Um, Earthbros...?

Um, Earthbros...?

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how do we even compete earthbros.....

He cute

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>Made for BJC (Big Jupiter Cock)

Did Nasa really fake going to the moon?

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big bro jupiter sweeps the solar system clean of big fucking rocks that could ruin our little life party we have going on.

so far that no living thing wants to be on you but not fat enough to become a star

>gas giant
lol. lmao even.

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The Earth is flat and is carried ontop of divine elephants who ride the mystic space turtle.

This is the prophecy known as The World Turtle, and is scared to Hinduism.

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why did pluto get demoted? it looks geologically active. but now some people think there might be anothet planet out there beyond pluto?

There's a Chinese lunar rover currently active. It looks exactly like the photos from the Apollo missions. Unless you also believe China is faking it....

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are you 7 years old?

its orbit crosses inside Neptunes. Wtf is that? Dat aint no planet! That's a dwarf

Yes. They spent billions of dollars on actual rockets and lunar landers only to produce a cheap film in the end, while managing to keep the thousands of people involved from telling anybody. They just faked all of that for some petty reason only to send probes to Mars a couple decades later.


Also the Soviet Union never exposed their fake for a huge propaganda victory despite being able to steal nuke blueprints and the like

>you're approaching me?

Wasn't there a planetary allignment recently? Is that why I'm feeling better than usual?


Nah they probably went there, realized theres fuck all up there, lost their funding because who gives a shit about moon rocks and now we are probably stuck on this planet forever unless ftl travel, basically magic, is real.

Go away, Cthulhu

you deserve death

So much bigger than earth and absolutely nothing but storms and thick gaseous atmosphere. All that planet and nothing, how do jupiterfags even get out of bed?

I'm pretty sure there are a gazillion Amerindian tribes with the faggot world turtle too bud

Take the meds, have the sex, and touch the grass.

Waait, how is China doing shit that we apparently find too financially expensive? Have we already been replaced as a super power.

>gas giant
imagine the smell

For me it's Neptune. Saturn is also based of course.

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India also sent two, I believe. But both of them failed their landing.

china doesnt need to ask the tax payers what they should do with the money. china pumps billions into anything that would make them look good on the world stage, especially sports, a lot of effort was put into making their national football team be great but theyre still shit so i guess rockets and space missions are whats left to spruik

Has he been mutated?

Old religions used animals in everything because that's what they knew. Essentially this is comparing the observable universe to the turtles shell, which cymatics show us the turtle shell could be seen as a visual expression of this. Vibration as a universal force and given the syllable Om and its importance this interpretation makes sense.

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moon is a jewish conspiracy

I feel so small.

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superpower 2020

Space is fake, if Jupiter was that close we would be able to see it.

No, just the means and methods to keep the Soviets down the retard rocketry path.

>turtles all the way down

Neptune has the highest wind speed out of any of the other planets and it's the farthest planet from the sun. If the sun isn't driving those winds then what the fuck is? If it were internal heat then Jupiter and Saturn would have higher wind speeds. It's crazy man.

There are several dwarf planets beyond Pluto and even one that is bigger than it.
Also there's one between Mars and Jupiter.
Either we demote it or we add all the others.

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really makes you think huh?

What are the foundations of earth (and heaven) built on?

DON'T say turtlees

What else is it going to look like?
You don't need to be there to know it's just rocks, because that's what it is. We knew that before the Apollo missions.

Why is Europa so edgy?

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US is taking a while to put a human on the moon, not a lander.
China is still struggling with a manned lunar program.

I bet China will just give up the idea of bringing them back.


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I would go to the moon in a nanosecond, it's just, uhh, we deleted the telemetry data and it would be too painful a process to build it up again.

>USA games the landing
>China fakes the return trip
A tale of two hegemons

Honkeys are incapable of working out the telemetry data, they need strong independent black women computers to save America and do all the work again.

by having a solid surface and an atmosphere capable of supporting life


Have we been on the Moon? Yes, with robotics. Have human beings been on the Moon? Im leaning towards no. Why haven't we gone back yet after 50 years if we were able to with all that ancient technology from the 1960s? Just my opinion but i feel like theres too much radiation in our area once you get out of our atmosphere. Humans are destined to evolve and die on this planet unless we master anti gravity technology and a means to deflect radiation.

Not many kids know this nowadays because in school theyre currently being taught to love black people no matter what, and to confuse yourself about your sexuality. Good times...

Just hire some twins where one of them dies on the moon, and the other "returns"

>Why haven't we gone back yet after 50 years
Because it costs a shit ton of money and there's nothing to do there

>Im leaning towards
Retarded. You're leaning towards retarded.

why havent we mined this guy yet