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ChibWho is mine now

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We should make a pact
To stop nick briggs posting
He does not deserve our attention and it’s not funny
>It was never particularly funny to me, he's been a leech for a long time, the living proof that creative bankruptcy masked through nostalgia is real. And now he took the chance o having new kino Eccles
Eccles is another twat
He kept saying the script was great
Both don’t care about us
Just to make a quick buck from neck beard collectors
I feel malice from him
he hates the public for not giving him the jobs he wants
he hates himself because once he would only came back when hell freezes over
so in his POV if people wants shit he make sures he deliver exact the most crunchy shit
>Did he have any hand in controlling them?
He could just refuse to perform them
But he rolled his eyes and went "lets just getting this shit done quickly and get out"
just fuck off erino Brigs, so long sucker

my hotwife

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best doctor

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I actually liked the 9th audios.

Kerblam is good because Jodie is correct - corporations are not the problem in theory, retards who misuse their structure are the problem. If the people don't act like greedy corrupt retards, corporations can be a good thing. People know this deep down but don't want to admit it because they want free gibs, so they seethe at the episode.

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Fun and good

the villain in Kerblam is the unions
the company could run with humans

Neolibfags begone

...even Ravagers? Really?

vague af
kys BF shill homo

I know you find it impossible to think that other people have different opinions. It's okay.

Im disturbed by how cute fem-wilf looks

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Elaborate about what you liked about Ravagers, please.

make a fem emo tennant

it is fun and comfy

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Why didn't he get a hair transplant before coming into the public eye? It was so obvious.

>I have actually met Chibnall at a convention.
Should have fucked him and then call it rape.
Taking one for the community was your duty.

>no argument
Come on user, do better.

I payed for it. So no chance I will admit to myself it was shit, I would feel like a fool.

>loicense money bought Chib new hair
I hope you're happy, bongs.

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The real reason he took the job was just so he could use the money for this
It all makes sense now

Why couldn't the BBC do a series that features old doctors as the 'main' doctor for that episode, akin to what they did for Night of the Doctor.
>David Bradley as First Doctor
>Sean Pertwee as Third Doctor
For a show all about time-travel, it's always felt like a missed opportunity that we always see the doctor in their chronological regenerations.

brand confusion

Sean doesn't want to do it. I do, however, have a guy...

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3rd doctor

Anything worth getting here?

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the fourteenth doctor

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RTD series will be post Ruth pre Hartnell


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and that's a good thing (tm)!

kys NL

4DAs aren't very good in general.
There might be some good ones in the offer.

I liked the story, characters, music and acting. It was fun and exciting. It's fine if you disagree, this is just what I think.

all 4DAs are pure shit
fuck off shill

don't write le feels
write facts bitch

ghosts of e-space

Wrath of the Iceni was good. The Paradox Planet 2-parter, the Drax one, maybe a couple others. Not a lot, mind you.

I know this is really challenging for you, but try to accept that someone else has a different view to you. I liked Ravagers, and Respond to All Calls, and Lost Warriors. The Ninth Doctor is always kino.

It felt to me like Eccleston didn't even sound like 9 anymore.
The story was a braggy mess. Like listening to a retard trying to sound smart. And worst of all: I thought it was boring.

You can say you liked subjectively for whatever reason
but to say it is good you have to use obejctive reasons

>The Ninth Doctor is always kino.
no, he does not even sound like 9, Briggs Kermit 9 was better

Well he was fifteen years older. Baker sounds nothing like the Fourth Doctor anymore really.


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I bet you like Series 4 the most, too.

no, it is shit

No reason to justify my opinion to you. I don't care if you disagree but you howl in anger because I wrote a few words you hate. This is why you are alone now and forever.

just because you cannot explain it means you are a feels faggot and you should kys

If Billie was my wolf, that would be quite bad.

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Sybok > You

Just watched one of the dumbest rumour videos I think I've ever seen on YouTube talking about a 14th "possible bookies favourite" (source Leicesterlive) being some paki woman who was in sex education lol no way unless you want to double down and suicide your show forever. Look at the ratings
Ps: confused adipose you are such a virgin mate just man up and admit chibnall is shit and the doctor is a man

>I come to a public forum to express my feelings, not need to argue

Rakhee Thakrar is a great actress, tbf, but not Doctor material

This is the "artist" who does the Big Finish painted covers. Everything she does looks the same. You can probably just stick photos in Photoshop and apply a "paint brush effect" tool over the top to achieve the same result.


