]

>The film's mythological and artistic influences underscore its eroticism. Eggers acknowledged the visual influence of symbolist artists Sascha Schneider and Jean Delville, whose "mythic paintings in a homoerotic style," he said, "[became] perfect candidates as imagery that's going to work itself into the script."[34]

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The witch is excellent
I haven't seen the Lighthouse
The Northman is a pile of shit

Dafoe's acting is great and it's 10/10 for atmosphere.

The movie flopped user. It’s over.

>he browses reddit

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go chud, movie's a dud

you don't need 90 million to shoot a film in the woods

i need it for embezzlement and laundering tho

if they cut out all the superfluous ambiguous fantasy CGI elements. the movie would have been much cheaper.

Name one non sequel, reboot movie that has a budget over 70 million
They are so rare, why aren't we supporting the cinemas

the movie sucked

Panic in the synagogue. Goyim are supposed to be demoralized, not RE-moralized!

this, they should have just limited to the more down to earth stuff on iceland, cut out the berserker raid, cut out the volcano fight, cut the draugr fight etc.

I'm seriously considering being a bookfag because movies are truly fucking dead.

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>Movie fails by 65 million
>D-Do you expect all movies to make money?!
You lost chud. No one wants to see a white supremacy movie and white supremacists just pirate movies.

>The witch is excellent

I too am impressed by mystery box spoopy happenings in forest followed by asspull LE GOAT IS DEVIL twist and open ending.

reminder that The Green Knight cost $15 million and made $30 million.

Books are dead too. Right now the industry is PoC authors writing about their "experience"

i was saying this long before it was released: He didn't deserve that kind of budget at this point in his career.. He made two smol movies and only one of them was commercially succesfull. That's not enough to splash 90m on a viking flick that from a mile looks like it won't have a wide appeal.


>but it will make money and be fine.
it's already 100% certainty that it won't make money.

>”Bloated Budgets on Arthhouse films”

These used to just be called mid budget films. It’s in the interest of the massive studios to create a situation where only tent pole movies get funding.

>cut out the berserker raid, cut out the volcano fight, cut the draugr fight etc.
>just make another movie altogether

that's why I'll only be reading books from the past that I research first.

>bloated budgets
lel the average capeshit's budget is $220 million.
I agree $90 million is too much, but come on. Isn't strange how movies with budget that goes from $30 million to $100 million just disappeared?

they mean bloated for this kind of movie. Not bloated relative to capeshit. Capeshit will spend 220 but it will gross 1,1bn for example. Northman is 90m but will gross like 55 and will lose like 100m for the studio lol

>Danger of bloated budgets on slick arthouse films
What's wrong with that?

i dont get it, where i watched it was packed with people
a few niggers even, no middle easterners thank fuck

Case closed.

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>it will make its money back
How? Its only running nationwide for 3 weeks. It will probably see a fairly standard 50% drop going into week two.

why are you turning this movie into chud's totem?

IMDB has the projected budget at $60m. This really never used to be considered a lot or a risk in making a movie. The big studios want to monopolise cinema chains exclusively for their mindrot capeshit.
You either make a film with $3m or $300m these days. It’s a sad state.

Feminist movies deserve to bomb

those elements added nothing, they were Eggers trying to reassure himself he was doing something original.

Eggers’s past two films were extremely thin on plot, I don’t know why anyone was surprised about this one being the same.

>This really never used to be considered a lot or a risk in making a movie.
it always was. And now is even more considering there are no money from dvds and blurays. Stop coping and accept it flopped.

Testosterone levels have gotten so low that men can only identify with male movie characters who play dress-up, fight with toys, and engage in imagination play with their diverse group of friends to defeat the evil bad guy and save the world. Primal instincts such as violence, male kinship, sexual conquest and familial loyalty are long lost to the modern male. Men are having less sex than ever before. Men are fatter, softer and more sedentary than ever before. It shows itself in the activities they choose to do and the media they choose to consume. Videogames, capeshit, and kpop. Western men are lost. Their testosterone levels are slighty higher than prepubescent boys. They cannot grow beards. They cannot fight. They lack drive. They lack virility. They have become nothing.

that's a lot of text and no answer for my question

vikings would cut their teeth and fill it with something but i forgot what it is called. you know you can google this shit right?

Shawshank redemption had two theatrical releases and it flopped both times

people who saw it loved it, though, which is not the case for the Northman.

Transphobic movie

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Why did this movie flop so hard? Are white movies box office poison?

Everyone I know in REAL LIFE (read: not some tranny on Twitter or some /pol/tard on Yea Forums) enjoyed the movie

perhaps you should encourage some of them to pay to see it!

that is the projected budget from a year ago that hasn't been updated. eggers has been saying in interviews it's 90 million and this doesn't include all the marketing campaign