Im waiting for the biopic

im waiting for the biopic

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Her youtube comments were a work of art on their own.
Far more interesting than the bought preppy clout she has in the actual art world.

the story is funny/horrible but the most crushing aspect is realizing just how common a story is
95%+ of women in their early 20s will go out and GAK GAK GAK the first ten cocks they see because their dad fucked up somewhere when raising them and they need to work out those issues with some hard meat

Can someone post the recent youtube video? The comments wete amazing

>selfless kind, gentle person loved by ,many
>goldman banker

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I'm beyond convinced that covid was just an excuse to fucking murder people and get away with it. The hospitals and doctors and nurses murdered hundreds of thousands of people and lied about it and will realistically never be held responsible for the horrors they've inflicted upon people. You wouldnt catch me going to a hospital even now, they're a bunch of insurance money obsessed death merchants and I hope they burn in hell.

I just find it hard to believe this chick became that much of a whore so fast,like surely she was molested by someone and was acting out right? She instantly became more of a trashy whore than 90% of the porn industry A WEEK after she turned 18.


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That was a fun week in DC.

I feel pretty good about the girls whose virginities I've taken all things considered. I didn't pump and dump any of them, and I'm pretty sure they all went on to have stable relationships after me. From what I've observed from women in my own and my gf's friendgroup, a girl's first relationship and first sexual experiences is pretty important for how degenerate she becomes in her 20's.

>95%+ of women in their early 20s will go out and GAK GAK GAK the first ten cocks they see
Liberal Americans , sure. Mainly because they convince young women there are no consequences to being a whore and celebrate it while most other cultures use shame and social coercion to keep them in check. Even then the town bicycle is going to exist, just to a lesser extent.

let me tell you about hapas...

Haha, they are all whores user. How the fuck don't you know this. Even your mom was riding the cock carousel when she was younger. Probably cheated on your dad a bunch of times. Sure not many women go on camera and show their whorish ways, but this particular whore was mad at daddy and wanted to show it. Probably broke his heart and cause him his demise to an early grave.

less people died under covid than in prior years, because car accidents and other illnesses were so subdued. If this was a tactic to quell the population, it backfired.

I would marry her unironically

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all women are whores

Hapas are fucking insane.

my comment on that video was
>Dr. Ab-Yuse? I'm W.A.N.G.

>Durr all women are whores
No you just have shit taste in women and got bitter. MGTOW's are basically just niggers

>hahaha im going deepthroat cocks on camera,suuuuurely im not going to regret this in the future!

how the fuck a rich girl gets to this point?
im sure theres alot more that we dont know,something nasty about her dad

hope she sees this bro

Nah, disregarding if they died under covid or not way more people died in the last two years than previous years, even accounting for population growth.

>Spoiled, 18 year old rich girl thinks she can do whatever she wants with 0 consequences
Are you really that surprised?

Just because we face the whorish reality doesnt mean we dont love them.
Buzzword spamming cunt

Mgtow. Are. Niggers. Prove me wrong, it's mostly black women acting up anyways

>had to disable comment on video
wow Yea Forums really punished her

It's not about shit taste. It's about your environment. Where I grew up, it was true that all women were whores. It was bad. If you live in that environment, it's easy to believe the whole world is that way. Everyone was also fat and really stupid. It was a trailer park shithole where being a single mom was the rule rather than the exception.

I do read somewhere she was caught buying weed, and daddy wasn't too happy. So he probably took away some privileges from her or something and this pissed her of so this is her way of paying her daddy back.

Shut the fuck up faggot

Delusional bitter faggot

I just took a personal break at work do go have a quick fax to this hoe

Imagine being this type of simp loser. Absolutely pathetic. Off yourself.

I will never be able to trust a woman.

I wish I was her husband bros

Women are selected by nature to weather use and abuse. All women are whores, but not all societies lets them.

I was going by statistics from my own country. Less people died in 2020 than in 2018. I can't find any reliable worldwide stats since most countries don't seem to have data past 2019.

