Any movies about parties?

any movies about parties?

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The fuck?

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average whitoids

chads get everything fuck this

Dangerously horny.

nigga that's sexual assault

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I need to know more

>let's not turn this dance into a rape, bubba

What is this webm supposed to convey?

I can't read lips, what's this?

His sister is asking if he wants to make out, he refuses to be a degenerate inbred

>no eye contact
>body pulling away

>Wanna make out?

I get it lol but I'm not telling

How do you know its sister. Who is that guy. Looks like every csgo player

unironically me


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>wanna make out?
>No. [Why?]
Not sure about the why but that's what it looked like to me.

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There are few things in this world that are more satisfying than denying a woman her whorish intents.

say iit!

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Tom Hanks in 'Bachelor Party' (1984)

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When will they learn?

>gets side control
>loses it immediately


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>you want to make out

I swear I share a board with literal retards....

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what does he say after "no" ?

literal nigger behavior

Our white societies are being degraded by this party culture bullshit that dilutes purity of being and eradicates principles and values upon which our nation was built. We desperately need segregation among genders in schools and colleges and to ensure women and men don't mingle like this at all. This is FUCKED UP

Being in this situation is lose-lose
>take it serious like the girl clearly is and end up hurting her
>you're the bad guy, why would you hit a girl that hard!
>let her have her way and she chokes you out
>dude you're a pussy! You got tapped by a girl!


I'd let her literally kill me

>giving easy thots the time of day
my friend, YOU a ngmi

>>let her have her way and she chokes you out
That's a Win.

>let her have her way and she chokes you out
that's a win though

Kinos for this feel

Stop watching porn you coomer fucks

I was gonna say this, but I didn't want anons to tell me to cope.

Thank you for your contribution. 10/10

I want her to stretch me like Stu Hart.

Exactly this, honestly I'd go all out and put her down, especially when she starts making it clear that she is legitimately going to choke you out. At least that way you don't look like a little bitch, and don't run the risk of some bitch giving you a neck injury.


Evil ends tonight



They're in a relationship and beinv playful, it's made obvious by the blinking, she's playing up the cartoon trope of blinking excessively.

>our white societies are being degraded by parties
euro hours on Yea Forums are crazy

Nah. just get her on the floor or push her against a wall and undress her. Either she's into it and or she ain't and she'll just give up. Either way you win.

>his formative sexual experience wasn't losing a fight to a girl


Life isn't porn

Exactly this, worst part is this type of shit happens all the time at seshes and I see guys fuck up both ways all the time like a tale old as time

It's afternoon in the middle east. His post seems more muzzie than euro.

Are you retarded, gay or what? You just do it so you can touch boobs and ass, result of this "fight" is irrelevant as you already won

I fought a girl in school and beat the shit out of her I got expelled and charged

>you're the bad guy, why would you hit a girl that hard!
there a chance she, or some other girl, gets turned on by you overpowering her to the point you can hurt her. so I would still go with that.

>when I used to roll and rolled with a girl who was into me and wore her loose Thai shorts

Oh god take me back

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Doesn't help that women have very little concept of pain tolerance for others. They'll punch you in the nose as hard as they can and think it's all part of the fun.

You can pin someone in a way were it's almost impossible for them to escape, while you also aren't hurting them. That was probably the move.

>get on top of female while they're on their back
>rap one arm around the side of the neck and the other arm under the armpit.
>Impossible to escape or stand up without doing something extremely violent
>Ask them "Had enough?"

2 EZ