ITT lesser known incredibly gorgeous actresses

ITT lesser known incredibly gorgeous actresses.
pic related is Wallis Day

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looks like a tranny

no she doesn't

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Mad 'Amber Heard' vibes from this one.


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shes gorgeous but damn she does not know how to dress

She could be mistake for one. Wide shoulders, no hips, bony knees, relatively sharp facial features.

>This is my new gf, Wallis
what the fuck kind of name is that? She is cute though

Sierra McCormick

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Because nobody here would ever watch For All Mankind, I present to you its hottest cast member.

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is she trying to look like a street hooker?

Well she is bisexual, which guessing by her views, probably means she's just a lesbian who's a little confused


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no it means shes hetero but in these times you arent as well accepted if you arent lgbtq+
its just the smartest thing to do, claim youre bi but never actually be in homosexual situations bec "you didnt find the one"

My wife.

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Gus Birney

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That is very true, but for this case, I am 70% sure that she is indeed bisexual/lesbian, not just for job ticking, but because she actually is one,

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Synnøve Macody Lund

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she's cute


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Is Emma Dumont lesser known?

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the dyky style doesnt fit her at all

hot too

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Crystal Reed

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Madison Lintz

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well if you are one, then you probably dress like one too

cute! still need to check out her season of AHS

Yea Forums loves Bunheads. I’m a Sasha chad though.

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oh.. she was in I'm Thinking of Ending things.

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it has some kinky shit

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Noemie Schmidt

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Nyomi Banxxx

>gorgeous looking actress with great looking hair
>gets a dyke haircut for no reason and hasn't changed it back since
Why do they do this to themselves? She looked so hot with long hair.

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Why wear that stupid shirt when you could just sit on my face?

Morena baccarin is fairly well known but so so hot.

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I love women bros

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I only love white women

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Aubrey Peeples. God. Damn. bros I wanna marry her

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>short hair=dyke
I'm sorry to tell you that you are gay.

Pick one

Taylor Hickson

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no lewds pls

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Melissa Saint amand

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hot damn

>Aubrey Shea Peeples is a queer actor and jazz pop musician


Hermione Corfield

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poppy drayton

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Sai Bennett

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Nicky Whelan

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If we're being honest she doesn't look like a tranny but she does have that weird mannish face that a lot of european female athletes have, she has the face of an MMA fighter. Like she could've been attractive if she decided not to get hit in the face for a living. She was probably much cuter when she was like 18 or 19. The librarian bun haircut isn't helping her case either.

Yeah, wouldn't want to be like Edward VIII.


Is Annalise Basso?

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Damn she has nice tits

She looks like she only fucks missionary with the lights off

This one looks like Sasha Grey so she probably does all sorts of nasty shit desū

Sara Sofie Boussneedna

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Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey

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Caylee Cowan

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i've coomed to those scenes of her getting blacked in house of lies a million times

Why are most of these white?

this is a white board

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Watched it ever since the beginning, got sone others to watch it too. So fucking good.