>trailer park shithole
Well obviously most of the women there will be low quality.

user no, for fucks sake you dunce, she spent the -entirety- of college getting fucked every which way, the only illegal thing she did and got caught doing was selling weed, but by the time she got to facial abuse it was probably only a couple steps above what she was already on for years beforehand
>he thinks she actually was the golden daddy's girl right up until five minutes before doing FA
Come on man

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Vice president of goldman sachs is a meme title 1/3 of employees have


Meant to say fap. I masturbated to her early art work. In a sexual manner.

they were doing the same stuff in Europe despite health "care" being paid for by tax.
friend of mine had a 93 year old neighbour who was still very independent, she lived alone, her son would come to visit once a day to check up on her and say hello.
she told him she felt a bit poorly and he took her to the hospital for a test just to make sure, despite her being mostly fine.
at the hospital they gave her a test and came back to tell the son that she had been put into a covid ward, he said he wanted to take her home and that she was fine when she came in. they refused and said she can't leave before 2 weeks is up. they wouldn't allow him in to see her. then after that exchange they found her test result was negative but sincr they'd already put her in the ward with all the infected patients she was to stay there for the full fortnight.
while in there, without being allowed visitors and left stuck in bed she died after about 10 days, having gone into the hospital more or less completely healthy.
the son asked for details and I think the cause was dehydration, since they'd put her on a drop and she hadn't drunk anything.
that was what made my friend aware that something was up with all of this

This chick is a great example of why running a background check on any potential girlfriend (read a chick you slept with more than a handful of times) is a must.

Who cares, he was still loaded, that's the point

>Jewish American Princess
>Effectively life on easy mode
>Still manage to fuck it up


Of course, you're a loser with low self-esteem. You'd marry any woman who'd touch you.

>Waaaah why can't I find a good woman I deserve this
You're probably a overly sensitive try hard who knows next to nothing about women except for memes on the internet and a handful of bad experiences with women you use as an excuse to not be self aware enough to genuinely improve yourself.

An even gayer counterpart to the 2010's Tumblr feminazis.

>I just find it hard to believe this chick became that much of a whore so fast

user her family had so much damn money

Like so MUCH DAMN MONEY she sold weed for the fucking FUN of it.

Clearly she was an incredibly suffocated child,far more than other little girls who get warned about boys and get grounded from going to prom and just ultimately never got to do what she wanted in life. So bam 18 hits,she's got complete control of her destiny and also a lot of money to influence it where she wanted it to go no matter how dark and depraved its WAY more fun and fresh to her than places like Vegas.

You gotta back off your kids and just let the streets raise them or shit like this happens.

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How are you supposed to know how many men they've slept with, they could always lie

So where can I find her videos?

Yes, and if I never left that environment then I would have lived my entire life thinking all women in the world were like that. A lot of people there have never left and think being a fat, stupid retard sitting around chain smoking and watching trash tv in a dirty recliner while their cats and dogs shit on the floor is an acceptable way to live.

I need to see that old bastard creampie video now thanks

I don't get it, where is her youtube comment? why post someone else comment on her comment?

hapa’s are crazy like that
i recently found out my ex had 15 dudes by the time she was 18 and most of them were guys in their 30s
she blamed it on being manic. she’s a good gf but i’m not marrying her.

+ she is rich so no more wagecucking.

>things that happened in my head


Plenty "right wing" "trad" and Maga chicks aren't immune to this either. They just pretend they don't do that shit

You can tell with how comfortable she is around you, other guys and in general. Completely comfortable? She went around to down town pound town.

>All women are whores
Just because you keep saying it doesn't make it true lmao. Like, what, am I supposed to pretend men are any less perverted? You take the fear of God out of someone and promote hedonism for awhile and we all become a bunch of retarded , shit eating monkeys. For every whore out there is a whore enabler who keep the cock carousel going.

kek did you send a tribute her

You have to understand that she doesn't regret this at all. Art hoes do this kind of stuff around that age, it's normal for them.

Life is a stage, don't you know?

>simping for whores

>warned about boys and get grounded from going to prom
How do I raise a good daughter and prevent her from being an whore?

Jessica Henwick as Kelly/Mayli

>I never had sex so that means nobody on Yea Forums ever had sex
bit of a cope there buddy.