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Star Trek died in 2002.

Mike McMahan is a genius!

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Code of Honor is good

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I bullied Diane Muldaur into quitting the show because I'm an enormous piece of shit.

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I enjoy trek

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trek made me a homosexual

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or as we like to say a ''Trekrosexual;;

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I hate Star Trek TNG because of the gay undertones, including a gay captain and gay ensign. TNG was actually a great show up until those 3 episodes. And what's with the gay subplot with Picard and Crusher in the 2nd season? It was a waste of time and not what it should have been. Star Trek was supposed to be funny and serious, but that episode just turned me off and ruined the show for me.

leave your faggotry in your quarters

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Remember that Voyager episode where Tuvok got the Pon Farr and had to fuck a holo version of his wife?
>PARIS: I just hope everything was okay.

>TUVOK: Not exactly. My wife's ears are four millimetres shorter than your facsimile's.

>PARIS: So I took a little artistic license. Aside from that, was everything all right?

>TUVOK: The hologram was adequate, but no substitute for my wife.
Does this mean that Tom also created her genitals?

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unironically most geezers here are like this

Cringe. Futurama is reddit treash

he extensively made sure that they looked exactly like his wifes pussy. but how?

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I didn't get the gay subplot but when I was 9 or 10, I watched TNG reruns with my dad. I remember seeing that one and thinking 'huh...who's the new crewmember with Picard? Is there a scene like that in the episode?

i find it very difficult to believe there wasnt at least 1 slut on voyager willing to tale vulcan dick ever few years.

>Does this mean that Tom also created her genitals?
Not only that, the fact that Tuvok didn't comment about them being inaccurate means that Tom recreated her genitals perfectly. Tom made a holo-facsimile of Tuvok's wife's pussy that looks and feels (and tastes??) perfectly the same as the real Tuvok's wife's Vulcan pussy. Suspiciously accurate.

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black vulcans are gross
also vulcan vags must be somehow different from humans'

That would be cheating.

Why not the Virtual show their telekinetic powers after the first time we see them? They could shoot energy spheres.

The Vorta. I typed Vorta. WTF

Tuvok objects to it at first saying he is a married man (ie: it would be cheating) so even if there were willing vags around their autism would prevent it.

vulcans dont care about that shit
that rando vulcan seemed fine with torres pussy.

you morons, vulcans fuck with their hands

It would've logical for the Voyager Vulcans to bottom for each over when they experience pon-farr.

I tried to google seach for an image of this guy. And googled 'voyager vulcan'. And all the results were for the Kawasaki Vulcan® 1700 Voyager®.

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Bad writing

Based Tom

>vulcans dont care about that shit
they do, because they made a deal not to fuck another woman
thay is why most vulcans become gay

only problems with cheating are emotions and disease and Im pretty sure they dont have any diseases.

Loved that actor's vulcan portrayal

Are you suggesting that DS9 is a badly written show?!

Correct. Pon farr can be alievated through Vulcan finger touching.

This episode had so much soul

they have poor eyesight so i don't know how far throwing hadukens around would get them

all the best literature ends with the good guy and bad guy wrestling each other into a volcano. every single story in the western canon ends like that

or villains fall from cliff/building
heroes journey was a mistake

Overcoming the Monster.
Rags to Riches.
The Quest.
Voyage and Return.
Sacrifice to Throw Space Hitler Into a Vulcano.

"be yourself"

It felt like a TOS episode
>Ligonians are just African kangz
>set design is 60s tier
>silly double love triangle as a main plot device
>hokey fight scene between women with awkward looking weapons
>that part where the Ligonian chick drops her weapon and it kills a spectator, and nobody gives a shit
>main "villain" gets his comeuppance in a whole 30 seconds from the sassy black chick dumping him

Peak kino

>It felt like a TOS episode
sure, including the Tasha q-tip fight
Gene was a hack

>Gene was a hack
Shut the fuck up, FAG. Gene is the reason you are here.

It's a pretty good 'sode.

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Stop saying 'sode.

