Will we ever get a proper Yea Forums history documentary?

Will we ever get a proper Yea Forums history documentary?

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>From 0 to Hiro. The wonderful history of Yea Forums
Come up with a better title.

No because it would have to touch on the fact that this site is a government-run honey pot


It's over

Already got a script


>ghostposting is disabled

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Wtf is that lol

What's the most interesting thing that's happened in the history of Yea Forums recently anyway?
becoming the host for twitter and reddit users to talk about vtubers?
it would be a bore.

It would be milktoast shit like Scientology and the fappening. They wouldn’t get down to brass tax and talk about fun stuff like cockgobbler and long cat. No I’m firing muh lazer no efg. No portal thread. No duck rolling. All of it gone and lost to time

Well I know that /pol/ sent a drone to Jeffrey Epstein's island and they've helped bomb targets in the Syrian and Ukraine war

chanology. maybe they could force an arc where Yea Forums was original a lefty activism site then got taken over by racists.

>brass tax
you doin this on purpose m8?

A script about Yea Forums biggest influence on the Internet
And QAnon, and KiwiFarms, and Eight Chan, and Gamergate, PizzaGate. Face it, if there is an assesment on Yea Forums influence on the world, we moved far beyond past the quirky nerds in Guy Fawkes mask trolling the Scientologists

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recently lads, that stuff happened like 6+ years ago

What the fuck is wrong with this place? I've been visiting these threads for a week now and so far I have:
1. Had my life threatened by someone claiming to be an ex-Navy Seal
2. Been told in multiple paragraphs that I will never have ovaries or be a woman
3. Been called Rabbi more times than I can count
Every time I try to get a genuine response from any of you people when I address what I have been told, I'm either called an n-word or k*ke, and am then told to "dilate", "glow" or "kill myself".
Can we please have just a normal thread where we can talk about films without racist slurs and the weird terminology?! What the hell is a sneed anyway?

kiwi farms isnt anything to do with Yea Forums. they try to force themselves as to do with us the same way ed tries to astroturf its culture onto Yea Forums and doesnt edit its outdated articles. you might as well say that sa is responsible for Yea Forums at that point.

Yeah we're kinda in the shitter right now
The world is way too crazy for us to match

yeah call it pruned or deleted

browse a slow board, schlomo

too obvious

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Why have a ton of threads been pruned lately

New jannies just finished their orientation

how does this work? the board is locked

this place has just become facebook and twitter for mentally ill loners. nobody actually creates or does anything on here now

1/10 try harder

we don't watch films & television here

>Internet Hate Machine
>subtext: The Yea Forums Story

Cicada 3301 was for nothing. glad we could settle this

Why do weebs deny that homosexuals enjoy anime?

Why did /qa/ actually get nuked?

Because they raided /lgbt/ and filled the catalog with troonjaks, and it caused a transexual mod to commit suicide. Unironically.

Yeah the board is locked but somehow someone (I'm guessing a rogue mod) was able to post today.

They organized a raid against /lgbt/ and filled the catalog with -ACK
Mods were trannies as usual and so they nuked it because they can't control it with their pity bans

I know the /pol/tards will dismiss this because it's (((MSM))) lies.
But Q Into the Storm wasn't just a documentary/propaganda piece about Q-user but a docukino about the history and impact of imageboards specifically somethingawful, 2Chan, Yea Forums, and 8 Chan.
With the filmmaker living with the Watkins and Hotwheels for years and capturing all the Eight kun drama and fallout firsthand.

It could have used more coverage on Yea Forums though, and an original moot and hiro interview would've been great.
Appreciated the interviews with real mods and jannies though. They are even more pathetic than I thought.

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>and it caused a transexual mod to commit suicide

His ass. There's nothing you can find to confirm this.

Pools Closed: The history of Yea Forums and how trolling became a art.

>His ass. There's nothing you can find to confirm this

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I think it triggers the /x/ schizos more.

the only way the documentary wouldn't be bad is if they include that one time i made a really witty post and got like 4 (You)'s from anons laughing.
that was the pinnacle of this website's history if you ask me.

rent free

I remember that and it still makes me laugh, thank you based comedianon.

I remember watching this. In the first episode I believe, they quickly flash some images from 8kun threads, and one of them was a futanari picture of Villetta from Code Geass that I distinctly remember having on a my hard drive like 10 years ago and fapping to it.

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>rent free

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Unironically pretty good, I love that eggman is in it. Matt Furie is unbelievably gay and a cringy little bitch.

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that faggot has no idea why people like the frog cartoon

Oh man. It got deeper. The series orobably scarred some Tumblrina normies and tech illiterate boomers because it delved into Anne Frank/Confederate Soldier Rule 34s, pro-Ana fetishes, cutting challenges/threads and etc...

why yes, Doreen was already posted

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Man, that guy is such an ugly democrat redditor scumbag. Why so they look like this?

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kys chud

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Do you actually think anyone has ever or will ever read all that?

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lol you actually quoted the guy in chuds btfo

look at this troon's whole therapy session in one jpg kek

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Why are democrats so fucking ugly?

I hate mods so fucking much. Every time I think I couldn't hate them any more something else happens. I'm glad /qa/ doxxed some of them.

>lol you actually quoted the guy in #
>chuds btfo

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user didn't say anything in that post and I don't look at your terrible OCs, so... dunno what you're on about. Seethe though.

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Boxxy. Never. Forget.

>posting the edit

>I made an image whining about how no one ever reads my shit memes so now I win when they don't read my shit memes
Mental illness.

Yea Forums(nel) directed and written by Steven Soderbergh.
Starring Ezra Miller as Christopher Poole aka Moot.

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>he thinks I made those images even though the filenames are actually downloaded
you guys are just tiring.

newfags the mods have been randomly moving threads there for ages. check desuarchive, thats not the first one moved. it was likely moved because it mentioned /qa/, then it was deleted.