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How did Mike get a job with Gus?

gus used sleeping gas

Kettlecoomers WWA?

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I think they intentionally cast a weird looking guy so it'd be creepier

Nacho dies tonight confirmed by EW leak

He applied to it on a website and the interview went well

For me its Erin

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Reddit decoded the notebook. Confirms Nacho's death. reddit.com/r/betterCallSaul/comments/ub1qda/s601_notebook_code_mostly_solved_potential_major/

mike figured out gus was running drugs when he fucked with salamanca trucks moving his product, after that gus sees he's a smart egg and gets him to work for him


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Tbh I'm glad Walt blew Gus' face apart; Nacho did nothing wrong to him and all he gets for his service is death.

Thanks. Why did Mike have his own beef with them in the first place? I know he got himself involved in getting taco arrested?


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That was season 3 retard.

Mike was hired by Nacho via the vet to kill Tuco. Mike instead got Tuco imprisoned because he assaulted Mike with possession of a gun. Hector tried to get Mike to say the gun was his so that Tuco would get his sentence reduced. Mike said no and Hector threatened Kaylee. Mike retaliated by robbing Hector's truck and trying to assassinate him. When trying to assassinate him, Mike's car starts honking and there's a note on his windshield that says "DON'T." Mike freaks out because someone is following him. He takes apart his car and finds a tracker in the gas cap. Mike drains the battery of the gas cap to find who planted it and places his own tracker. Mike follows the tracker around and finds it in the middle of a road with a cellphone. Cellphone rings—it's Gus. Gus says to not kill Hector, but to keep hitting his trucks. Mike says okay and starts getting paid for disrupting Hector supply lines.

he did the sandpiper setllement scheme in ep 9 of season 3, before redeeming himself in the finale next episode

>I fucked Saul

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This makes a lot more sense watching the second time.

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So we all know Gus and Mike are #1 and #2 of "fanservice characters that didn't need to be in the show", but who's #3?

Nacho met Mike when trying to scam some naive idiot Mike briefly did bodyguard work for. Nacho saw Mike was competent so he went to him when he needed help getting Tuco out of the picture -- this was complicated by Hector fucking with Mike and threatening to kill him and his family. After this Mike has a death wish and is just fucking with the salamancas until he finds Gus.

>Bolsa demands that Nacho reveal who told him to kill the Salamancas
>Nacho looks to the camera, winks, and says "that's Nacho business" then shoots himself in the head

Who writes this shit?

>I sucked Chuck

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you make the game of thrones autists look like stephen hawing in comparison.

You want to know what’s weird? You offer a man a device capable of time travel and in return you split the timeline where I become a crack whore

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Just catching up on the series now, when does Boss Consogme make his debut? It's a really weird name drop by Hector just before his stroke, I'm assuming it's gonna be important at some point

that doesn’t even make any sense

Be shocking if that happened but also very unsatisfying, what with the desire for Lalo vs. Nacho kino.

Ok Yea Forums let’s settle this right here

Betsy or Kim?

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I deleted the post to avoid a ban, but the review/recap that was written about it was taken down, so it’s probably true.
So what’s that evidence that Lalo needs?
Also this is very anti-climatic, but Nacho’s are pretty tied

WHO did deleted it? The poster or tranny jannies? A time travelling Nacho?

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To be fair when Mike was the parking lot guy and interacted with Jimmy he was based. It wasnt until he was hired for Gus that it became a meme.

Betsy is far more attractive, but fuck knows how she'd be to be around. Craig is a whipped beta, but maybe Betsy's great to be around once you lay down the law and dominate her.

Hank, and you can add Jesse and Walt this season

why the fuck do i feel like im the only one who likes the crime side of the show in these threads?, its just as good as the lawyer stuff, albeit somehow being slower despite being more action-y during the earlier seasons, i dont think it would be as popular as it is right now even in here if its just a legal drama whose only true connection to BB is that jimmy is the protagonist here, but the story and genre is wildly different

Betsy all day every day. Both are cunts but she's hotter and dumber so easier to handle.

I cant even rewatch the first two episodes.

Damn. Funny, I have been saying since 2020 that if Gould/Vince wanted a sequel series to BB, Lalo and Nacho need to both survive BCS. Not that I ever seriously thought it was gonna happen, but Nacho topping himself in episode 3 killed any possibility/hope of such a thing earlier than I would have expected.

So with the leak confirming Nacho's death this means Jimmy when he references the cartel in BB is completely locked out of the loop and has no further contact with Nacho/Lalo and his story will be going in another direction. I thought he would have perhaps interacted with them again.

