Summer 2023 will be interesting box office wise. Which of these 4 will win June as box office king?

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Doesn't matter who wins we all loose with this lineup of schmutz


Transmorphers: Ascendance of the Critters

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Wait. Is this going to be a beast wars movie?


Which month is that so I can kill myself before it happens.

spiderman is the obvious flop here but cartoon watching trannies won’t admit that

u forgot about ant-man 3

The Flash will probably be delayed again

I'm gonna watch all of them except Transformers.


Too gay
>Indiana Jones
Don't care much about this one, but will probably like to shitpost about it on Yea Forums
Most interesting one, it's not gonna win over June though
Eh Bumblebee was cool but not sure about this one

I'd say IJ will make the most money


THE FLASH biggest comicbook movie ever

>beast wars movie


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thats july, these movies are all in june

Across the Spiderverse. Coomers, me included, will flock to see Spider Gwen's soft thighs. And yes, I am American.

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Only one I’m seeing is transformers

probably indiana jones who gives a fuck about those other 3

that line up is some straight dookie

gwen will be cast as a rail-thin starving phillipino man

The Flash movie isn't out for over a fucking year? I figured it was this summer. Why even talk about it?

It was this summer, then November and now next summer. It was mean to come in 2018.

They delayed it yet again because of "bad CGI" but Erza being a fag was the reason.

>another spider man movie
>part 1

holy shit are they really mliking it as much as they can?

It's a sequel to literally the only good capeshit of the last decade so I have no issues with that.

what the fuck I thought Flash was coming out this year. How is he going to last another year kek

>Ezra being based was the reason

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I still say they should have let Bay do the final movie to end the previous story. Yeah it had plot holes, they forgot things they did in previous movies and it was a mess but going balls deep for 5 movies and stopping before the conclusion is even more retarded. If they weren't going to finish they might as well finish it at the 3rd since the story would wrapped up.


they should adapt this into a movie

>Feminist Indiana Jones
>releasing The Flash at all, despite the fact Ezra Miller is box office poison + the ongoing Ezra Miller controversies in Hawaii + it resets the DCEU & replaces it with a feminist universe + zero hype
>Nigger-Man 2: Electric Jewgaloo will be inevitable wokeshit that will prioritize racemixing propaganda
>nu-Transformers doesn't feel the same without Bay's touch + reddit-tier writing
lmao Hollywood needs to fucking die. Who are these made for if not the current_year+6 twatter audience? Christ, we need Desantis as president more than ever.

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How have I missed that there is a new indiana jones? This is literally the first I'm hearing about this

Are they still planning to go through with the new Indy movie? That shit is going to be a disaster.

Spiderman. Absolutely no one cares about DC trash. Boomers died so no one wants to see hackinson ford. And no bay no pay.

Imagine caring about any of these cocksucking gay faggot movies

All garbage, I'm not gonna watch any of that shit.

shut up bitch nobody cares about marvel

Fucking snoy...

another decade without any original IP....

Kek nothing will happen to Ezra.
They have footage getting the shit kicked out of them, once Ezra tells their side of the story it's gonna be game over for the chuds. WB knows about this, that's why no consequences, only the benefit of publicity for The Flash + more people knowing who they are.

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>tfw no Transmorphers vs Atlantic Rim kino

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>kike worships Satan
No hecking way!


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Who is Barry?


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you’re a mentally ill homosexual. hopefully that’s not too redundant.

Chuds and roasties tried to cancel Ezra and it didn't work

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why do so many women take pictures of guys sleeping

Holy FUCK they are doing another spiderman?
>part 1
God damn

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I really hate how being a contrarian and saying stupid shit deliberately is considered fun by 80% of the homosexual autists on here. Shit your pants alone.

we're in hell

Am neither a child nor a millennial. Don't care.

Indiana Jones, there isn't fatigue like there is for the other franchises.

>Another Spider-Man movie

Are you a Snyder fan too?

>Indiana Jones
>no Lucas
>no Spielberg

What's the point

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>The Flash will probably be delayed again
I want to live in this world where DC fans are always SHOCKED when their IPs fail

Just look at the source material, dude
DC is simply not modern enough to compete with Marvel characters, no matter how many grim-dark takes you do

Maybe it actually might be good with out them baby fuckers.

i like indy, but ford is a walking corpse
it will just be sad to watch

>maybe it'll be good without the things which made the other movies good

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>once Ezra tells their side of the story
Isn't he the only assailant?

Cinema is dead.

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That’s not spiderman, isn’t it that noggerty knock off?

Ezra messaged me too, who are you on ig? Please don’t tell me you’re the crazy bitch who screams hashtags back at him?

I’m actually what you’d call a chud, but I love Ezra, they talk to me and they’re fucking based.

That cunt, Mia Solange, wanted to show a celebrity hook up to her retarded followers