Cast the new Justice League of America for the reboot

Cast the new Justice League of America for the reboot

The Flash

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why did he fall

I'm more interested in the Sons of Anarchy reboot

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is that a wide glide?


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What does that gesture mean?

So he could learn to pick himself back up.

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topheavy with legs that arent used to running

When I worked at McDonald's these people would come on and camp out all fucking day. I always thought they would scare away customers but they would order so much goddamn food. I'm talking 3 value meals, hang out for an hour or two and order two more for the road

He got a cramp from exercising right after eating.

More like the toilet Flush after he takes a massive dump

he didnt fall he pulled the Earth into him

fat speedster would unironically be a kino combination for an original character

I'm a fat American faggot

Wonder Woman

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*whizzes past you*

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The engine is off and he's moving forward on man-made braps


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Well done.

Talk about riding hog!

>first one to the line gets to stay on my janitor team!

Captain America

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I mean on some level they totally look like twins.

But then again basic biology says bullshit.

La creatura

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all that piss and sumo for a 3pl8 deadlift lmao

Tonnes of Anarchy.

It's a woman though.

yeah you're right it's still over 2x body weight I bet.

Wish I could kill people with my mind

he's indicating to the other drivers that he's a retarded fat piece of shit

absolute unit

that is not piss... that is gusto

the earth shook that day

lol why does he look so dirty

fucking kek

although american "Tons" would fit even better.

Almost like it was suppose to look funny.


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To get back up again Mashter Wayne

Execution code. He's an enforcer for the Hell's Angels

post original

Not wearing a helmet, go figure. Hope he crashes and it's one less Trump voter in the world. Dumb fat redneck fuck

you're overplaying your hand user, you should've left out the sentence to add some believability to your bait

>But then again basic biology says bullshit.

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Born to be wide

What does this fat do for a living?? How do you eat that much and presume to function for the rest of the day?? The week even?

How the hell can people afford so much McDonald's? Those menu's are not cheap. Eating 30-50 €$ a day is not something you can do on disability.

imagine being born the right one. really lost the coinflip lol.

She's cute, left doesn't even look human

Code for passing gas

She's got a nicer face than the pale one, pale on looks like half gollum.

ok mutt

>this is your brain on racism

kek got me

the one on the right is actually a lot cuter than the one on the left; it might be the makeup but the one on the right has softer more defined features (fuller eyebrows and lips, softer lashes) and clearer skin

These people get government assistance. They get so fat and useless and incapable of caring for themselves that tax dollars have to go to fund them because denying a triple cheeseburger is inhumane. Pay attention to the absolute bottom of society crawls out of the woodwork to buy useless shit around the end and the first of the month when their welfare checks come in.

Why are they all dressed like hobos?

im fluent in sign language and this is correct

10/10 in America.

It means his back itches and has to scratch it but he's too fat to reach the back of himself.

As if he needs one.

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Wow, just wow.
You pencil dicked, literal racist.
The right one has beautiful face, left one looks like a Lapland ayy lmao

right looks like the guy from hot tub time machine and kick-ass

is that Stephen Segal?