See that? Just two days ago. Destroyed this guy's face. Must've hit him like forty times, teeth were all over the place...

See that? Just two days ago. Destroyed this guy's face. Must've hit him like forty times, teeth were all over the place. I just left him there bleeding. Probably sent him to the hospital. Are you ready for that?

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N-No... I'm sorry

Once again, cop the beating then jump up and squirrel grip his nuts, then bite his nose or ear and start wailing on the cunt. Alternatively while he's having his big speech, glass him and tell him that only fags talk about fighting, real men start straight away

Are you ready for me to follow you home and complain about you to your dad?

>I wan no trabble

Louis really exploring what it would be like to get in a fight with Ludacris from the Get Back video.

>GF is driving
>Stop to get gas
>homeless guy starts haranguing her
>I pretend not to notice and he eventually walks away
This happened probably 10 years ago at this point and we've since broken up but it still haunts me, this episode has the same feeling for me

I feel bad for people that can relate to Louis CK in this scene. I just can't imagine unironically feeling threatened by some manlet like that. I could casually beat anyone of that size within an inch of his life.

Louis should've raped his little tight pink asshole at gunpoint, only way he would've redeemed himself

>tfw dont live in a cuck state that only lets rich people own guns
>never had to worry about this

Louie was in a no-win situation. If he fights that kid, and wins, he just beat the shit out of some kid dad will likely sue him, even if the kid totally deserved it. If he gets his ass kicked he looks like a pussy in front of the date. If he sits there looking nervous he looks like a fag. 99% of the time bullies can only go for weak men. Either Louie should have laughed and told him to GTFO, and then maybe cheapshotted him...but shit. Guy had three friends. A fight is a really bad idea

I used to think I was a pussy cause I had never been in a fight, when I was like 25 some guys were randomly antagonizing me at the bar while drunk, got into a fight with them, this happened a few times. Each time I would get in a fight (nobody injured each other somehow, thankfully) I felt great after. But one time a cop saw me fighting another guy outside of the bar and we both got arrested. Not fucking worth it bros. But I wasn't trying to impress some roastie, just myself. louie never got in a fight so has no idea how to handle himself.

you can easily break your hand, get sued, get fucking stabbed, so much bad shit can happen from a fight it really isn't worth it unless you have no other choice. louie really didn't have much of a choice here

Shoot him and his friends with my concealed handgun.

Shooting someone is the biggest beta move. Real men use their hands.

In reality that would be a nigger, and he would spare Louis the dialogue before beating him to death

Everything you said is true but women will genuinely lose respect for you if you’re pushed and don’t respond with violence.

>You can't use a gun that's bet-ACK!

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oopsie this takes place in new york city you are being charged with multiple felony gun charges! and the murders, of course.

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It's a shame someone doesn't beat you to death

Better hope she's worth it, then.

ok niggerlover

Not in america. And every country idolizes the wild west where men solve their issues with guns, so...

Real men don't have to get a permission from 4channer to shoot people who threat them.

having a gun is nice for if a group tries to jump you or someone tries to stab you, but yeah usually guns are for pussies

You sound like you deservingly get bullied.

You can get run over just crossing the road. A tile could slip from any of the hundreds of buildings you pass by every day and cave your skull in. But if a man tries to dominate you socially and you rationalize backing down as "but something bad could happen if I do something :(" you're a massive pussy.

The worst part is you think you intellectualized your way into that position. But you didn't, you were trained like that since you were a kid by every female in your life. Chances are you probably even remember giving someone a smack in school when they tried some shit on you. Now you piss your pants about unforseen consequences from authority figures and you tell yourself it's maturity but actually all that happened was women successfully feminized you.

Louie could have won like how he won Jack Dall over


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MACE to the FACE

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that is true. like if a stranger is flat out disrespecting your manhood like that in front of a woman you either fight him and deal with the dangerous consequences or walk away and feel like a pussy and deal with her shame. best defense is to lift and know how to throw a punch, just in case. now that I know fighting is dangerous and has lots of consequences, I would avoid them at almost any cost. but if my gfs safety was in jeopardy I will grab the fork and stab that faggot in the eye

really just by avoiding drinking at clubs or going to nigger infested areas of town you can cut your chances of having to fight by like 98%

Why should I assume the risks that are inherent with a fistfight if I need to defend myself? Aggressors have already given up their right to live by threatening me so it's much more efficient to use a firearm.

>Shooting someone is the biggest beta move. Real men use their hands.
violence is the ONLY thing that matters. every law that exists isn't backed with good intentions, it's backed by a man with a gun.

>Shoot him and his friends with my concealed handgun.

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An attack should be determined by your own personal wellbeing and protection. Forget anything about women at that point, they are a dime a dozen. What matters most is you get out safe whether it be fight back or deescalate

I'm not saying never fight, you hardo. I've done exactly what you said: defended myself from belligerent/rude drunk assholes, clocked a few zoomers in the face, got into a fight with a coked out negro. Knowing what I know now, those fights were incredibly dangerous. MMA/boxing people avoid street fights for this exact reason.

You can say "I won't let another man disrespect me" and also "fighting is incredibly dangerous". These ideas are not exclusive. Anyone that has fought or has seen someone get KO'd can attest to that. You're trying to act like a badass here, which is kind of gay. I do not let random men disrespect me and definitely not my girl, but violence has to be your last resort to be effective.

Genuinely curious, how many fights have you been in, what were the cirumstances? The feeling of walking away unscathed from a fight is incredible, but you're a nigger if you don't see how brawling at an NFL game or a bar is a bad fucking idea

too much of a legal risk if you shoot just one guy, especially if he didn't touch you yet
gotta make sure there's video

user you're right and we all know the answer is zero

If the chick was actually worth a damn, she would have intervened and that would have cut the little fucker's dick off right there.

