What's your favorite spoony review, Yea Forums?

what's your favorite spoony review, Yea Forums?

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This legendary drunk Twilight - Breaking Dawn review

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Say it with me

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His Ultima series is basically a masterpiece. There's plenty of content now which matches it in comprehensiveness and quality, but at the time it was basically pioneering.

The Cthulhupunk video where he talks about Renraku Archology Shutdown.
It's pure kino, and got me into Shadowrun.

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Spoonybros... I've just been barely holding on... but could this be HIS year?

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I was upset that he missed Rebruary, but I realized that it's obviously because he's planning an extra large comeback special that requires more work. Can't wait!

The ones he makes in 2023, The Year of the Spoony

Why did twilight fire these dorks up so much? I remember so many faggoty nerds being obsessed with it and calling it shit. I mean it is but just ignore it. It was for girls, who gives a shit?

He put so much effort in to it, you can "feel" how much he cares It get's even better when you find the supercut that has all the videos in one and cuts out the skits/shilling.

This was the most depressing thing I have ever seen. Perhaps depressing is not the right word but I did feel bad for the guy inbetween "why would you even do this? Why would you upload this? why would your friends allow you to upload this?" it's like second hand embarrassment. I get being heartbroken but come the fuck on.

Years later I watched the series with my girlfriend and the third one was absolute unadulterated kinography

rebuary series was fun

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Because a few reasons.
1. It's literal fan fiction but with the names changed out to avoid legal issues.
2. It was extremely popular with normies.
3. The movies and books are really bad.

People did over react. Does not mean the movies/books were not shit.

I watched them and thought they were utterly terrible but I just stopped thinking about them.

Do you think JewWario raped Spoony and that is the real reason for his downward spiral?

Pretty sure this was a guilty pleasure to watch with Scarlett. But that review was shortly after they broke up.

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Insider here, Spoony is so confident in his abilities that he's going to do an entire Year of Spoony in just 6 months instead of 12. Wait for July, trust the plan.

someone should print out and send it to him with a Twilight set.

Let's see if we can get metokur to stop messing with Nick, Ralph, and BASED alpha chad.

I only know Spoony from that Down the Rabbit Hole documentary, but I kept wondering, from the clips I saw: why would people watch this guy? He has no talent.

Nobody knows where he lives now. Whether it's with his brother or parents


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He was actually good. Atleast for his time. It was a different era.

almost 5 hours? holy shit. OK let me check it out.

he was kino

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first time seeing that thing up close

jesus christ

The Spider-Man one is the saddest one now in retrospect.

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its like he's slowly turning into DSP

once the transformation is over, the century of the spoon will begin

April looks like a frumpy version of Samantha Flair

Spoony is a published poet. His poetry is lost media

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This clip was probably fuck knows how long ago
Imagine what he looks like now

>I'm back-ack-ack

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>raised by Seagal

Here's the most recent spoony sighting

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It's clear now. He's still channeling punani of the world for the comeback.

I actually am morbidly curious about what the fuck he wrote. He has NEVER seemed like a poetry type of person. What insanity did he write in his youth pre internet?

He's a DnD nut, lots of flowery stuff proclaiming his love for barmaids

New Misery adaptation?

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Yes but is he also talking about how he wants to gut the wenchs and goes in to oddly detailed depictions? Basically I want to know how fucked in the head he really is. We all know he is fucked, but I think there is some thing ever darker there.

He's turning into his Vigo the Carpathian poster

This was the beginning of the end

Phantas 2
honorable mention to his Ultima retrospective

what the fuck is that thing on her face?

swat 4 was pretty good


this chick always replies to spoony and constantly cheers him up and wishes him well and shit

he hasn't acknowledge or liked one of her tweets ONCE.


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Spoony burnt all of his bridges.
When he was self destructing on Twitter Angry Joe, Lord British and Reb Brown were all trying to cheer him up.
All spoony did was lash out at them. It was ugly


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>Lord British and Reb Brown were all trying to cheer him up.
>All spoony did was lash out at them. It was ugly
What the fuck.

>Still has the time and effort to watch/play things
>Instead of turning on a camera to talk about it he goes on long Twitter rants about it no one cares about
All he has to do is read those thoughts in front of a camera and he'd be back. I don't get it.



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>This is the only evidence we've seen of his alleged alcoholism
Where did that rumor even come from? Was he drunk other times in his streams or something? I always thought it was just garden variety schizophrenia but now I've seen "no he's bad because he mixes booze and his pills." Is that true?

Watch any of his livewire streams. His bright red nose and binge drinking are the big clues...

Love his DnD Thieves' World adventure stories.

Ah, I guess that makes sense. Man, you really can't drink if you're on schizo meds, I've looked it up when I saw the rumors and apparently it makes you even crazier. Explains a lot about him.

I feel like Spoony really needs to be allowed to hit absolute rock bottom. He does not WANT help. So he really is only gonna learn if things get to the point where he is literally homeless and alone in the world. At that point he will either pull a Terry or actually get his shit together and accept help.

Wait.. how is this guy the same as this guy? I don't watch YouTube or know these ecelebs.

He already moved back in with his parents and his dog, which allowed him to ignore his problems, died. Honestly I think they put him in rehab for a bit and we didn't know, after his house sold he was off Twitter for like three weeks and hasn't done any major crazy in months.

So I've heard about this bitch but never looked her up, because I get most of my spoony info from these threads.

No wonder he fucking ignores her. Obese and giant moles?

Highlander 2
Ultima 9

Yea i heard about Oreo, and it did not surprise me. She was getting older and if you are not proactive with taking care of your dog they will die early. He can barely even take care of himself.

my friend had a massively inbred pug that made it to 16 with pretty good quality of life. amazing how much a a difference a good owner makes even to the most unhealthy breeds.

Remember that year where he did nothing but talk about wrestling and d&d? What was the deal there? Was that his way of coming out of the closet?

I think Oreo dying is why he sold his house and moved back in with his parents. He almost certainly had some mental issues plus I bet his parents didn't tolerate his boozing/pill using and they got him help. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but he hasn't gone on a crazy rant in a while now.