Ella Balinska to helm Sci-Fi thriller 'Resident Evil'

Ella Balinska to helm Sci-Fi thriller 'Resident Evil'

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she cute

she looks like she reeks of BWC juice

As long as her love interest is a phat BWC then I don’t see a problem


why do we all love ella bros? she is the only black girl i want

why doesnt she get roles bros? she was snubbed from getting the catwoman role for the batman

If she was wearing chains and tattered burlap it would make my penis hard

I would cast her as a Licker with a cameo with me in between a Jill Sandwich.

wait really? she seems fucking perfect for it way hotter than hally berry every was

Tribal costume Sheva please

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this is peak negro girl cuteness holy hell

yeah, she also auditioned for star wars 7 as Rey

Agree, if they do this film is fine, if she is in just for blackwash some white character, here we go again


if this is black im in

they can black wash away even scarlett johansen with ella and I would like it ella is a cute

She fell in love with me. Eye contact man.

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the little tooth gap just makes her cuter



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Down here in the south of Africa she is what they call a coloured girl. Sometimes they turn out that pretty, its true.

what kind of mutt is she?

I love polish women

are you "oh no no"ing her tooth gap? You are such a pleb. it's such a charming aesthetic imperfection that it ADDS to her value. you can't get away with too many of those and thankfully it's her only flaw.

She actually has a really good face for Sheva, but I doubt that'll be the case.

I bet a BBC created her with a fine ass PAWG WHITE MOTHER

Half british half polish.

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Polish, Caribbean and British, apparently.

>someone else views beauty the same way I do
based, if everything about them was perfect it would fucking bore me too I need a little beauty mark or tiny mole or something on a hot woman to make her stand out from the droves of perfect hot women

Wrong, you discord subhuman. It was based Polish BVLL

She mogged millions...

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I'd pipe her mom too god damn what a handsome family


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just goes to show the power of WMBF and that only white men can create cute mutts

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I remember a bpack girl I dated said she liked playing Sheva in that game.



Thats her mom

Slavs have a thing for bleaching negroes. Look up Polish Haitians.

Some of them have deep blue eyes, shit is fucking bizzare.

Who is jacked enough to play RE5 Chris?

That's her mom user.

I prefer her mom holy god DAMN she is fine as fuck for her age

Of course her daddy is white. This shit is going to get even worse with the younger generations. All young black women now want to hop on bwc cause they've been brainwashed by the WMBF agenda the media keeps pushing. It's always 'muh bwc' this 'muh bwc' that. Clown world.


She got bleached already, she just wants someone to bleach her daughter and give her white grandchildren user.

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she is a brit celebrity chef, google lorraine pascale

the amount of mutts I'd make with her if given the opportunity would be uncountable

Poor little black woman

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Whitebros... we are getting GENOCIDED!

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Too tall probably


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>tfw no large thicc amazonian tier nigger wife
this picture fucking annoys me because I can't have it

damn shes a nice negro

I just want to remind you that mixing with black women creates mutt niglets and that's not really a good thing.

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>49 y o

also her new husband looks kinda like count Kaz Balinski (her former husband from 1995 to 2000, Ella's father)

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i'm sorry user, but as this thread demonstrates, it is a good thing. mutts can get my dick hard.

true and based



Balinski mogs him desu. Too bad women are such whores

Don't fight it.

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I like my black girls actually black

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she's cute
but i still ain't watching that brownwashed shit

Buck teeth, gap teeth, and snaggleteeth are patrician.
And yes I am a bunnyfu fag.

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eh, he married a model, she is 27

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co ta za szmata?

Tough shit, she's my wife check these

who's the black dude?

that girl is a product of BMWF and is dating a BM



it's only natural wanting to fuck attractive and beautiful women. but still racemixing is bad.
painting is beautiful when all the colors are separate, mix them all together and you get ugly brown mush.

Based, pump and dump the negro and settle with a young white bitch (tho in this case she looks walled)

All the crying about WW fucking non whites and its WM that are the biggest mixers lmfao

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>polcel platitudes

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A rhetoric fit for a 5 year old

this is funny cause you've never had sex

Better than Zendaya, or Tessa Thompson, but that’s not saying much. Holy shit does Hollywood suck