Show me your kino folder without cleaning it up

show me your kino folder without cleaning it up

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Why download movies if I only watch them once.

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I don't have a designated movie folder, I have three harddrives where everything I save is just tossed in with zero sorting.


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are you actually storing media on an nvme...

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my shit is in 5 different folders and I just can't be bothered to do a collage so here is this image instead

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chad move

remove games n shit

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streaming is a download that you download live

>if you'll look at exhibit B, Your Honor.

i only torrent a movie when i'm going to watch it right then and the only piece of media i have permanently saved on my hard drive is twin peaks: the return

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I see there's no space left for Showa as well?

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I just delete them after watching. I can't fathom what goes through the mind of hoarders.


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>largest omission between Ca&E
Okay pedo. We believe you

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>Quantum Leap
can I come over

I already watched it. Unfortunately 35 movies is to much for my 1TB disk. So I just decided to watch them in chunks
Showa - Heisei, Millennium - Burgershit and anime trilogy.

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Download the Analogue Cut of Blade Runner for the definitive experience. Thank me later.

Datamine thread they will be after you soon

I keep it fairly organized.

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It's okay, I have no money so I have nothing to lose.

I have submitted this thread to the FBI's cyber crimes division.

It's a growing collection but because they're so hard to get in original I'm keeping them instead of more easily available movies unless it's some rare version that may be difficult to find. But on my external disk drive I have a terrifying number of movies. Again mostly classics but I like when I have them organized neatly in separate folders for each decade.

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Because streaming sites use garbage compression to lower bitrates and the movies look like muddled shit

hmmm. This is still only around 60% of the list as well

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yah but I'm half in the bag when the kinos start so that doesn't matter

I had no problem downloading Showa. They are all on criterion and seeded constantly. Now Heisei was a bother. Had to settle for some YIFY A:10 V:10 shit because nothing else was seeded.

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i hope you're running ZFS, user

unraid actually

>Big Short The
>Castle The
>City of Lost Children The
>Dark Crystal The
>Disaster Artist The

Some newer movies are waiting for better versions. Too many of the ones I've seen are from TriStar and have its logo at the beginning or English title screen. Janus Films definitely has remastered versions of the 80s Godzilla movies maybe those from the 90s as well.

I also collect physical media on 4k bluray though.

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Feel free to recommend which one I should watch next.
Brazil, Conan and Alien are fun and easy to watch.
Chinatown is pretty good also.

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I wonder how much money's worth of stolen goods you have there

My TV folder is not quite as shameful.

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“Yeah I have a kino folder”

>Mommys boy

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Most of the stuff I download is because I have to watch it together with friends, otherwise I don't bother unless it's hard to find

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>Belladonna of Sadness and Wizards on the front page.
Better than expected.

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Behold the folder of a true connoisseur

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only kino related ones

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Unhide that capeshit.

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Why not?

not a single movie is behind these black bars

This is just the stuff that's on my pc and not my external. Stuff I need to watch and get rid of ASAP, basically, and a few tv show episodes I kept because I liked them. But instead of finding 2 hours to watch something, I spend 12 hours a day browsing this board.
The Northman was very good.

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The King Of Comedy is excellent

>watching movies more than once

I like to give custom icons to movie folders. Makes it look like a movie shelf.
Over the years, I've assembled a whole HDD of kino.

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Very nice, user.

Only just got back into pirating, mostly do it to supplement my physical library with shit I can't otherwise acquire

>Spencer & Hill collection
Uuuhhhh based department? Dig the custom folders, how are they made?

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How do you even make a screenshot this poor quality

these are all backups of my physical collection