Dead careers general

Dead careers general

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Just list everyone who was a main Game of Thrones cast member.

Shotcallers was good

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So was Against the ice, very comfy movie

why tho? he was one of the only good parts of GoT

sadly most of the got cast didn't have "connections" if you know what i mean
they all got casted on their first season being mostly unknown

Not his fault. When you see a movie with a massive fucking budget called "gods of Egypt" that was expected to take home millions you would have taken that role anyday. Him and his didn't know it was made by the shittiest director of all time

It was a ridiculous movie.

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>No major roles since 2015
Aside from Michael Emerson and Evangeline Lilly, did anyone else have success post Lost?

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He was in a netflix thing recently and was never pegged as a big actor anywhere, op is a fag
here is a better example

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Dude come on he's like a million years old what do you expect him to act in

>stabbing: the movie
didn't like it very much, weird story, or at least the way it was told. it had a lot of stabbing

>Josh Hartnett
>Eric Bana
>Edward Norton
haven't seen those niggas in ages

Charlie was in one of the Star Wars movies I guess

Norton doesn't get roles because he's insufferable

I haven't seen Eric Bana in a while but he did have a small movie recently called The Dry. Edward Norton was in The French Dispatch. People talk about dead careers but they don't even watch enough movies.
Josh Hartnett is going to be in Oppenheimer.

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Aaron Eckhart. He's gone from leading man to "that mid-tier guy who does side roles".

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I haven't seen the French Dispatch but something told me that this was a Wes Anderson movie.

>something told me that this was a Wes Anderson movie.

It is a Wes Anderson movie and it's no Grand Budapest but it's worth a watch. It has Timothee, who's in everything now and also a lot of actors that even older people will recognise like Bill Murray, Benicio Del Toro and so on.

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>Josh Hartnett
Fear Index, my mother says she really liked it, I haven't seen it.
Also the upcoming Ruse de Guerre, consider though that his career wasn't the result of not being able to find roles but his choice in picking them and choosing who he wanted to be.

>Grand Budapest hotel
Dang never got to watch it, I had recorded it on the..Tivo I think you call it, and it was deleted because my mother occupied the entire space with Hallmark movies and now is on Disney+.

Here's Benicio del Toro and Lea Seydoux. It had a lot of well known actors but anything that isn't capeshit always goes unwatched.

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He could probably do Dracula again, at least the part where he's in the coffin

Considering they are all swimming in money, I don't think they really give a fuck what some random user on a Moroccoan basket weaving forum thinks of them.

Jordan Peele is casting him as we speak. (disclaimer: I love Fresh Prince for all you haters. I watched snippets of Get Out (interesting) and all of Us (the voice, premise, and presentation wtf, nah nigga fuck that). Fuck alcohol for making me an undecipherable genius.

dropped. I live in a country with a large jewish diaspora so I really didn't need the "scrawny stuck-up jewish kid with curly hair who threatens people with his lawyer father" revival he kicked off.

He should direct a Tintin film, maybe tone down some of the Wesness but I'd like to see it


Your loss. He's in a lot of good movies so if you can't watch stuff with him in it then you're just missing out. He's in my favourite movie, Greta's other movie and Call Me By Your Name. All really good movies.

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He has no career because Mads is too based. Someone post the pic of him zoom drinking alone depressed. If he has a massive dong on top of it all, I'll worship him.

Either a Timmyfag or plain shit taste, user has righteousness grieveances you will never understand

I'm not a Timmyfag. He's just in movies I watched for reasons other than the actor and I realised he's a pretty good actor.

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I'd imagine most main GoT casts are set for life financially, and people like that prefers to work on passion projects anyway

I wouldn't say he's a good actor, maybe an actor

>Call me by your name
Only movie I watched with Timothee in it. Was on a date with a pseud libarts college girl and I had no idea what the movie is about or who Timothee is. By the peach scene I was wondering if a blowie is really worth this shit. In the end it did, but a couple weeks later I noticed the trend I mentioned reappearing. My own cousin curled his hair ffs.

>My own cousin curled his hair ffs.

