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What are some vidya to make you feel like Star Trek?

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LastHus and Transa (as well as one other Baltic Trekker from Discord) have done such a number on this general.



No way.

Galactic Civilizations is basically Star Trek

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Thursday on Paramount+ an all new episode of Picard:

S02E09 "Hide and Seek" - Picard and his crew fight for their lives as they come under attack from a new incarnation of an old enemy. But to survive, Picard must first face the ghosts of his past. Seven and Raffi have a final showdown with Jurati.

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>Picard must first face the ghosts of his past.
again? for fuck sake. for fucking fuck sake.

>Seven and Raffi have a final showdown with Jurati.
i want Jurati to kill them and simulated the ship. and assimilate the universe and the turn up on the star gazer bridge or fuck this show.

maybe the borg made him set the fire that killed renee

that number is 8935. Their combined BMI.


Is watching STP the closest you can get to getting a facial from PS without going to a planet fitness in LA at 2 am?

In Trek passings, artist James Bama has died. While the realist painter is best known for his paperback covers for the Doc Savage series, plastic model box art and his later Western paintings, Bama also created the first promotional art for TOS before the series premiered in the 60s:


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too based

tfw postin hapi neex =^_^=

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literally who, it looks like shit

>everyone just shits on Decker even though he was the legitimate captain of the refit Enterprise and knew it inside and out

>Kirk arrives and takes Decker and Scotty away from transporter maintenance.
>Two people die in a transporter accident.
Really makes you think.

>literally who?!

Maybe if you got off Yea Forums occasionally you might learn about a few things, including art. But probably not:


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Reading this comment made me finally have a eureka moment about why the pacing of Picard is so off and why it seems so jam packed with too many threads that go nowhere when focusing on one thread would have been good.
I posit it is because Star Trek is an Institution(TM) now and therefore, if you're writing, directing or otherwise inputting into it, it's a Big Thing for your resume.

So, everything is done the way it is because it is not meant to be watched continuously, it is meant to be chopped up into demo reels for career enhancement.

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so he was your amerilard grandpa who painted indians and some other shit, good to know

>n-no!!! Why aren't you talking about Trek News! IN TREK NEWS! IN TREK NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! PARAMOUNT PLUS SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>PARAMOUNT PLUS SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't even need to do that. Your first 7 days are free, and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

>eureka moment
>22 producers in 2017
you may be retarded user

Oh come on this is some bullshit

Doesn't Picard still have 30 different producers listed in the credits? I haven't watched since season 1.


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Anyone who contributes in a financially significant manner gets a production credit

I hope Terra Invicta is good. I forget if that's what it's called. The game that says it's coming out in Q2 of this year and first contact is happening but different factions want to do different things in response. Looks really cool. Recently tried Distant Worlds 2, was not that good. Needs better UI, quality of life, and the way different factions are made is boring and not roleplay-y.

Good but dull after 800 hours so that's not really a detraction. I play with tech/tradition cost on 5x to make interesting tech matter more but that barely helps. The AI either gets rolled over after you discover destroyers or if you want a challenge it just buttrapes you. I wish different factions played more differently somehow. Everyone just fills in their borders, attack your smaller neighbors, and snowballs from there. There was a cool mod that dealt with Breakthroughs so there were like 10 breakthrough techs in the game and when one faction researched it it was gone. So you had someone who was good at lasers after they had a breakthrough, you had someone good at propulsion, and so on.

or its just meaninglessly tacked onto contracts for guild kickbacks

I get people have to make a buck but the people at the top should know that art needs soul and quality, not just people thrown at it. Christ.

Replying to it just makes it come back every thread, you know.

could have at least posted sisko-in-the-box or something appropriately trek with your crossboard-brainwashed spergout user

>Man, sure is a lot of pedophilia on Star Trek recently.

I got him covered.

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if you dont like her
you are a outdated geezer that should kys

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They don’t care. It’s all about ownership now, not creation. We’re witnessing the possible total collapse of all modern television and film because a few mega companies put profit first, and they’ve figured out mass produced garbage turns a higher profit than creating art and quality entertainment. Just slap a Marvel logo on it and you’re good. Little good new is being made ANYWHERE.


>mfw they dont make trek shows for me

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something something I hate geezers

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Stop replying to yourself, Judy. Don't you have a /who/ thread to fuck up?

Nice false flag, MKUltra you possum rapist. We're on to you.

Go to hell, Transa!

MKultra rapes possums?

Methinks the possum rapin' lady doth protest too much.

Judy is Jansa or Mkultra? I'm confused

Nice try, Benjamin CuttingBoard Maxwell, you criminal Samoan troon. I see through your (((lies.)))

This is becoming rather tiresome, LastHusnock.


What are the MUST-WATCH episodes of your favorite Trek show? The ones you recommend even to people who don't like the show as a whole?

>it's schizoposting o'clock

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>MKultra rapes possums?
No, he his a possum who rapes. A possum rapist.

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Reminder she checked out Mariner's boobs

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Fuck you NTT

Did you learn how to deflect and redirect from a KGB handbook, Cadet Bitchante? We know it's you.

VOY: meld, blink of an eye, latent image, living witness, bride of chaotica

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what a based character

In Trek events, the Paley Center in NYC is having a big Trek presentation Wednesday, April 27 thru Sunday, May 29 with displays and screenings:


On Sunday May 1, they will have a preview screening of the initial two episodes of the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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Slowly, /trek/ is returning to normal.

What star trek episode will make feel better of having removed my dick?

>Are you trolled yet, /trek/?

This excited you, I see.


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>feel better of having removed
judging from your english skills, this one: youtube.com/watch?v=CAjACjXff0w

remember when axanar faggot got culled by viacom

Trolling is a circle. It takes two to tango.