Cuckstianity btfo by The Northman

>Their god is a corpse nailed to a tree.

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Does that mean the people who hate Northman because wipepo will now love it to own the chuds?

>Their god is a corpse nailed to a tree.
Are you talking about Jesus or Odin?

Based off what people (I use that word loosely) here were saying I thought this was going to be boring. Saw it in the cinemas with my dad and we both thought it was great. I invited three of my friends to come see it with me tomorrow.

I think you guys have gotten too used to super hero movies haha

Odin was hung on a tree
Totaly different

>their god IS a tree
Kek what a dead, conquered religion. Not to mention that ChristChads cut down that tree lmao and also 80$ dollars lost lmao.

You didn't reply to what anyone said.

Don't be so paranoid haha

Why do paganchads make christcucks seethe so hard?

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Imagine believing your people are the only true chosen, then accusing others of racism

>Imagine believing your people are the only true chosen, then accusing others of racism
larpagans tend to do that

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That’s stupid. God created existence with a certain meaning behind it and he commanded people to follow a morality which he created for them.


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good god that boob looks sad

>vikings all gone their religion gone all cucked out of existence all former vikings converted
>christianity still going strong
wow really got btfoed I wonder who won that war

>christianity still going strong

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>a morality which he created
Therefore, morality is subjective


More like was hung like a tree
mmmmmmm imagine his cock

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The vikings converted en masse to Christianity shortly after it was introduced to them. Most of the raids they conducted by the late 900s were done as Christians.

>Me and my brothers and sisters in Odin assembled for the monthly BLM rally. The shitstians won't know what hit them!

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Only thirdoids, rednecks and latynx are still christian today

God has no moral obligations, so Trannypheo Dilatemma btfo’d

Come home, White Man

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>disobey God
>objectively goto hell and burn

>christcuck argumentation.

>Disobey State
>Objectively Gulaged

>Makes you gay
>Sends you to eternal suffering for kissing a dude because
>Hardens you heart
>Kills every firstborn in your country
>Makes Job suffer and kills his family because he wants to prove a point
>Floods the earth because people misbehave

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>sacrifice yourself to yourself to change a rule you arbitrarily created

>claims their religion and culture is stronger than christianity
>gets wiped out by the so called weak christians anyway
>most of them even chose to convert to the weak religion instead of continuing to lose and die to the weak christians
>even though their religion tells them they get to their heaven if they die fighting
how do you paganlarpers cope with this?

>gives children cancer
>he's omnibenevolent, btw

Christendom has completely been subverted by secularism in less than a century if you want to play le might is right. Guess you hop on HRT and be on the right side of history.

Tree is still more real than your magical skydaddy
Seethe + cope christcuck larper

People always choose easier. Its an ongoing trend. Now christians seethe at people doing other things


Didn't he also get fucked while in the body of a mare or was this some other norse god?

>if you want to play le might is right
but isn't that a viking thing? guess paganlarpers are the one on HRT afterall

Im a Catholic beaner respecter, one of the more based aspects of their culture. Not many based aspects, but their Catholicism is definitely up there. t.Hispanic amerimutt, hehe.

remember when your god yelled at a fig tree?

idk heard gave oral to a black tranny
>laughs with christian bowl cut

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>can roam around england and europe to rape and pillage
>hates christians
viking sisters, we're finally back

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No, it isn't. You always whisk it out of thin air because of of something vaguely Nietzschean or Hitler or uh... something... Somebody said it, shut up!

yeah what a funny and weak god and religion
good thing the vikings wiped them out
oh wait

>VGH, why would anyone worship the jewish god? He is sadistic, schizoid, unfair, petty and tyrannical!
also larpagans
>Why WOULDN'T you worship the pagan gods? They are sadistic, schizoid, unfair, petty and tyrannical but that's a good thing! It means they have character and are like us mortals!

>heckin deus vult badasses let this happen
I thought you were the defenders of EVROPA.

>>Makes you gay
your pedo father did that groomer


nonlarpagan here based trumper here. AHEM


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>Gives you a pedo father that makes you gay
>Sends you to hell
Nice job, god

>>Gives you a pedo father that makes you gay
he didnt
read the bible, you are embarrassing yourself

aaaand thanks for proving my post right!


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You said it first

Do you even read your own bible? Your god is the creator of all things, including pedo fathers.

Easter just passed and you're dumb enough to post this?

i mean, all I'm saying is the larpagans gods are more consistent than christcucks. horsefucking or not

God is not the author of sin. You are. Maybe you should brush on the bible.
>Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.-James 1:13-15

sounds like you're coping, bro

i mean im a gay muslim so I don't really care about this but, yeah. you sound like you're projecting this "cope"

So god is not the creator of all things after all, and is therefore not actually god. Got it.

>can't make argument
>quotes shit script like npc

You did it again.

I think you are gay. Sorry.

nonono bro. you don't get it. HE IS ALL POWERFUL WHEN ITS CONVENIENT FOR MY ARGUMENT. right now though, he uh... actually let me just quote a bible verse cause i dont have an argument

>Man created sin
>god created man
Therefore, god is ultimately the author of sin, lol.

>man groomed as a child by a pillaging rape gang devoted to the god of fury has negative perception of Christ


Paganism never truly died and Christianity is on it's last legs already after immediately collapsing the Roman Empire, initiating a dark age and slowly deconstructing everything through egalitarian jewish thought until the point where we are now ritually mutilating childrens genitals to create troon golem

YHWH is a jewish daemon not worthy of worship and 90% of Europeans have already figured that out

lol, that is wotan or odiddly dodin.

that was Loki, who was a bit of a trickster and a loose cannon.