Lawl. It sucks that zoomers look up to him because he's always the guy the girls in the movie but the casting pool for young actors is pretty terrible. You could cast someone taller and more handsome but they'll probably be shit.

the guy that gets the girls*

he should make a movie with Nic Cage, they'd feed off each others energies.

the perm didn't come from chamalet

>he should make a movie with Nic Cage

Why Nic Cage? That guy is such a meme actor. I want to see Timothee in a movie with my favourite actor. Maybe something A24 like Killing of a sacred deer. I think that'd be cool.

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It's not just the perm but the complete package of
>stuck up
>uses his father's position to get out of anything even mildly bad for him
As I said there's a huge diaspora here and I goyly grew up in a Jewish area. There are two Jewish groups here, one normal and another that does youth programs and teaches them legit "Jews are ubermensch" shit. The last time perm+shit personality was in fad here was after the latter did a huge recruitment drive.

If you grew up in a Jew area then you should know there's way more Jewish looking Jews and you should be offended by those and not someone white-passing. I've seen Jewish kids in real life and it blew my mind how Jewish they looked. I can see why they don't put themselves in movies.

But he just had a arctickino that he wrote the screenplay for and starred in release on Netflix?

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That's literally how Americans prison system works. I agree it's ridiculous but it's real

I don't mind Jewish looking Jews though. They were my friends growing up and they never made me feel like I'm less for not being Jewish. It's not just the perm or the ethnicity, it's the attitude I associate with it based on my experiences.

>watch World War Z
>lol that random helicopter guy looked like the guy from LOST
>mfw it was the guy from LOST and he was meant to have a large role but they cut his scenes out completely
I bet he's pretty chill taking roles he likes while just living off the millions he must have made as the MC of LOST, though. He probably didn't like the fact that his soldier role got cut but it's not like getting cut means he's starving you know?

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seriously, jannies
you blatant Turd'deleting is getting ridiculous

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Wasn't it Josh Harnett that said no to playing Superman and then some other huge roles and so he got blackballed for being "difficult"? That's why actors take shitty roles all the time. They're afraid that the suits will take it personally if they say no thanks to too many roles.

>I don't mind Jewish looking Jews though

Then it's weird that you'd hate Timothee. I dislike Jews because as you or someone else said, they think they're better than us. Are they smarter than white people? Maybe. Are they more righteous? Absolutely not, because they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. That's the reason I don't like Jews so if I see too many kikerinos in my media then I won't even watch. I dislike Seinfeld for that exact reason.

thought he was the weakest link in The French Dispatch

ah ha ha very topical meme my friend well done

Isn't he an alchy, or was? I don't know if he's chill

I guess it depends on their religious and cultural education. The ubermensch shit here comes from "Chabad" programs. They're actually feuding with the normal Jews who yes, often look more Jewish, but were just as kind to me as anyone else,

Not only is it a Wes Anderson movie, it's basically a fucking ode to the guy who puts up the money to let Wes do any type of movie he likes. It's the most Wes Anderson movie released to date.

Here's your Tintin film

>They're actually feuding with the normal Jews

I've heard that before as well. There's some kind of silent Jewish civil war because one half thinks that white people are okay and the others think Jews are superior to everyone and only Jews are non-slaves.

It is, isn't it.
Think I can't actually watch Aquaman ever again,. Not a big loss, of course.


Richard Madden is doing very well for himself. Maybe because he died before the show went to shit

his career should have been skyrocketing right now instead everything he's every word for is over all because of one slap. and its so fucking sad.

Richard Madden also starred in other shows before GoT, he wasn't a complete unknown like Arya or Lily Allen's little brother.

I hate Will Smith - half because of the slap and half because of all the black people who tried to damage control by either saying it was staged or tried to say he was right. Hollywood doesn't seem to give a shit what blacks think because they cut him off so it looks like they care more about paying audiences.

Pretty much every actor from LOST but maybe not Lilly.

The trick when doing the jump from a well-known show to movies is to bail at the right time

Should have played Joel in the HBO The Last of Us adaption.

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I would totally have watched that. The perfect casting for Joel would have been like Nikolaj or Hugh Jackman. People would looked forward to that show but instead they cast some brown guy. I really liked that game.

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