Lalo is kino.
Gus is shit
Hector is kino
Nacho is ok
Mike is shit
Cousins are shit

It’s a mixed bag, some kino, some cringe

Nacho is kino though friendo

>Saul just stands in a fucking corner looking all gloomy while Kim does all the work
I hope this leads somewhere because this shows been great avoiding all this kind of horseshit sofar

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I love how with every scene where the twins walk around being badass, it further illustrates how comical it was for hank to kill one and cripple the other without a gun. A minute head start is basically nothing considering he didn't actually do anything, he would've survived without it

gus and mike are just anakin and obi-wan - what's so bad about them?

>I thought he would have perhaps interacted with them again.
Same. I thought Nacho and Lalo would be bringing their chaos with them north of the border and Gus/Mike/Nacho and then Lalo/cartel try to rope Saul in as an ally. He's stuck in a bind and has to choose, ultimately electing for to back Gus and co. and plays a deceptive role in fucking Lalo somehow, which would explain why he thinks Lalo is seething and would send men to kill him. Othterwise, why the fuck even mention Nacho? "IT WAS IGNACIO!" - makes no sense to blame him if the last he had to do with either was at the end of s5

the only thing it did was make him nervous


Be disappointing if we never see any of the Salamanca cousins interact. No Lalo with Tuco, Tuco with Cousins, Cousins with Lalo, etc.

I think the only real explanation for their behaviour is that they are religious nuts for Mexican Gods, o buy into their own bullshit about being silent angels of death, but even then this is reaching and I am partially doing Vince's job for him.

Hhhmm... Whhoooolllduuuurrhh, did I ever tell you about the time I rescued Saul from an ambush in the desert? Saul was trying to run 7 million in cash for his client: one Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca, the cousin to the Tuco Salamanca that you yourself knew and the most cunning and deadly of the Salamanca clan. Through some machinations of our mutual employer, Gus Fring, who has maintained a vengeful shadow war against the Salamanca family for years, Lalo had been placed in American prison on a 7 million dollar bail. What became of Lalo you ask? A good story, for another time. Anyway, Saul Goodman, who's real name is actually James Morgan McGill, was retrieving this money for Lalo from a drop-off point on the Mexican border when he was set upon by hired guns. After narrowly rescuing Saul from this ambush, we found ourselves without any working vehicle, and we had to wander home through the desert over a grueling 36 hour march. Saul nearly gave up and died at many points and had drink his own urine just to make it through the ordeal. In the end all his sufferings amounted to a measly 100,000 dollars, something you make over just a few sessions of comfortably cooking meth in a discreet lab. Although we pretend to dislike and barely know each other now, he was the most cunning lawyer I have ever met, and a good friend.


I guess him saying it was Nacho is just him lying as much as he can to cover his tracks and making shit up, which is in character for him because he's a slimy fuck.

i disagree, that one minute window made him become paranoid and alert, making him look at his surroundings, spotting the twins before getting shot at, if he did not get the warning, the moment he gets shot, he would be in confusion rather than hitting the pedal for a few secs, possibly being already incapacited before he can even drive

wasn't he planning to leave immediately anyway though? If the call did anything it made him hesitate and remain in place for that whole minute instead of just getting the fuck out of there

hrmmm it's not gunna gu down, the way you think it is

are u drunk friendo

>"It was a guy called Mike... Mike Ock."
>Cut to black


that's basically BB and BCS

a script that doesn't actually make sense but the cinematography and acting is kino enough to overlook writing flaws

Waltuh, more Vespene gas

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its because the twins seem to be physically unable to run, they already lost nacho by being slow as fuck, and they ultimately paid the price with hank


its going to kim being the ultimate villain in sauls history
the whole series makes sense if you think like that.

The twins can run, or at least jog. You can see that during the wide shot of the Motel after they arrive

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One day, the Vincekino will end, and TV will never be the same.

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more of this

hey friendos how to get strong and jacked like mr Nachos?

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>"Here we see this young Salamanca male. He can run, but only just!"
>shot of the Cousin suddenly slowing down after a brief jog
>"Oh dear! The Salamanca male is out of energy already. Now, he has to resume a slow walk, in order to recharge his batteries"

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>BrBa milking
we're prbably getting another spinoff

Is it ever explained how Kaylee time travels and shapeshifts? What species is Mike and his family?

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We should be getting a sequel series with Lalo and Nacho.

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Braindead fucking /pol/faggots with braindead fucking /pol/rot.

Kim is "breaking bad", and Jimmy is responsible. This is going to be the crux of the conflict in the end, "you might not be the one to pay for your sins" etc.

It's got nothing to do with woke faggotry. Kim has always been assertive.


My mom loves BCS but somehow has never seen Breaking Bad. I tell her the synopsis of it and she said, "Hm. Seems kind of boring." Is she a pleb or a patrician in this case?

I know, I know. I'm only saying, if Vince wanted to milk the franchise for even more shekels, killing off Nacho or Lalo (or both) in BCS is the worst fucking thing he could have done were he pondering how to do a sequel show

Based mom. I didn't and will never watch BB too

Patrician, now give me her number.