In Serpentine (2022) Barbara Palvin plays a snake that gets turned into a woman. Thoughts?

In Serpentine (2022) Barbara Palvin plays a snake that gets turned into a woman. Thoughts?

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I swear some films exist purely for some perv directors to prey on innocent women they just want to see naked.

Women say yes to it so no sympathy

thank god for based directors or artists
same with that degenerate photographer that gets them all naked


>same with that degenerate photographer that gets them all naked
Uncle Terry is the man

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Imagine the s-s-s-s-smell

>porno cameraman is an ugly weirdo, sometimes a total fat slob
>10/10s do anything they want

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>innocent women

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They're sluts, user

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>Directed by Eva Doležalová

> new snake-human interspecies.
> literally just human female woman trying to do some dumb movement with "snake leitmotif"
evritiem, pure pottery

> draw alien girl
> it just human female with skin

Humanity is creatively dead since 2000s


Bunch of slack-jawed faggots in this thread. Less chatter, more pictures of Babs.

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He offers them attention. Pull out a camera and a slut will get ten times sluttier, if not a hundred times.

based Babs thread

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It's literally rape you sick fucks

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I'd post some Babs pics and webms but unfortunately I don't have any on my phone
She should get into acting more

doesn't answer his question retard. they wouldn't do that for you, and certainly not the other guy.

>She should get into acting more
Hopefully she will now

>they wouldn't do that for you, and certainly not the other guy.
Jokes on you I am Terry Richardson

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sounds good

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That better be makeup/prosthetics

babs is a winner

I hope not I think its cute

Big dick energy

That's hot. Is she also a cute and naive snake that doesn't understand the world of man?

babs is pure and innocent
take it back, right now!

She's certainly wom my heart

Im going to watch it right now because its only 12 mins

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never gets old seeing her in anything, and i don't go around looking for it

women whoring each other is so hot

This is the way

>Humanity is creatively dead since 2000s
isn't that like one of shakespeare's things?( a little before 2000's)
that there is only 6 stories and everything else is a ripoff
what i'm trying to say is this is nothing new

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This movie was literally and unironically made for me

F off with your censored bullshit
>where can i find said short and watch it?

Where can I watch?

nuh uh, she did that for ME
she even said as much!

That was from the behind the scenes vid user, you'd have to track down the original on that fat dude's camera

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i've seen the uncensored version plenty
i just don't save shit

>Runrime 12 minutes
Fucking ghey



didn't this slut get naked on camera 5+ years ago? why the fuck would you want to see an older hole?

i'll take naked babs any way i can see her

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unfortunately, she has "pepperoni nipples"
that's why she's hiding them

>Women can't be perv directors

She's a big girl.

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i don't mind

I've a better ass, she ought to hit the gym the bitch
no cap

Neymar fucked her

she does mind

well, she's a woman, wtf does she know?