12% trek was gene's and not the best for sure

The original script didn't say they were black, it was the director's choice, the same director was racist and treated the actors so badly he got fired and they had to bring another director to finish the episode.

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I am sorry, but Kirk is THE captain for me. And although I really liked Picard in the 90s, now I hate him with a passion.

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Please elaborate on what means.

why does T'pol look like she's about to burst into tears every scene

was VOY the last appearance of yellowface vulkans?

Her actress hated the way the producers always objectified her.

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>go to deanna trois twitter
>its all keith olberman and george conway retweets
bros dont meet your heroes or they just turn out to be brainwashed boomers like everyone else

>deanna trois

yes, actors should be forbiden to be political

blalock wasnt very good at acting vulcan so they wrote her into a mind raped drug addict.

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he just had liver problems, leola root poisoning or something

The writer of that episode went on to write an episode of Stargate SG-1 that was quite similar to Code of Honour, except it was Mongols. I don't think the writer isn't at fault.

They give her vulkan space aids in an early episode and say it makes it harder to control her emotions, then she is high on drugs for most of S3, after the S4 Vullkan arc when they find the Vulkan bible and she gets cured from the space aid she goes back to being mostly autistic.

she was pretty great at acting vulcan but she was too hot to waste on that

you made her an OP last thread where she wished everyone a happy orthodox easter
so i wanted to see if she wished everyone a regular easter last week
instead i find out shes a turbo cunt with zero critical thinking

is that the DS9 font

she was good at being a vulcan, the problem is you can't really do much with it because you're not allowed to express emotion except in some circumstances
but they just said 'fuck it' by the end of S1 and let her emote all the fucking time

yeah thats bajoran architecture too

I have seen every Trek show except for STD, SNW & PIC, but I love all of the ones I have seen. None are my favorite, I love them equally.

I unironically love the ENT theme song. When you actually understand why it's there, it & the intro montage are genuinely beautiful.

Janeway is my favorite Star Trek captain.

Janeway was right to kill Tuvix. Needs of the many.

Honestly, I get the impression that TNG was trying very hard to replicate TOS in the first season. One episode even had the classic camera zoom into Picard's face, one time. Hell, they even did a repeat of Naked Time.

I feel like Gene Roddenberry would be proud of that.

shit you're right

Marina Sirtis was your hero? She was a Greek fuck toy, nothing more. It's Pat Stew who you should've posted.

I think Jack Quaid will be also on a episode of Re:view and they will discuss trek

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janeway was based to kill tuvix

She was good at being sexy, but she isn't a good actress. And she clearly didn't enjoy working with ENT crew.

It's rich to be saying that in the Star Trek general.

>TNG was trying very hard to replicate TOS in the first season.
Also the false sky sets

I highly doubt he'll be back on given that RLM is the biggest source of criticism of nutrek

He's contractually forbidden from discussing Trek, but I'd love to see him on re:View.

>she isn't a good actress
That's why she's a good vulcan.

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There's a guy in this thread who uses only commas for punctuation and makes low quality posts. He needs a few more brain cells.

What killed /trek/? Serious answers from people who have been posting here for 5+ years only.

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she's unironically a very decent actress, t'pol was never going to be allowed to be a tuvok though. ENT was just extra loose on vulcanness and nimoy was probably just really amazing at riding the line despite writing.

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>He's contractually forbidden from discussing Trek

>I highly doubt he'll be back
Landis and Macauly both recorded one re:view apart from Botw

Point out his posts.

I don't think that's true. she was a big fake titty swimsuit model for lad mags. she knew what she was getting into, she knew why they hired her

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>Cheating on his wife
Okay tom paris

Judy, but she is tame today.

People who keep whining about /trek/ being dead.

>leathery skeletal bimbo
i mean.... yeah okay still would

it's sort of bad practice when you're an industry actor to say that a production that your employer is making is hot stinking garbage

You, in part. Your endless commie gobbledegook and gay fanfiction was never wanted and became a thread derailer.

Damn, she answered the call.

I would let her jolene my bollocks
if you know what I mean

>vulcans dont care about that shit
Have you ever watched star trek you fucking retard?

oh shit...