Post brutal blackpills from tv/movies

Post brutal blackpills from tv/movies

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What primark ass country is this? Where's Paddy lad?

I wish I could have gone through this. Being brutally taught that there is no hope all at once instead of being dripfed disappointment through your twenties would've saved so much time.

that show is so depressing. god I fucking hate women with a fucking passion


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>his blackpill videos actually woke you up

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>look like this
>blame women for not being attracted to you

surely you jest

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>putting women on a pedal stool
there were several fatties and other uggos that were his looksmatch up there

for me, it was reading Chateau Heartiste years ago, now I get laid.

>pedal stool

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lmfao you can actually see incel ideology form as a cope for his undesirability in real time

>his looksmatch
Hid looksmatch would be some hoe sitting at cash register somewhere in walmart.

honestly they all looked like europe's finest trailer trash

It's like they copied Take Me Out and accidentally combined it with Jeremy Kyle

Yeah learning that you have no shot is really liberating after you get past the blackpill. You aren't obligated to give a shit about people who don't give a shit about you.

What's this show about? A guy gets shown to a bunch of women and they hit a button to indicate their rejection of him?

>pedal stool

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lol roasties still somehow manage to get btfo at the end and are the ones humiliated. fucking chad.

it's great because it starts off with them in the power position and they decide whether to reject him and then it flips and he has to pick one of them and they start to seethe

I'm always surprised to learn that euro media is about three levels more degenerate than US media.
I think growing up with UK/Aus/Asian media gave me the false impression that Euros were less degenerate than the US.

or his anger is pure cope to larp as the one who "really" rejected all of them

Maybe if he didn't look like a fat lesbian he'd have better luck

If that guy lost some weight and didn't wear the clothes of an edgy 13 year old, he would have gotten laid with ease

Euro media is just 'avin a laff at retarded peoples expense. Your media is primarily meant to brainwash your populace to consume a product or think a certain way

In fairness his appearance is a warcrime that's why he's from the Hague.

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No, this is how the show works

pedal stool guitar. it's an instrument

Why would a man subject himself to this circus?
Could you even make a show like this but with women being judged?


there's basically two rounds to the show, the first round which is the women picking or rejecting the man and then the second round when he gets to pick which he wants out of the women that picked him. The tables turn immediately and it's hilarious. It was a great show (the UK version).

>Euro media is just 'avin a laff at retarded peoples expense

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>i was asked to do this roastie show 10 years ago in my eurofag country. ofc i declined

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My media is Canadian media which is nonexistent/even less degenerate than UK media when it does exist, let alone the US.
In order to have a laugh in this context means you need a media tycoon finding it, some show pitchers/writers conceiving of the show, and a bunch of collaborators who don't see why what they're doing is tasteless and unrefined.
>but it's just reality and truthpilled
Yes but there are better ways to confront the issue not based on ritual humiliation, like an honest talk show. In the US these topics would be relegated to standup comedies or podcasts or radio shows.
The UK at least feels a lot less meanspirited in Naked Attraction.

>but with women being judged?
i mean, women don't really have a hard time finding a mate

More of a redpill; girls should reject a guy for wearing TWO earrings.

so basically women pick chads, and then the men pick stacys? or in short, uglies get fucked?

bro what? the women decide if they want to stay in or not and then he gets to choose from the ones who are left. its very rare for all the women to back out regardless of how ugly the dude is, the shows a whitepill if anything.

wtf are you on about. from what i have seen and you are explaining the game boils down to: you are ugly, you get rejected. if you are mediocre some women will vote for you, and you pick the prettiest once it's your turn. either that, or you really suck at explaining basic things.

It's a fun dating game, not a black pill asian social experiment, lighten up fella

yeah pretty much but the majority of men on the show aren't chads and most of the women aren't stacies. even the ugliest dudes who go on there end up with someone usually.

alot of it comes down to personality too unironically. like they'll show a clip of the guys mum talking about what her son is into and a lot of the girls will buzz out from that

It's the Netherlands. Dude is obviously ugly, and seems kinda stupid, not that he can't help it but c'mon what else did he expect...

>women see that all the others are voting red so they vote accordingly
who devised this devilish shit? lol

>pedal stool

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In the Netherlands there was a show where adults would take their clothes off and stand naked in front of LITERAL CHILDREN, and these children could ask them questions. And the most fucked up thing was, everyone was pretending this was totally normal and good for the child's development. Literally exposing yourself in front of children... Yeah no, take away the Nigger culture and Euro television is so much more fucked up.

Dating is hard for both men and women for different reasons.
Its awful if you get dozens of matches a week but 95% of them are serial killers, sex predators, or cant hold a conversation for 5 minutes. its not easy weeding out all the trash as a woman. its not easy rising above all the trash as a man

right, if it wasnt for peer pressue they would all surely not reject this negative chin lesbian looking estronaut with hips twice as wide as his shoulders

you can literally see that some of them don't even vote until they see what the other women say
I'm not saying he's got anything going for him, i'm saying peer pressure is a hell of a drug

Yeah, and plus, after chad pumps em and dumps em it's pretty hard to pretend to fall in love with an average beta for his money. Women truly have it hard.

The show is a really realistic portrayal of dating, the women have all the power at first, act based on what other women think, react off of looks but can be turned around by the man's personality and then once the woman is locked in the man now has all the power over her.
If this show makes you seethe then you don't stand a chance and it's over for you because this is how things are.

Not European, take your desert religion shit elsewhere

>everyone is supposed to learn about the human body and sexuality the american way. at age 17 from your local youth pastor

Women are also very boring, how come only the man has to be interesting

There is a literal law against people exposing themselves to children you degenerates. Fuck man, again, you're suchfucking disgusting people.

because pussy

Because you want to fuck and she can take it or leave it
Simple as

lol at the retarded replies.
if it was so normal why is there even a tv show about it? the norm doesn't need to be televised.

that law has a sexual predator context, its irrelevant in education. context matters, do you think parents get charged when their kids see them naked? get the fuck out you absolute retard

Why is it wrong for a child to see a human body? Is the human body shameful?
Why are Americans like this?