Gen X had OG Star Wars as their great film trilogy as they were coming of age

>Gen X had OG Star Wars as their great film trilogy as they were coming of age
>Millennials had LOTR as their great film trilogy as they were coming of age
>Gen Z gets mediocre reboots and capeshit

Why didn't Gen Z have their own OG Star Wars or LOTR?

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Gen Z has Hasan, Destiny, xQc, and Vaush

We're still able to watch those old films, in fact most of us grew up with them.

Anyway we have Harry Potter, like it or not it's still a huge and beloved franchise.

LOTR is the first zoomer flick.

Gen Z has tiktok

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Gen Z got John Wick.

I'm a zoomer and I grew up with OG Star Wars and LotR.

you had good parents

You had basedboy millennial parents that forced you to have the same childhood experiences as them

Gen Z got harry potter

Harry Potter is still millennials. I was 14 when that shit came out.

yes and what do you think those who watched that franchise went on to do? go have children of their own an expose them to that shit


the fuck does that matter?
the movies were released definitively in the zoomer range

I'm going to go out of my way to show my kids Jurassic Park & Lost World on a theater screen.

maybe the last one since they took so damn long and made so many, but by that token you could say Star Wars is in the zoomer range because of the aids trilogy.

>oh no i didnt grow up with a heckin epic fantasy film to base my entire personality around!!!
get AIDS


Harry Potter was the biggest millennial phenomenon, not just the movies but the books were huge, everyone in school was reading them. I remember the film casting being covered on News Round. It's gay though.
Metal Gear Solid is the real millennial trilogy.

People who were old enough to see the first movie in theaters are close to 30 now, how the fuck is that "zoomer"?

Zoomers have The Hunger Games. Also MCU as the other people here said.

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>forcing your kids to watch Star Wars is GOOD now
Be sure to get them funko pops early to start their "investment"

Why do kids these days have such an averse reaction to anything old?

I wonder what goes through a woman's head when they make photos like this

You know why. Stating exactly why is considered racist, but it's the truth nonetheless.

My parents raised me with Bird of a nation

bukkit is agender

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it's pretty sad all zoomers have is worshipping microcelebs and spamming emojis in a chat you can't even read because it's filled with a billion zoomers spamming the same thing.

that's a funny way of spelling mentally ill

The world went to shit after 9/11 so good things don't happen anymore.

any masc webms
i wanna see

More like after 2007. 9/11 didn't permanently alter the status quo like iPhones, corporate social media, and the Great Recession did.

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>no cap fr fr

It was peak kino, nothing else could follow it.

Right but 9/11 was the catalyst for the war and the recession that followed. Obviously it's not up to one thing, it's a bunch of different ones compounding with each other well before 9/11, but the 9/11 thing was a crucible for a lot of bad things.

idk what that means

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We're in the darkest timeline bro. Why do you think the Matrix is set in 1999. That shit so good ppl don't question it. It was peak human. The Cold War had ended, the towers hadn't fallen, we had fucking beyblades and whatnot, shit was good.

avengers endgame

She's really perfected that pixie elf look. I wonder if I go deep enough into the wood if I can walk back out with a gf that looks like that.
That seems unlikely to me....

u said shes agender but do you have any masculine leaning webms of her

The MCU is far better than SW while LOTR just sucks all around.

No. I only have this.

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Found the Bieber zoomer born in 98.

Thats just something bitches say for attention you idiot, it's like saying you're a klepto

Matrix and Prequels are better than LOTR

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Try again

Bukkit is a hoe and I don't love her any more

LOTR only came out in the early 2000s, i'm almost a zoomer and basically saw then on video release

Gen Z has DUNC

Denis literally said he wanted to make an epic sci-fi movie for young people that they can remember fondly when they get older since all they're getting is reheated Gen X/Millenial leftovers.

I've read some troon tier opinions in my day but this one takes the cake

Gen Z had Hunger Games. lol

>>Gen X had OG Star Wars as their great film trilogy as they were coming of age
>>Millennials had LOTR as their great film trilogy as they were coming of age
>>Gen Z gets mediocre reboots and capeshit
MillenialCHADS not only got the best trilogy but golden age simpsons, we got to see the world before Obama too. Sucks to be you zoomies!

Golden Age Simpsons is Gen X. Millennials watched Family Guy.

Dune is just another reheated reboot though.

Has any zoomer sat through Dune, it's over 3 hours long, don't they have to psychopathically flick through tik tok and get hysterical about homophobia

who? are these people or films my geezer brain is fucking confined off the charts right now.

>I hope someone finds me sexually attractive enough to fuck me.

i kind of hate this somehow they made cat girls cringe af

True but milllenials at least in my country we're raised on golden age simpsons reruns. We also had futurama.

South Park*

1997 elder zoomer and I grew up watching LOTR and they're my favorite

What kind of stereotype is this

Dayumn Millenials be eating good.
Gen x jelly they can't claim anything but boomer wars.
Gen z just be tok tiking fr fr no cap no cap on god