What’s up, can I get two slices of pepperoni?

What’s up, can I get two slices of pepperoni?

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No. We don't serve your kind here.

is that a thing? i mean, i know it's a thing, but here you either buy a whole pizza or nothing. no 'slices'

You must live in one of those loser countries

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pizzerias sell by the slice if you go in, yeah. What if you just wanted a bite of 'za for lunch?

share it with friends i guess

Pizzerias in the NYC area frequently sell by the slice. Or if you go to the mall you can get a Sbarro's slice in other parts of the country.

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Who tf would ever pay for a single slice of pizza lmao
Americans never cease to amaze

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What is with Spike Lee’s hard-on for making chatter louder than the dialogue that actually needs to be heard?

But that is normal in Italy as well, is called "Pizza by the cut"

Rent free

Maybe I’m not hungry for an entire pie, Europoor.

Tons of pizza joints all over the US sell single slices of a selection of pre-cooked pizzas for lunch. Selling full pizzas is obviously going to be the main part of a pizza shop though. Many places will limit hours and maybe only sell by the slice around mid-day.

Literally 100% of pizzerias I've ever seen only sell whole pizza's.

Asking for one slice would be like going to a supermarket and asking if you can just pay 10 cents for one slice of bread.

yes but it's not worth it. I need at least half a large pizza to fill me up.

>They don't eat a whole pizza like me LMAOOO LMAOOO LMAOOO
Do yuropoors REALLY?

its pia not a PIE you fucking uneducated swine.

eurofats everyone, yes they really do.

You can also get single slices of pizza in some places in germany.

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says the poor faggot who can't afford an actual pizza

It's just a matter of if the Pizzaria in question is set up for it. If the Pizzaria doesn't offer single slices, it would be extremely inconvenient and wasteful to cook an entire pizza to sell one slice. But when they advertise that they sell by the slice, they're very likely to be able to sell all of their slices from each pizza, with a better profit margin because they can charge a higher markup since the price is low.

Main limiting factor could also be population density. Selling by the slice is only worth it if they're going to get enough customers consistently during every single daily lunch rush to sell out multiple pizzas.

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What if I don't want to lug half a pizza around with me for hours after I eat lunch and have other things to do? Or what if I don't want to eat more pizza again later and just want to eat it once today? Or what if I want to have one slice of pepperoni and one slice of hawaiian but don't want to buy two entire pizzas?

Why is the guy holding it that way

No it's not the same thing at all you lardass retard. Two slices of pizza is basically a meal.

They get lazy with the background art and just do whatever to save money.

>Two slices of pizza is basically a meal

If you're a 7 year old girl with anorexia maybe.

Post your body with a timestamp lol


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No im a lard ass

>Who tf would ever pay for a single slice of pizza lmao
It's usually from a 16 or 18 inch pie, for which a sixth or even an eighth is enough to make a meal of. Why would you not?

Well, that solves it. Jabba the Hutt here doesn't understand why someone would buy just two slices of pizza for lunch in the same way he doesn't understand getting a can of coke instead of just drinking an entire 2 liter of soda in a sitting, and he can't understand somebody using mayonnaise as a condiment instead of just eating directly out of the jar by the spoonful like he does

to be fair USA started a lot of unlawful wars and pissed a lot of people

Pepperoni are vegetables, not sausages or pizza.

> unlawful wars
what a retarded phrase. Every war that has ever been waged was vile and reprehensible, and it almost certainly violated some sort of law or treaty at some point. Every country sure loves to say their opponent does every evil thing in the book. Phrases like "unlawful war" or "war crime" are meaningless and worthless aside from their value as propaganda. Please don't fall for such obvious trickery.

>imagine standing in a pizza line all day for government pizza and they give you one slice jajajajajaj americans are so poor jajajajaja
Bro I think we just have different standards of living is all.

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>Pepperoni are vegetables
pepperoni is slices of beef and pork you retard

Checked and kekd

Why does getting just a slice of pizza confuse and anger the Yurofats so much brehs?

That's salami you are talking about, only Americans call it pepperoni apparently because some salami get seasoned with pepperoni.

Why are Americans so retarded?

sometimes. it fluctuates. that's american life

Their tiny brain is mostly filled up with seethe and they can't comprehend most things

They can't eat a piece of bread or dough without buttering it.

Here in Italy there are many small street pizzerie that sell pizza slices and/or pizza al taglio (square of pizza)


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I hate your kind

Here in Germany you sometimes have it in small "Imbiss" fasfood places where you just go up to the window, order a snack and then go on with your day without sitting down. I don't think it's something that is done in real pizza places though. Dunno why some people get so mad at the idea of individual pizza slices.

>What if I don't want to lug half a pizza around
maybe finish your food before walking around you fucking fanny
you know they will make kid-size pizzas for kids and faggots with child-like appetites right? Even with multiple toppings on different areas of the pizza

I am American and fucking hate Americans that call pizza ‘pie’ or ‘za’


>call pizza ‘pie’
why would anybody do this

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What is your opinion of Europeans who call pizza 'za?
I do it ironically on here because it sounds funny and it makes you people mad for some reason.

Not a single yuro calls pizza 'za

What? Cute people?

The worst pizza I ever had in my life was in Munich.
Fuck German pizza. You guys don't know how to make pizza.
There should be laws banning you saurkraut lederhosen motherfuckers from calling the shit that you make 'pizza'.
I'll never not be mad because it was impossible to get good pizza in Austria too so I was looking forward to a good one in your country but no, you guys are untermenschen when it comes to making pizza.

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