Post FUN movies

Post FUN movies.

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I unironcally hate Jim Breur.

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We desperately need more sunny and comfy creature feature kino like this.

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Is an Irishman this isn't comfy at all.

Watched that again recently, it's great.

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Is Frogtown really that fun? I remember being disappointed by it, although its been a while. Maybe I wasnt in the right mood for it.

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I’ve always figured Irish people hated this movie. Ferris Bueller gets away with everything including vehicular manslaughter.

oh yeah, great flick

All based choices

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I loved this as a kid, I'll have to try and track it down again

anyone seen zardoz? any good? looks fun

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I'm going home to have sex with my wife!


kind of retarded, watch it once

>"make yourself at home"
>takes off pants

PENIS BAD GUN GOOD. It's a good movie, although not necessarily fun. It's a must watch for anyone into globalist elites/eugenics.


You reminded me of The Other Guys, which was a pretty fun movie.

Not sure about that, but it's...something. It's unusual for sure.
The cult is just sort of that, a cult.
Not really big enough to be globohomo.

remember when samuel l jackson was based :(

Based Mr. Green poster

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It's literally about depopulation and controlling the few people left through a flying stone god. While the elites are immortal, sitting around being degenerates all day away from the goy masses.


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Its good just not as good as they live or something. Really silly but entertaining

Its a great movie, pretty weird though.

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Damon had some good 90s kino

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One of the best examples of updating an old classic for modern times

Most Guy Ritchie movies.

I've randomly said that line to people since it came out lol

Mel Kino

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The flying stone god was just the experiment of this one eccentric faggot guy that they indulged.
They didn't care about the gun cult at all until it showed up to BTFO them.

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>ends with an unironic smash mouth concert
Has there ever been a movie that dated itself harder by just the ending? Up until then it could have been pretty timeless. Except for Remember Me

Was it this movie that kicked off the entire "truckers as cowboys" movie genre or was it just the most popular example of the push? I always found it so odd that it was a thing.

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I still love the the "Fuck you!" from Kevin Bacon he directed toward the first monster that killed itself on the concrete ditch. The mix of surprise and elation of finally sticking it to one of the monsters that has been terrorizing their valley was great. Solid film all-around.
Very shpadoinkle post!
I love how every subsequent scene Bookeem Woodbine's character has a larger and more elaborate grip strength training device as the movie progresses.
That is in my top 3 GOAT film but I wouldn't consider it particular fun. Definitely great though, very existential.

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This really was a fun film but it seemed to get left by the wayside, I guess because it was such an obvious rip off of Indy?

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My heart's as pure as a baked potayta

Cool Runnings