What's the REAL reason Youtube removed dislikes?

What's the REAL reason Youtube removed dislikes?

Non-meme answers only please.

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like reddit, when they see a lot of people grouping up with an opinion that goes against their own, they think it's automatically a vicious attack regardless of context.

Honestly the left is losing the culture war badly and they know it

This. I also think it had a lot to do with late night TV shows getting thumbed down a lot when their companies paid a lot to be pushed to the front page.

advertisers got upset that their products got negative hype when they paid youtube for positive hype

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somewhere along the line they realized removing the dislike button was more profitable than the backlash they would receive from removing it. What are you going to do about it? Go to bitchute?


>Jesus lost
>HRE lost
>Napoleon lost
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Oh yeah, right wingers are on the rise again ...lol

Protect the big business channels, how many times have you seen "X movie trailer has X dislikes in 24 hours?" Hide the number and those headlines can't happen which makes the big businesses happy. It just so happens most of the movies that end up with shit like that are trash fires like that Ghostbusters remake that will use the victim card to try and make it about an easy to defend issue like "they don't like it cause it has women in it" but In the end its just about money.

also during covid, any dissent was outlawed so they to get rid of what was the youtube equivalent of being ratio'ed on twitter: dislikes vastly outnumbering likes while also dislikes and views being close

To appease big entertainment companies. A company realises a new trailer for some faggy woke reimagining of a beloved franchise which most people will downvote, so YouTube disables dislikes because they want these huge companies to keep realising trailers for their products on their site.

Maybe a little less posting in threads and a little more taking of meds, okay kiddo?

Leftism can survive only in high censorship

To create the perception that propaganda has no pushback.


They want you to feel isolated

I'm surprised they haven't attacked the comments section harder at this point

because it was supposed to be an individual right to express dislike of something you were linked to watch. then it became a group campaigning thing for rancid autists and deservedly got removed

This is bait everyone. Ignore

>CNN+ gets closed and here's why that's a good thing

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These make the most sense

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Mostly just for advertisers, their ad campaigns were getting memed into the stratosphere and they hated that so welp here we are

It went against the narrative. I don't understand why they allowed likes but not dislikes when they're both abusable. It's definitely for narrative reasons as YouTube has recently started to rate limit videos that spread too quickly (probably so they can decide if it fits the narrative?)

I think initially it was (at least for me) a way to tune your feed. Put a dislike on it, call it gay and don't get any more videos similar to it. ofcourse redditors like to pretend they run the internet so they pile on anytime anything is getting shit on, without even deciding for themselves. All for le epic screen caps "look at that dislike bar yook xD we did it reddit"

comments are being rewritten by their software to fit the narrative, flagged account's comments are buried and a lot of other fuckery. The comments are only there to pretend that there is still some community

No shit geniuses. what would we do without you?

Too many dislikes on globalist propaganda videos.

>Depp threads will get deleted but this won't.

Most social media gets a huge amount of traffic from bots. This led to a huge amount of downvote bots on anything the bot holders didn't like. Instead of making the hard decision and culling bots, they made downvote bots a lot less meaningful. This keeps their traffic up while "appeasing" shareholders

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>Jesus lost
Kek and happy belated Easter

Its due to pressure from higher companies such that owns News Outlets and entertainment companies.

The absence of dislikes only strengethens brand images, if there are no dislikes on display, a brand can't be percieved as negative.
Negativity means less profit for brands and as a result less money.

The whole "we want to protect creators" was just an added bonus that they could tack on top to deflect criticism about the decision.

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extreme low iq post

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what the hell is this autistic freak hoping to achieve?

real og's are wondering why youtube got rid of the 5 star rating

every CORONA fearmongering media campaign was being downvoted which is a NO NO

media companies got sick of seeing their clips and commercials get written about as "the most disliked thing on youtube" so they basically whined until youtube changed it

Literally bribed by media companies because of things like the woman ghostbusters movie incident.

Wrong capalism dies without censorships. Why would leftists not need to research something, or have discussions. These are all traits inherent to someone who wants to keeo you blind and dumb. Leftists aren't in charge. Its people with money and companies with something to lose

Make people fear him as much as he fears the people that bully him.

So you' re admitting Jesus was real.

Thank you, kike!

