I'm not gay but

Has she ever shown her dick on camera?

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If you didn't know any better you would think that she has alway been a biological female.

You would make out with her at a club and have no idea.

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He nigga


I'd rahter fuck the niggress on the right than getting an inch close to his adis infested arse.

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Agreed, trannies are REVOLTING

>worried about aids
>rather fuck the melaninated one
bro, I...

I hope *she* makes an onlyfans once this euphoria shit is over

No hips + wide shoulders. Yeah very feminine.

>that negative hips and twig male legs

>If you didn't know any better you would think that she has alway been a biological female.

no, you really wouldn't.

>her dick

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Transgirls are here to stay!

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>biological female

Women have a curvature to their bodies that for men is extremely primal and extremely obvious when imitated in motion. That lanky dude is on estrogen his whole life and still his ass to stomach to chest ratio is way way off. He's a very feminine man because he's taken feminine drugs to block his puberty due to mental illness.

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To elaborate, that black woman next to him is a woman, she has that fat black ass and smaller waist and big chest, like a woman.

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You can post whatever cope you want about hip to shoulder ratio, in a dark club full of drunk horny guys, she could make out with whoever she wanted and they wouldn't know she has a penis.

Including you.

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He has an obnoxious punchable face

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Let us pause for a moment and reflect on the fact we are living in a time where clearly mentally ill men who insist they are women are not labelled as mentally ill, as they are, but instead propelled to positions prominence and social influence. We are truly living in a time where the mental patients have taken over the asylum.

but splendid tits, all women should be force injected whatever he took

He looks like a young Daniel johns. My ausbros know

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>dark club full of drunk horny guys
You mean he can take advantage of lack of proper illumination, intoxication and desperation.

>wanting to punch this
Why so violent?

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drop me a name, i don't follow shows or shit.
i have fucked trans people before, but the good ones are way too much expensive.

He is also transitioning

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Why isn't she on the Northman? She looks like she fits there with that fit.

>Coping this hard

she's majestic

He was molested as a child.

Jesus fucking christ how horrifying looks like something out of a marylin manson video. Look at it attempt to walk like a woman walks it looks so unnatural and freakish


blokes a train wreck

Probably the same thing that happened to the guy this threads about

Why are you thinking about dark clubs filled with horny guys?
I got news for you. It's because you're gay

trans rights? human rights.

also cute, valid and sexy

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>str8oids keep posting about how she is a man
>half of the replies in this thread are to the webm I posted of her ass

You guys really can't help yourselves. She makes you so lustful and angry. It must be frustrating having a trans girl make you feel this way.

You seem really confused about how to feel haha

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Yeah maybe if I was drunk, I'd hate having to go to jail after murdering him after taking him home.

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Dude I like jerking to trannies and even I can see he's just not that hot

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>You seem really confused about how to feel haha

It's funny you are calling the men who say a man is man "confused" instead of the man who's pretending to be a woman.

Objectively, you and the guy this thread is about are the definition of confused.

dude hangs dong

Has /pol/ campaigned to trick that tranny to show her penis?

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I agree with my man here, I dont jerk it to transporn unless it's this girl which was the last one I wanked to, I dont have any malice towards them, honestly doesn'g turn me on much. Most women dont turn me on either

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I'd fuck her just to own the chuds

So what turns you on user?

id do it in barney costume

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Nothing honestly anymore. I had too many women betray me to fall for their trap again. I feel absolutely nothing when I see them. Matter of fact, the more irresponsible and unitellectual they come off the more Im turned off. Im not into men at all, Ill fight one or drink with one but nothing else in between or on the other side of either one. I just want to be left alone.

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he doesn't emote like a woman. he behaves like a sissy faggot. which he is.

dude whats this bitch name ffs im typing with one hand and cant be arsed by looking for her/him i dont give a shit if she has a dick or not (even better desu)


why are you so horny?


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I'm tired of seeing this faggot

How is she so cute bros, I need to berry my dick in that ass

im so fucking gay

ugh that black chick, name pls

wow I didn't know she was a surfing instructor