This scene was the beginning of Raimiposting. If Spider-Man was made this year...

This scene was the beginning of Raimiposting. If Spider-Man was made this year, it'd be censored and we would've been deprived of an entire Yea Forums meme subculture.

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>part of Yea Forums culture
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faggots are disgusting, I hate them

I wish cancel culture cunts would just not watch the shit if they consider it "problematic"
but no, if they don't wanna watch it, then no one else can either

Raimi posting is only a small step above Sneed posting. Its a thinly veiled method of having a thread where kiddies spout words like nigger and kike imaginatively while whining that it's on topic because spiderman is a movie. If you want to larp as a racist do it with your Ghostbusters action figures in your bedroom and stop pretending you have cultured friends online. Or better yet grow a pair and be racists explicitly to your peers.

So, you hate yourself?

This makes no sense, I see liberals CONSTANTLY make fun of "homophobic" people for being secretly gay.

Isn't that 1 for 1 the joke here?

Clearly Bonesaw is a manly man who would get offended by that.

Congratz libs you just censored a scene that was entirely on your side.

Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up. Eat. Your. Self. Up.

I'd rather continue calling you a nigger.

How was it homophobic? It was more like childish joke to show Spideys quippy nature. We all made "faggot" jokes as kids.


stuff like this will lose popularity rapidly during the coming famine


name one person who has been canceled

i wonder if the straight hating fags are secretly straight lmao

ken bone

The UK is pathetic

Stop revising films.


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I was talking about movies/shows, not people
try paying attention next time, champ

> How was it homophobic?
it wasn't. it was Peter quipping and knowing it would piss off the dumb meathead that would actually get legitimately mad at something so stupid and throw him off his game.

I guess /mlp/ was the board that started baneposting?

how is he canceled?

He still can speak freely and has a career^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

and my point is cancel culture isnt real

he would have been cancelled if not for the actions of hehe man. now he is remembered.

Didn't read

Alex Jones.

>iphone post
lol, can't afford a computer, Rajeesh?

then what's happening in the op?

his show is still on and has a ton of viewers

Peter baiting a macho man by implying he's gay because he's the homophobe is a level of wi beyond the comprehension.

Only if you're not white.


The fuck.


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so name one person that has been canceled then

>zoomies just now discovering TV edits
These doofusses are always late to the party

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What's your point. That guy is not a nigger. He's American secret mix saus for sure. But send him downtown NEW Orleans, they be calling him Cracker.

you WILL continue to be called a nigger, faggot, and kike, and there is nothing you can do about it. cope.


He can't. Every allegedly """""""canceled""""""" actor is still raking in dough. Especially if you're a comedian. People will drop everything to watch a """"""canceled"""""" comedian's """"""comeback"""""" even if they claim to hate said comedian.

James Franco


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Fuck off, reddit tourist. This isn't your board.

anybody whose name you'd remember can't be cancelled. people get cancelled but you'll literally never be able to name a single one because they dont fucking matter

it only works on average people like teachers and library employees, if you are famous you'll just get another job

nigger faggot kike sneed

Can someone PLEASE explain why homosexuals have become the USA's sacred cow over the past decade or so?

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He openly admitted to abusing his power and fucking students

why are people acting like this is brand new? they did it last year on the sy fy channel and i made a thread on it. no one believe me :./
fuck you i broke the story first

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you have to go back

James Dreyfus

It was a better time.

Don't ask Don't tell is better than Don't say Gay.

Nice edit. Did your wife's son suggest it?

raimi will never be capeshit

Roseanne Barr

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It gives anyone the chance to have all the societal privileges of being a nigger with none of the drawbacks.

umm because we believe in democracy, progress, freedom, equality, equity, niggers, freedom, democracy. You got a problem with that bud?

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>James Dreyfus
he is still currently working on movies and shows

I'm still pissed about that. The new Roseanne show was honestly good and then it got axed. What the fuck was it that she said again?


Living on her expansive land/farm in Hawaii, is a millionaire, and runs a youtube channel where some videos pull 500k viewers. She is still in the public eye.

Alex Jones, John Cusack, and a literal brown muslim immigrant woman:

She is cast in Ben Shapiro trash, still a working actor

big if true

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>Alex Jones
>John Cusack
Still a working actor and has a movie coming out this year

>i aint reading all that. Im happy for you though, or sorry that happened.

Your response is goalpost moving bullshit.

says the person that cant define what "canceled" means

She compared picrel.

Blacklisted from Hollywood, retard. You aren't fooling anyone here.

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ronda rousey

That some broad that looked like she was from the new Planet of the Apes looked like one of the apes. And she fucking did. The bitch was barely black and it wasn’t like she called her a nigger or an ape. But as soon as white liberals hear the words “ape” or “monkey” their minds immediately go to “black people”. That should tell you a lot.

literally just retired on her own

Apparently you can’t, faggotron

because cancel culture doesnt exist


stop arguing with this idiot

Okay, groomer