To control the narrative.

nuInternet is for positivity ONLY. Hate mongering incels must be driven off and deplatformed.

He does look like a playable character. One that's been randomized to shit in the character creation menu.

This. There is power in numbers so they get hidden

It is ,if no one gave a fuck about the damn thing,there was no reason to waste money in it

Reminder that a rogue trannie has infiltrated the moderation team and that is why these threads are getting banned.

The White House. This is the one and only reason. Every single video uploaded by the white house has a 90% dislike ratio and they need to hide that shit. Same reason they disable comments.

it disincentivices people facing them from engaging with the platform. it should be pretty obvious why negative feedback goes to the trash eventually when a platform is optimized for appeal in a competed market.

You know how imageboard turns out without moderation of any kind. Channers should be aware of it, it turns into Eight Chan
“There’s this idea that if we have unbridled freedom of speech that the best ideas will fall out. But I don’t really think that’s true any more. I mean, I’ve looked at Eight chan and I’ve been its admin, and what happens is the most rage-inducing memes are what wins out"
-Frederick Brennan, Destroyers of World, Tortoise Media

Good to know, but i'm not really suprised.

Okay, RapeApe
vice.com/en/article/m7aap8/the-man-who-helped-turn-Yea Forums-into-the-internets-racist-engine

so if they're not, means the world is a beautiful place since its runs by leftoids right?

>You know how imageboard turns out without moderation of any kind. Channers should be aware of it, it turns into Eight Chan
fuck off newfag
>Frederick Brennan
fuck off cripplekike

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>HRE lost
Why did you have to remind me

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what meds should i be taking to improve my quality of life?

left/right wing, blacks and whites etc. are pitted against each other because the people who actually run things are basically apolitical rich douchebags who don't want a class war.

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Reading through this thread I really have to ask did downvoting a video actually make you feel seen, powerful, and part of a real movement that you could base your sense of self around?

Cope, Patrick Crusius

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Your hrt sir.

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Isn’t it possible to acknowledge that there is a power in videos having a dislike:like ratio without your projection that it’s somehow a basis for my self-worth?

downvoting white house/gov videos

No I just project my own issues everywhere I go.

Ok, glad you're not one of the cringe posters saying they took downvoting away because they were afraid.

because of white supremacists mass down voting videos.

Two things are true:

They took downvoting away because they were afraid
I do not feel any loss of my sense of worth or identity

Because they are owned by Alphabet, aka, Google which is the #1 media information-controlling narrative-setting corporation in the world.

To allow something (usually mass dislikes against the corporate messaging on issues like sjw woke mind virus) to publicly contradict their narrative on their own platform is unacceptable.

Every time YouTube did some gay diversity shit, it was always universally disliked and shit upon. Before they would just lock comments, but the raw data of dislikes still voiced the people's opinion. It's just the next step to complete control of the public narrative.

Read Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media


>imagine thinking that its still just about money.

>unlike youtube, reddit had the balls to keep its dislike ratio
>Yea Forums doesn't have the balls to have a dislike ratio
uhh bros????

Well, Jesus WAS a kike so...

Here's your dislike, faggot

while true, mass repliers get the rope. fuck you nigger

>quoting Frederick Brennan
The very same guy who said "Bro just hide your revenge porn/child model boards in 8 chan's hidden boards!", then later on blamed Codemonkey and Jim for the same shit he allowed in the first place. Fuck that backstabbing asshole.

>that a rogue trannie
Bro half the modding staff on Yea Forums consists of trannies these days.

There has never been a single ounce of proof that they remove dislikes. Its just bots saying it happens to cause discourse

I don't get the >HRE or >Napoleon part
Neither of them were trying to be "rightwing", one was a collection of medieval kingdoms, the other was a Italo-French globalists trying to establish a monoculture in Europe and beyond.
Am I taking this random shitpost too seriously?

I don't think youtube has ever turned a profit

My only regret is that he didnt plunge the knife deeper into your channer turd back. Around the chans, never relax

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They are not removed, but hidden. You can restore them with a browser extension.

The fact that we currently debate federal protection for trannies and if 3 million illegals is too much or 2.5 million days the right lost extremely hard

To protect the White House and the liberal in it and to protect Pharmaceutical companies. And protect Fauci.