The Northman

The berserker scene was pure kino.
The poor slavic town.

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Just asians slaughtering asians. I have no problem with it as a European.

The whole thing was kino

This. Idk why it's getting so much hate.

>grabs spear mid air
>tosses it back
>smokes guard
How does he do it bros?

the first half an hour was so brutal

Everyone; I want you to google the origin of the word "Slavic" right now.

Once you've done that always remember: SOME races deserve to be conquered and subjugated.

Never let them dull your pride in your race.

Germanic superiority. Why else do you think everyone spergs out when whites are portrayed in a positive light? It reminds them of their own racial and cultural shortcomings so they chimp out.

>shirtless vikings

You realize vikings were wearing armor and colourful clothing, right?

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It's not meant to be 100% historically accurate. I don't think there was really an enchanted sword that could only be unsheathed at night time.

I did and it originates from protoslavic word for "speech" or something like this. What's our point?

Should have been way more of this. Breddy gud moobie tho. I like the draugr fight

I think that user was pointing out that 'slave' was derived from Slav but he got it backwards

According to Eggers, it's the most historically accurate portrayal of vikings ever.

a lot of tribals fought nude throughout the bronze and iron age

>vikings were wearing armor
Not all of them were richfags, and not all of them were warriors to begin with, most of them were occasional pirates.


they would still wear tunics

nah, nude fighting has been common throughout the entire world and is described in primary sources. a lot of cultures also had ideas about tattoos and warpaint having protective powers

No it wasn't. The action had the most amatuer choreography I've ever seen.
I wish it was directed by Ridley Scott

>SOME races deserve to be conquered and subjugated.

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"Slavs" is a propaganda term from 19th century czarist russia to justify its imperialist expansion into eastern europe

They were all eastern germanic tribes (kievan rus). Only when the byzantines sent cyrill over to christianize these eastern germanic tribes and he thaught them church slavonic for religious reasons/to make conversions easier did they become alienated from their germanic roots.

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>I wish it was directed by Ridley Scott
scotts epics are overrated
he did his best work in the late 70's 80's when he had that specific Scott style that he abandoned

I will watch this movie later, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if it peddles anti-germanic, pan-slavist propaganda myths

Pic rel is from white ruthenia/belarus but she wouldn't be out of place in sweden or norway at all. They ARE eastern germanic.

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Either way, Scott's action scenes are infinitely more believably than the college tier shit Eggers put on

>They were all eastern germanic tribes
so why do they have that ugly sounding Asatic language?

Did those cuties make it to the steel plant tunnels before Mariupol fell?

Two twins from belarus

Again, purely swedish phenotype (kievan rus-derived)

"""Slavs"""" do not exist

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In normal live yes but it was common for Germanics to fight shirtless and for Gauls to fight buttnaked. That was way earlier though.

Nah, Scott is terrible with his Hollywoodish shit. Gladiator is awful.
I haven't seen The Northman, but Hollywood can't make good historical movies.

Neither of them look swedish, fuck are you talking about?

>gallic horsecock swinging in the wind
is there any more kino way to fight?

>barechested vikings will never mistake you for a girl and breed your boipucci repeatedly

They look Swedish. Keep seething.

It's an old photo from 2014-16 or something like that, I doubt they're still alive tho

> -20 degrees
>fighting nude

I wish it was directed by Mel Gibson

Based Shqiptar

ooga booga

A small potion of the raiding group were Wolfhide berserkers, who are mention in old norse stories.

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Can anyone get a screenshot of the wall decorations Amlet made?

warfare was very uncommon during cold winters in any primitive culture.

>that nose and skull
We have massive skulls mate, those are obviously central eastern europeans or slavs.

Damn, people used to be a lot manlier than today. What the fuck happened?

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At some point we started eating plastic.

Well for one plastics and a sedentary life style. For another we don't live in an era of constant adversity.
Even not counting engagements with the Roman Empire, need I remind you both Celtic and Germanic people constantly fought their own / neighbouring tribes? Obviously they didn't think of them as "their own" but in historical context, tribes duking it out was an extremely common thing. There was a fight somewhere in a (nowadays) north German forest where a battle with over 10.000 warriors took place, and the only reason we even know that existed is through archaeological findings of weapons at the site. And that was just one random battle.

tl;dr adversity breeds strength, your greatest threat today is not being able to pay your rent.

>capeshitters and third worlders getting filtered and coming to Yea Forums to complain about it
>discord trannies labeling it a white supremacist movie and desperately falseflagging as /pol/tards in order to sabotage it
>meds mad that the vikings are cool
>nords and pagan LARPers mad that the vikings weren’t noble savages with perfectly sane religious rituals
>miserable contrarians finding it literally impossible to enjoy a good film, so they drag everyone else down with them
>box office niggers trying to one-up each other with made up numbers
this movie is too kino for it’s own good

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Uhm hello? Based department?

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Dubs of truth

unfathomably based. Watch Yea Forums fap to its greatness after a year passes. This is always the case.

I’m not even a little bit gay but I want him to sodomize me.

Is this actually kino or more horseshit like every viking media in the last 10 years, where they look more like bikers with retarded sidehaircuts?

I don't recall a single side haircut in this movie

>it's all in an incredibly awkward and slow one shot take that makes everything look fake and stilted
So fucking kino

Go through the RottenTomatoes audience reviews and a bunch of people are giving it one stars because it wasn't like the Vikings TV show. It's fucking bizarre

The Icelandic historian and poet Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241) wrote the following description of berserkers in his Ynglinga saga:

His (Odin's) men rushed forwards without armour, were as mad as dogs or wolves, bit their shields, and were strong as bears or wild oxen, and killed people at a blow, but neither fire nor iron told upon them. This was called Berserkergang.[31]

You don’t know what European is. I wonder why?

I thought Slavs were supposed to be warriors, Why were they so shit at fighting?

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European is nations you personally like.

Sorry, but this cringe has already been debunked, you fucking viking LARP brainlets.

European are tribes related to the eastern Mediterranean megalithic culture of the Mesolithic/Neolithic which are also related to Grecopithicus. Pic related. If you ur tribe isn’t in this pic, you’re not European.

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