What was going through their mind when writting this?

What was going through their mind when writting this?

Is it wrong to state your opinions and dislikes of something?
Is world of pure positivity what they want?

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Have you never met a psued?

You know full well that there are people who get off on not liking things other people like. Everyone knows people like that, many people on this site are people like that. They'll deny it and hide it behind a facade of intellectualism, but really it's just satisfaction from being the odd one out
That being said, you should sometimes talk about things you don't like, just don't be a dick about it

It's ironic cause she doing the opposite of what she's preaching

Imagine a world where women aren't allowed to complain about things they don't like

Olsensisters, what is this?


How would you even know this?
I'm certain you can't read minds.
I can't imagine the mindset of somebody like this unless you're one of those people yourself.

I'm more right than most and you love things like a pleb.

Hating is not the same as pointing out things you don't like from something you overall enjoy.
Going into threads about a show you dislike just to post about how shitty you think it is simply is counter-productive to your own mental health.
It's okay to dislike shit, user. But if it gets to a point where you can't get any joy from it, simply move on.

>Elizabeth Olsen gets knelt on and decapitated with a bowie knife
Uh ohh

I would never talk about women by that logic.


this. It’s simple propaganda

>I'm certain you can't read minds.
Ohoho, are you really certain of that, user?

All modern tv is trash so it's impossible to discuss without shitting on it

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>What was going through their mind when writting this?
Probably just to put something in the woman's mouth. The characters don't necessarily represent the authors.

If you ever left your room you'd know

I would love if you'd shut your goddamn mouth. May I talk about that?

If nobody talks about how bad a drug is more people get sick, if nobody talks about how faulty a car is people can die, if nobody talks about how bad a video game port is more people buy it unknowingly.

Even if you didn't like anything about a movie you should have the right to say it.

This. Most people just have a negative outlook and just spew out negative shit everywhere they go and need to be told this.


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You see this fucking piece of shit right here. This thing wants to destroy all of civilization. Women are the cancer of the world. Have something you enjoy? They'll ruin it. Have something you want to build? They'll tear it down. Have something you want to invest in? They'll crash it with no survivors. These pampered, privileged creatures have life so god damn good and easy that they actively seek out ways to introduce difficulties into others lives, so they can pretend to solve problems. They are envious of the male drive to create and build. They are envious of the male intellect and physical capabilities. They sit around all day every day for their entire lives wishing they had a penis.

Even worse, there are fellow men who fail to see the destructive nature of these emotional beasts. They actively fight against their own interests to help women destroy what men who are more successful than they built. These traitors deserve hell. They go by many names, they betray their brothers out of jealously and act like women in response to that emotion.

Yes user, the only revolutionary thing anyone can do is to...consume the media they shouldn't consume so they can complain about it?

>talks about hating things being uncool, which she doesn't like
>"talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don't"

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Not voicing your dislike for things is exactly what the shills want. Yes there are obvious shills on here, eg: Northman threads

Based image

Cringe cuckpost

those whose skill is to criticize mankind and to shatter men's spirit rather than strengthen it are a stumbling block both to themselves and others.

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That sounds nice to your average redditor but unfortunately it's not how the world works

Comedians have made entire careers just on hating shit. This guy made like 2000 specials just hating things


>How would you even know this?

Are you intentionally being disingenuous? Yea Forums has always been full of contrarians and people who are determined to hate everything.

Have you considered the possibility that maybe most media is just shit and you have bad taste?

How about fuck you bitch and go to hell

Is that the Olson sister that completely mogs the twins? She's hot.

>Female advice
Well its absolute garbage that no one should listen to, so I guess that's pretty accurate.

Not talking about things is a stronger statement than shitposting. You're still generating buzz for it. I'm gonna watch the Northman purely because everyone, normies and Yea Forums seem to seethe over it.

>Why are you hating on my opinion?
>Talk about what you love, and keep quiet about what you don't.

Pessimists are annoying to talk to and seething isn’t healthy. Just enjoy life user. Stop crying 24/7 because your favorite space wizard franchise had a bad movie.

I mean, it is kind of a loser mindset. Hating things is jealousy, a weak trait. Notice how chads proudly say what they like, even if it's not something liked by most.

Are you happy now, OP?

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I truly hate you

>we should talk about these feral negroes doing crime in our area

Women should never be listened to. We are currently listening to them and look at the state of our nations.

Yup, you need time off the internet.

literally 1984

we tried OP but janny deletes all the depp threads

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ppl like that just don’t like you calling them out on their opinions

Yes it’s wrong. I don’t want to listen to you bitch and moan about shit you don’t like. It’s not fun funny or interesting. Talk to people like you’re selling a house. Positive uplifting stories endorsements and anecdotes ONLY

Politeness is the greatest form of fascism

Kys faggot

Yes but unironically. Shut the fuck up you negative Nancy.

Stop talking about me!

You’re 12 years old and still think your opinions are facts? Damn they never should have tried to stop bullying. Fucks like you need their ass beat to learn their place in the world.

I went into a coffee shop restroom the other day and the door opens directly into view of the urinal which doesn't even have a divider so anyone who opens the door can see your dick. I told the manager and employees and they didn't even care. I gave them a 1 star rating. Thank you for reading good day

it's about not basing your personality around disliking things

Pseuds don't think, they feeeeeeel

I love to hate you judgmental bitch. We're splitting this check.

The problem is that there are, also, people who think because you dislike something, you hate it AND you shouldn't talk negatively about anything -- unless it's in vogue to dislike something, funnily-enough.

debbie downers get the rope

play a smug redditor bully all you want but if you in any shape or form support the garbage hollywood or streaming platforms churn out these days, there's objectively something wrong with you.

stop being a contrarian

people on this site and chud youtubers make it their entire personality to hate on shit and be perpetually seething

stop hating on them
you some kind of loser or something?

I hate being patronized and told to do things. Don't tell me in that chiding tone what is or isn't okay. Don't tell me to keep quiet.