This guy's been a bit quiet during this whole Johnny Depp trial

This guy's been a bit quiet during this whole Johnny Depp trial.

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legally a bitch

Did he also rape Amber?

Youtube pushes him because he's notably leftist in an online sphere dominated by the right.

What did he say about Zimmerman, the St Louis couple and Chauvin?

Take a wild guess.

How did you retards not pick him for a liberal the second you started watching one of his videos?

>This guy's been a bit quiet during this whole Johnny Depp trial.
He's clearly just been reading all of those definitely not fake books behind him.

Who hasn't user?

>first law final in three days
>haven't started studying or outlining for any class
>can't stop browsing Yea Forums and making bait threads
Im not even stressed because my mind and body havent realized yet how fucked i am. help

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all nighter before exam, the classic

t. fraudmaxxing law student

So here's how Trump is going to get sued for a billion dollars and spend the rest of his life in gitmo
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kek i 'member

How hard can it be?

Depp or LegalEagle?

Its Property, there's just so much to remember

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that's one of the easier ones, lots of memorization but relatively less bullshit, just go over conveyances and insurances and the relevant caselaw your prof. mentioned

imagine hiring a lawyer with that hairstyle

least obsessive left-right political axis enjoyer.

To this day he still finds ways to include trump and republicans in every subject.

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I thought elephants were smart enough not to go around stealing food from people. Not because they'd get punished but because they understand private property.

Know that feel far too well bro.

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What did this guy say about Rittenhouse?

muh defeasable vs determinable

If you can successfully create good bait then you will be a good lawyer

This “lawyer” is such a huge faggot

He was quiet during Rittenhouse too. Don't watch him, he's a shitbag.

>do a bit of work every day
>reward yourself with Yea Forums after
Its not fucking hard

Basically, there is reasonable doubt. Complicated case. More complicated than people on the left and right are pretending.

There was nothing complicated about it once you actually looked up what happened. Only willfully ignorant or dishonest people claim otherwise.

Im stressed because both mind and body have realized how fucked I am

something about that perfectly coiffed hairstyle tells me he likes cocks in his ass

I am reporting on the gist of what he said. Take it up with him.

very simple case, nothing complicated about it

Literally a California lawyer, what do you people expect? Cali has the most stupid legal system known to man

This guy looks like he’s not legitimate and ingests the same amount of söy as the Try Guys.

Your mind is in charge of your actions. Your bad habits have fooled you into feeling powerless but it's not the case. Hope you make it user.

got mine in a month
we'll both make it

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I'd love to see him debate a drunk Rekieta. Nick would rip him limb to limb and take shots in between each rip. He'd fuck that himbo up and end him with "you wierdo".

It has to happen.

>No interest is good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest.

He'll make a video after so he can seem "right". If he does one now and the opposite of his take happens it sort of fucks up his credibility to his viewers.

For once.
Wish this kike would shut up permanently in general.

>muh debates
My brother in Christ, neither of them are in high school any more.

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Just do it you fucking idiot

This guys and that one doctor who might as well be a nurse get pushed super hard because they both chimed in on two big issues (Orange man and Covid)

Honestly it's always good to wait to comment until you have the jury instructions (not that that has stopped him before).

>This guy's been a bit quiet during this whole Johnny Depp trial.
Cool, I'll start asking him about it on his videos.

why is there a fucking jury, couldn't a judge hear a defamation case w/o jury

This but with my CompTia certs. I fucking hate being an ADHD retard

Yes a judge could. But you have the right to choose trial by jury which apparently Depp did

Debates are useless and are used to appeal to the opposing side's base.
Rarely does anyone walk away with a different opinion even people who end up saying they like X person more or understand subject Y more well just default back to their own shit after they forget.

you get a jury if you asked for one, and both sides will be asking for this, as it'll be much easier to emotionally mainpulate a jury in their favor than a judge

What else are THE WORST YouTube channels that got famous after Susan took the helm?

Makeup thots.
SniperWolf cunt
Many more but I can't be assed to remember

Right now Susan is putting someone named "Physics Girl" as recommended on every single video on the website. Because grrls can do science too bigot.

she a cute

Jesus fucking christ on a fucking flapjack, can you just enjoy the idea of a drunken Nick fucking with that himbo, for once? Fucking try, you degenerate fucking neckbeard. Can you for once in your miserabe fucking existence not piss in someone's Cheerios because you're such a shit personality? Just fucking try?

Kek I'm unironically in the exact same position right now. Major project due tomorrow and I'm on Yea Forums. Why are we like this?

Our system allows for a choice between a judge and a jury. In a lot of civil proceedings you pick a judge to make the process speedier, but if a civil case has a jury, the defendant chose the jury process.

Depp and his lawyers know what they're doing. They extended testimoney with having a jury, and I don't think he cares if he wins or loses - the damning evidence he has on record now, and in the public eye, has nuked that cunt from orbit. She'll be lucky to get any roles after this - she might get indy parts, but she's done in mainstream Hollywood. He is too, but she put him there before this trial.

incredibly r*ddit post

Probably is a African elephant.

If you guys didn’t dismiss this kike based on his thumbnails alone you are woefully bluepilled

Motherfucker, another god damned neckbeard.

Listen, dummy. I'll use small words, so you understand: I wasn't proposing it to accomplish anything, you fucking halfwit spastic. I proposed it because it would be FUNNY.

Fucking neckbeards. Fucking wierdos.

Nick has a poor understanding of the law.

Which is beside the fucking point. I just want Nick to make fun of that blow dried, fake ass himbo.

Can’t say because I avoid all of them. Most youtubers I watch these days get like 3k views. Fuck the youtube approved garbage.

You mad as a motherfucker kek

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