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>On 22 December, Davies told The Guardian that he had already written a couple of his episodes for the new era, and confirmed that his first episode would indeed go out in November 2023, on the 60th Anniversary.


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How can he have written episodes before casting the Doctor?

By typing using a keyboard, probably

Disappoints me that he's selling out and just wants to be Stan Lee or Joss Whedon or some shit. He's a great writer of serious drama.

I've been subbed to doctor who on YouTube tv for over a year and series 1 is the only one that hasn't been recorded the entire time. Chris should have got on his knees and shown the bbc the respect it deserves, but he chose the lonely path of few pleasures

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how come one of the first intrusive thoughts I have when looking at Jodie's outfit is what her boots smell like

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watched it 3 days ago
old news

I wonder what Colin Salmon is doing right now

Matt just died
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yes, he was rather.

Colin Salmon has that kind of aura where you can just tell he has a massive cock.

because he already knew he was going to bring back tennant for some specials before doing a 14th doctor proper

still no proof

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Early signs are that Legend Of The Sea Devils has consolidated to around 3.4m. Exact figure from BARB expected later this afternoon.

What precedent is there for "oh there's no point denying it" unless he's just trying to avoid lying outright because soon his return will be announced?

Is he allowed to outright lie? I assume so. DT should've just said, somewhat seriously, "No, I'm not back" and closed the book on it.

Then if he's not, fine. But if he is, it can be hailed as "surprise! David fibbed! He's back!"

there is no way they will introduce nu1 doctor in the 60th, so it has to be that faggot DT

It might just not be in his personality to want to outright lie about something like that. So instead we got some waffle where he wouldn't confirm or deny it, but also said
>I mean... it would be quite a weird idea, and it’s not something you’d necessarily expect from Doctor Who
which, in context, sounds very suspiciously like endorsing the concept of him returning without directly saying it will happen

Woohoo! The Tenth Doctor is the best. I'm really looking forward to this, and the new RTD era. It's going to be brilliant!!


Still at it, I see.

but I don't think he will be 10, he will be a amalgamation of all doctors, before he dies and universe reboots

Really? He should just be 10 again, otherwise it's stupid. Or the Curator or something.

Yeah I agree. I half expected him to carry on, saying "and with Russell back, you can definitely start expecting the unexpected"

they must have made a gentleman's deal, not to advertise RTD before Chib is totally out to not overshadow le woman


the new project cobra is underway

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>project cobra is underway

Matt's hair in 6-13 is too long, just another reason that story is shit.

Just IMAGINE. Tennant returns and RTD2's first episode starts like this.
Fucking KINO.

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OMG it would be amazeballs


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Only fools has gone a bit downhill

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i hope 10ant returns
i hope rtd stays for 10 seasons
it's gonna be so awesome
can't wait can't wait can't wait sqeeeee

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This might actually scare you but RTD and Moffat both wrote episodes for any Doctor and then only later adapted the script to suit a particular incarnation. RTD can easily make a thorough script blueprint for a story before he even has a Doctor.

The Doctor is a character. real writers are able to write for characters, not just for the personality of one actor.

the forum has this new users:

I imagine it's simple to make a plan but so much of the dialogue and perhaps actions would change (for instance, the Doctor deciding to push people into an acid bath) that I just thought he was lying about not casting anyone.

He's said before he tends to write with actors in mind, or at least a type of actor. But also even if he hasn't cast someone yet, I like the fact that he's writing for presumably a "generic Doctor" which an actor can embellish and add their own flair to later on.


just write the doctor one way
then get the actor for that part
pretty simple



Series from best to worst? I agree!

Russel doesn't come here. Moron.