What's his endgame?

What's his endgame?

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Healthy testosterone levels L.

Thank you, Tucker

this was the gayest video i've seen in years and i saw literal gay porn

>bro just kill your sperm, it's high test

>that font
Is this a article from The Guardian? I personally see Tucker as more of a milquetoast gateway to more right wing views, so my lukewarm feelings on him withstanding, guarantee they took what he said out of context, just as they recently spun Trump praising Putin as genius into being him being a pro-Russian stooge.

huh I thought there was nothing wrong with being gay?

Tucker Carlson is NOT gay. He would never set up a Grindr account for the sole purpose of finding new men to meet up with anonymously and suck off. That's just sick.

>Im putting together a team

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sell snake oil, buy mars ticket

projecting faggot kys

There's productive masculinity and then there's self destructive masculinity.

>projecting faggot kys
the irony eludes you


so vit d straight to balls?

Testosterone rates have been falling for decades
What alternatives is CNN and MSNBC offering to fix the problem?

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Why are cable news networks offering advice to make you less of a bitch?

>they're muscle MEN, DADDY


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bro you literally said that you watch gay porn. are you faggot retarded or something?

tanning = uv = cancer

>Testosterone rates have been falling for decades
>So cook your balls to improve it

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For the same reason they run pieces about how eggs or chocolate are good/bad for you.

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To push architects to become big muscly men, they will be capable of holding overweight women on their shoulders if their testosterone is ULTRA HIGH. You need a STRONG physique to handle tons of belly, tons of ass, and tons of BOOBS!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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I get it you're left wing. You just post a laughing image and mock the premise without ever answering the question

the sun feels good on your balls, don't knock it until you try it. it's literally a freeroll. just don't fall asleep and get burnt.


fucking faggots thinks being a homofaggot is quicky, this isn't a fucking joke you faggot fucking faggot, don't play this off like it's some faggot joke you fucking faggot, faggots like you should kys yourself already, fucking gaggots i swear to god.

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You improve it by moving around, getting healthy, and not sitting for 8 hours a day you fucking retard. Cooking your balls and watching jews on TV is the exact opposite.

are you gay?

Basic biology - Testicles are outside the body to make sure they are cooler than the internal body temp.

Conservatives - Cook your balls.

Hmm. Maybe after telling everybody to not get vaccinated, to cough in each others faces, to shoot up schools, to ignore climate change, and now literally destroying peoples ability to reproduce, people will realise that Republicans are a death cult.

You do know, that is you have Low T, you can go to the doctor and get some prescribed. It isn't just for Trans people. And it and sperm rates are falling due to microplastics, which Fox New isn't doing anything about, just hawking snake oil.

I hate homo gays faggots like you, dumb fucking faggot now trying to peoject his faggotry onto me. kys dumb faggot, never reply to me ever again.

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The first step to recovery is admitting there’s a problem. At least Tucker is recognizing that testosterone and sperm count has been falling for decades instead of immediately discounting it as a right wing conspiracy theory.

testosterone pills fuck with fertility, immediately you reveal yourself as a retard who's never looked into this at all, just trying to lay down some epic pwnage. sun on your balls feels good. you should try it user.

Doctors prescribing testorane for the cases where they need it, isn't the same as getting pills you gym rat bro gave you because it will help you get swole dude.

>You probably haven't heard, because the mainstream media don't want you to know, but...
>I'm in

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The second step, however, is not to exacerbate the problem by killing your sperm cells.

Sorry you feel insecure that I called you out, but this is well documented in the literature. Go outside and sun your fucking ball as penance, you just might like it.

>Moving around increases testosterone
Japanese people walk more than triple the amount Americans do on average.
They are still 5'6 low T manlets. As for "getting healthy" given low T is unhealthy it's like solving the problem by just saying "solve the problem".

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holy king of seethe, Batman!

Why did you post an image of a faggot?

>The icon of American conservatism is a bow tie wearing fancy lad, who was too stupid to join the CIA despite connections, and become famous for getting owned by comedians repeatably.

I don't think anyone denies that fact. There have been multiple studies proving it, like that place in Brazil outside a plastic factory or something where all the boys have micro penises.
The actual problem is schizo feminists/radicals thinking its a good thing and the mass public being completely uninformed retards

You can take trt with hcg and have your testis operate fine. The solution is a global initiative to ban certain plastics, certain lights, certain chemicals, filter water, and get manufacturing regulations on Asia alongside lifestyle changes.

Testosterone doesn't make you taller. In fact exogenous testosterone fuses growth plates. You can be short and higher test than literally any lanklet

Tucker is doing God's work by thinning out the morons. Your testes are in a dangling pouch for a specific reason - to keep them cooler than if they were in your body cavity. Heat kills sperms. So by coming up with the truly ridiculous idea of exposing your testicles to full sunlight, he is actively suggesting that you kill even more sperms with the heat of the sun.

It's a good move. I suggest everyone who believes in GQP should do this and find any other source of heat to apply to your nutsack.

I find your solution agreeable because it does not involve frying your balls in infrared light to clinically sterilize yourself.
Tucker is basically telling his audience to get the snip, except they won't get a Switch to pose with for reddit upvotes.

I don't know about this, but red-light therapy is good for your thyroid and testes.

Man, a loooot of people in the future are gonna have testicular cancer

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>wanting to become a glowie
Good morning Sir

>americans trying to give themselves BBC

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Why is this ad so homoerotic? No one who worked on this ad thought that maybe they should dial it down? Maybe put a shirt on some of the men?

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Youre talking about it for free.

It was meant to be absurd and go viral which it clearly succeeded at

Is Tucker a glowie or not?

>for free

I get paid to post here. git gud.

it kills sperm but not your testosterone
basically you'll become a manly man who can't have children

pretty sure that would make you either infertility or breed bunch of literal retards.

Yeah but not by Tucker, so you're still discussing his thing for free.

He's a Russian Shill that want's to give American men Chernoballs

Take the L, bucko.

not their fault you're having gay thoughts while watching it

Only L here is your free test levels

money, baby

Conservatism is worse than useless. The point of it is to waste white people's time.

stop seething faggy boy

I honestly don't get it. If you want to become manly just work out. There is no reason to put your dick in front of an infrared lamp.

Making money off of Zionist boomers in between ads for catheters and my pillow

>guy who believes every right wing conspiracy theory isn't discounting right wing conspiracy theory
If thats such a concern, you could make testosterone more readily available for the public

Wow, you’re a HUGE faggot

what's the point of this?

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he'll run for president in 2028