The Master reads out a Wikipedia article on the Timeless Child to the Doctor for about 40 minutes. (Quick summary: the Doctor was a magical baby from another dimension, the most special being to ever live and the origin of regeneration, also she has an unknown number of mind-wiped pre-Hartnell incarnations who did clandestine jobs for the Time Agenc-- the CIA- I mean 'The Division'. Shit, right? It's shit.)

After this, he basically kicks the Lone Cyberman out of the episode and takes over his army. He basically creates a bunch of CyberTimeLords who can regenerate. Why? I have no idea.

The Doctor breaks free by forcing the Matrix to watch loads of Doctor Who (mostly the bad stuff) and then uses the Death Particle (I guess Chibnall forgot to give it a proper name) to nuke Gallifrey for the third time. Then she gets kidnapped by the Judoons and taken to the Shada prison, all while going "What? What? What?!".

Oh, companions fuck about with Cybermen but it's not really important.

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Inaccurate summary.

RATINGS: #DoctorWho Legend Of The Sea Devils has consolidated to 3,465,000 viewers, according to data released by BARB.

It was the 25th most-watched show of the week across all channels. Notably, it was higher than BBC One's 9pm Sunday night drama, #GentlemanJack with 3,382,000.


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No one (normal) cares.

Ehh the clip he showed I wasn't impressed. No screen presence. Gave off the looks vibe but without the talent of that Persian looking snake queen from game of thrones
By not being *at the very least* a man they've already failed
I just don't buy a diversity casting doing anything to help the show

Yes apparently no one normal cares about the show anymore, that's what the image says.

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American so his views are shit

Doctor Who - Legend Of The Sea Devils, had an official 7-day rating of 3.47 million viewers.

The figure includes all those who watched the episode within 1 week of transmission. The figure is a substantial increase over the initial overnight figure and was enough to make Doctor Who the highest-rated programme on BBC Television for the day.

Overall Doctor Who was the third most-watched programme on British Television for the day, with ITV's drama The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe taking top place.

Doctor Who was the 24th most-watched programme for the week.

The rise from the overnight figure was enough to prevent The Legend of the Sea Devils becoming the lowest-rated episode in Doctor Who history. That accolade is still held by episode one of the 1989 story Battlefield with 3.1 million watching. It does however mean that the Sea Devil episode is the lowest-rated story since the series returned in 2005.

Doctor Who will return for one more story in 2022, a climactic regeneration story shown to mark the BBC's 100th birthday, before a new production team, headed up by Russell T Davies, takes over for series 14.


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Stop posting this.
No one wants to read it.

This was the first episode of the Chibnall era that played the 'Coming Soon' trailer before the end credits. This is also the first episode of the Chibnall era not to include the Doctor Who theme over the 'Coming Soon' trailer; a special rendition of the Thirteenth Doctor's theme by Segun Akinola was played instead.

Gf material

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/who/, it's time.

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God I wish autism had a cure

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>the Thirteenth Doctor's theme
The what now?

Fuck off Chris.

>when everyone was mean about your sea pirates episode but it ended up rating higher than eps 2-6 of Years and Years

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Will Swarm be returning for the last episode?

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That's a giga fail, init

I do want to read it. Seethe.

You won't be this smug next November, bitch.

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OPENER / The Woman Who Fell to Earth: 10.96m
FINALE / The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos: 6.65m
SPECIAL / Resolution: 7.13m
OPENER / Spyfall: 6.89m
FINALE / The Timeless Children: 4.69m
SPECIAL / Revolution of the Daleks: 6.35m
OPENER / Flux Part 1: 5.81m
FINALE / Flux Part 6: 4.61m
SPECIAL / Eve of the Daleks: 4.40m
SPECIAL / Legend of the Sea Devils: 3.47m

Spyfall - Part One

Spyfall: Part 5

RussVIRGINs... How can we compete?

wow a new asshole was opened onto russie

No. Spyfall had two parts:
Spyfall - Part One
Spyfall - Part Two

No, it had 6 parts and 3 episodes.

Hardcastle's inevitable episode will be horseshit

Emo Briggs

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Don't engage with the retard. if you haven't noticed there's an autist who consistently just tries to wind everyone up with nonsensical replies. Ignore.