A mega pint?

>a mega pint?

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Depp got owned so hard when one of his witness' testimonies got thrown out because she watched the YouTube clips of the trial haha

>were you there?

a GIGA pint?

She watched clips yes but she was caught by liking an article from January on social media. She wouldn't have been thrown out if she didn't admit to watching clips.

when is the next trial?

>judge cracks up

inb4 someone post the
> if only you knew how mega these pints are

That gives me heartburn just thinking about it. I dont know how people do it.

The lawyer was ridiculous at every stage except this one though. He immediately proved that 'mega pint' was Depp's own stupid termonology.

the hell is this mega pint meme

Ha ha yeah heard bros were winning ha ha

a mega sneed?

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A mega gallon?

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oh my god.

Later today

>Depp's own stupid termonology
Not when describing large glasses. Only actual mega pint.

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How long has this been going on, has shit menace amber heard paid anything yet?

What is this pint meme?

My older brother keeps telling me that this is a distraction but a distraction from what?
When I ask him he just says "The Jews"
boys are so weird...

Let him suck your cock, he needs it.

don't mind if I do

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he's correct

I'm a girl(biological)...

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you amerifats are hilarious,who the fuck gets distracted by this circus?
only you

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You never poured yourself a megapint of wine?

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Cross examination today?


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I like the way you spelt megapint on the wine, because otherwise, it would just look like a normal regular pint of wine

based [agreeable]

Lock this woman abuser up and throw away the key

I'm a pint (Mega)

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That's a based overreaction.

Are jannies going to let the people have a thread today?

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I'll drink to that

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>Jannies when they see a pro-Depp thread

Elon Musk is going to testify on behalf of Heard; it's the reason why all the jannies have been instructed to delete Deppthreads.

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I wouldn't care if we had to make Amber symapathiser threads I just want to talk about the case with anons and make memes

They come in mega pints?

>bringing on a witness for your side when they're one of the individuals you cheated on your partner with
real smart user. amber turd lol.

He's listed as a potential witness for Heard, which her layers may want to bring to the stand (video call).

How can he be a potential witness in this when he's claimed that he's not involved?

>473.000 liters of wine
Now where would he even find a glass to fit all of that, counselor?

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>473.000 liters
832 pints! Absurd!

what did he mean by this

He's involved, alright.

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We have to start back in the early 1900s at the end of the great war which was to become known as the first world war. Lenin and Marx were outsiders in the Russian revolution but that would soon change and the proletariat had started to flounder in their attempts at a coup.

how do you be black and your skin looks a sickly pale

My mom was screaming yesterday how she relates to Amber heard when I got home from work. I've never even talked about the trial

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its not fucking fair bros

He really is based wtf

lying cunt

The great debate. I'm torn.

I don't use twitter but every single comment I have ever seen on the hours of court videos on multiple channels on YouTube have been defending Johnny and shitting on amber. What's the public opinion outside of YouTube?

Did you beat that skank like she deserved?

My mum gets a lot of girly gossip mags and half the time there is an Amber Heard story so either she doesn't like her because of Heard fatigue or empathises with her from reading paragraphs of her POV

so when is the verdict? im not interested in he said she said