How did we go from this

How did we go from this...

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>omg look at this stunt
dude batman isnt james bond
thats what noland didnt understand and reeves did

Then why is reeves one worse


wow things sure do change fellow capeshitters

Batfleck knew not to do any of this gay shit and just use his flying fortress

stunts being better or worse dont make up for nolands lack of understanding of the source material. i thought you could at least understand that. you are retarded though


>it's another genius level intellect billionaire philanthropist playboy gone vigilante episode

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The car stunt scene is so touched up with CGI that the entire thing ends up looking like cheap CG.

You're a hilarious retard.

>no u retard

The Batman was filmed during covid, they had to make due with on site filming locations being shut down and did everything in a studio. They did the best they could, if not for the pandemic they would have filmed it on an actual building.

What is soulless? How is a movie soulless? What does give "soul" to a movie? Do you have an explanation for that or just repeat empty words you hear other fellow retards like you say to feel contrarian and special about an opinion no one shares but you and your secret club of losers with superiority complex?

Source material doesn't matter. Jaws, The Shining, Godfather, all better than their source material. And so is The Dark Knight. That's why it's more iconic and remembered than any other comic book.


Marvel and Disney.


>And so is The Dark Knight. That's why it's more iconic and remembered than any other comic book
ledger's performance is remembered. aside from that, it's just another mediocre batman film from nolan.


Jurassic Park was great as well.

man.... FUCK THAT jesus

So that's why when batman flys in Nolan films it doesn't look like shit

You see it actually looks cool as he jumps because that's the only real part

I hate the anti christ

Wait, i thought they actually did the stunt. That's why the stupid Go-Pro up the stunt double's face.
Are you telling me this was all fake shit and the Go-Pro was a "stylistic choice"? What a retarded nonsense.

To this

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>the dark knight
>Budget $185 million
>the batman
>Budget $185–200 million

Now account for inflation

i cant remember this scene
what did he need to do this for

China, he flies to enter the building and extract the mafia's accounter with that balloon thing.

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Holy shit. This looks so dumb. Kek


oh wow he actually jumped off a building for this

That stunt with the balloon (I think is called Skyhook) actually works irl and was partially done, they used CGI on the actors for safety reasons. Lots of pratical things in Nolan's Batman, like the scene when the Batpod ejects from the Tumbler was done with 100% with pratical effects, but some producer at WB decided to CGI some shit to look "cooler". The truck scene was a real truck being fliped in the streets, they took months to get the permits from the city since they could damage all the pipes under the street. You can say whatever you want about Nolan, but the fact that everything in his Batman was tested until worked irl is impressive. Even the fabric for the cape is something real.

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but they have the vaccine and its better to film outdoors isnt it?

worst scene in the film

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pretending to be schizophrenic isn't funny anymore reddit

Dumb as fuck. It's entirely replaced by digital doubles anyway, what's the point?
Digi double, it's just glorified reference footage.

Looks decent for what they were going for. I haven't watched the film, but I like that they didn't go the "barely makes it between the bus and the bridge" route. The only thing that looks bad is the rolling. It was too slow and long and wasn't as violent as it should have been (if you've ever seen a MotoGP race, you know what I mean).

Problem is they pretend this is the most grounded Batman ever, but nigga is using only a leather helmet with no padding or any kind of plate. He hit the bridge face first, then a bus, a car and finnaly the sidewalk. People die from much less, and he walks away just fine. Later he take several bullets to the chest, even a fucking shotgun, but no harm even tho his armor is full of holes. That's some bullshit not even comic Batman do.

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>what's the point?
it' fun to do

>It's entirely replaced by digital doubles anyway

How did he not understand the source material?

You're a stupid fuck. There is so much source material. Nolan made a better product than Reeves and a better Batman product with the defining live action origin story among other things. I could just as easily say Reeves didn't understand the source material.

this is some serious cope

Ledger is part of the film you can't separate him. Nolan gave him a good script. Yes Heath is the icon that is remembered most. No one will remember anything from Reeves.

>They did the best they could
not my problem

Does anyone really still remember Ledger in 2022?

Begins had better gliding and an even smaller budget. 150 million.

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At least actually attempting to your stunts is still better. It looks way better.

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We're talking about him right now. Do you talk about other superhero villains from decades ago?

Nolan do a good mix of CGI and pratical in all his movies, look at Two-Face. The Batman attempted the same but it failed, you can clearly see everytime it turns to CGI.

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Reeves is a fucking joke

That doesn't make sense. During covid being outside was safer than being in a closed indoor space. The world was empty already too much easier to get permits and film.

This scene still looks cool and well done.

Covid became an excuse to a lot of shit that clearly has no Covid impact.

I recently rewatched Batman 1989, a it's still the best imho, best Joker too

that part bothered me the most