Believe it or not, but not all women would just stand there and let some teenage punk put their man in an impossible situation just to watch him squirm.

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Go away, graboid

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If it was 2 days ago his hands would still be hurting like fuck and there is no way he would be able to do another 40 strikes. I would easily destroy him.

based lynch

>that americuck who says he'll just shoot them
every thread lmao
god you faggots really can't handle the banter

This episode is so kino I don't even know where to start. The date's reaction is just perfect.

The scene was ridiculous to anyone who isn't someone just like Louis: Neurotic about their lack of experience with violence.

First of all, that kid looks like a dork. He's not intimidating in the least. Terrible casting choice. Secondly nobody who routinely assaults people engages in a gay pithy dialogue before hand they just smash your face in while you're still trying to figure out what they want. Finally the whole "trap" of the situation is so fucking lame and divorced from reality; Louis doesn't even have to win the fight he just has to fight, and not a single woman on earth is going to have a problem with you getting violent especially in self defense. Gay scene by a laptop class dork for laptop class dorks.

>really just by avoiding drinking at clubs or going to nigger infested areas of town you can cut your chances of having to fight by like 98%
Yes exactly. I haven’t been in a fight in almost a decade now, last time someone tried to start shit with me I pulled out my knife and lunged at them and they ran away like a faggot.
I just make it really clear that I’m absolutely not interested in fighting and will respond to any threats with extreme force.

I can tell you’ve never been in a real fight and are a massive faggot. Shut the fuck up bitch.

This isn't "banter" you stupid Eurotrash. In what country is this considered light hearted, playful humor?

>stab that faggot in the eye

The eyes. I can't stress this enough. Years and years ago I was Park Ranger and we had a few rapes here and there so the county decided to offer free self defense classes to the public that I had to attend so there would be a police presence, and the guy just basically taught one thing and one thing only: GO FOR THE EYES. And then he gave a lot of examples of how the best way to do it would be and even had a dummy with fucking removable eyes and shit....well long story short we actually had a surge of assholes with gauged out eyeballs for a few months after that and some of them were BIG dudes and one of them even had a gun, but every single time it was some small woman that pretended to comply by raising up her hands like she was giving up and then just burrowed their hands inside their eye sockets.

I never forget that and always tell people that if last resort that works like a charm.

Shit holes

>1 AM on a weekend
>Decide to go to a pizzeria for some late night pizza
>Get there and order
>Teenage, maybe twenty year old guy runs in and is immediately followed by four pakis
>They start wailing on him like feral animals
>Everyone is going 'wtf'
>Stand up and try to break it up calmly
>Two of them immediately break off and start pushing me and threatening to kill me
>Back up, and they keep wailing on this poor guy
>Pizzaeria staff finally charges in like fucking Spartans, wielding pizza cutters and steak knives
>Pakis run away
>Guy is basically a stain on the floor
>Police show up and ask wtf he did
>He tells them he just walked past and said "Wow you guys look high."
Fights are scary.

>"Wow you guys look high."
deserved it desu
talk shit get hit

Literally in every pub, bender.

>destroyed a face
>knuckles are only a little scraped, no swelling or bruising at all

This little faggot has never punched anything in his life besides some holes in his drywall. Fucker is so pampered in life he never even hit a stud accidentally.

Just ignore him until he decides to make good on his threats of violence, then you swiss his cheese for him, because we live in America and every criminal should be aware that every citizen might be armed. Or call the cops right then and there during his gay little monologue and tell the dispatcher all about the weird violent guy currently threatening you in this diner and this location. He'll either back down or escalate and you'll have one more witness when you put him down out of necessity or get your ass beat. Fun fact: threatening people is a crime. Then you sue the diner for allowing a situation like this to happen and putting their customers in danger.

The RIGHT thing to do would be to slam his head against the table and rip his throat out and then completely unleash yourself on his friends. Then you bang the date by force right then and there. But the cucked CIVILIZED thing to do is to avoid conflict at all costs, sacrifice your manhood, bring dishonor to yourself, and watch as your date's pussy dries up permanently.
>hurr durr better than prison
we are such fearful vile slaves.

That's a whole lotta words to just say that you're gay and like boy butts, user. Why are you so wasteful?

>British people think it's funny when teenage lads come threaten them with overkill levels of violence in front of their dates
Somehow I doubt it, but what do I know?

>Genuinely curious, how many fights have you been in, what were the cirumstances?
I was an amateur boxer for over a decade. I can go dig up my old blue books if you like. Street fights? Probably about 10 over the course of my life, including one where I was outnumbered literally 10 to 1 and needed to run to survive.

I'm not acting like a badass I am just someone who doesn't treat the scenario presented in this gay ass scene as brimming with impossible to navigate chaos, or a street fight as ridiculously dangerous. For every freak one punch death you can find thete are probably 500 incidents where one party's ego was the worst damaged thing the next day.

Why in the world would you walk past 4 Pakis late at night and say something snarky, then not expect a confrontation?

This is true in a minority of cases. Women might lose respect for you if you are scared but if you are dating someone from a stable home with some class they generally will just look down on you both if you respond with the same violent attitude. Women in general don't like violence and don't want to be around it. They are not men. It's not impressive to them. To the vast majority; it's just scary and immature.

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how in the absolute fuck are there this many people unironically doing the internet tough guy routine in anno domini two thousand and twenty two
this is an embarrassment

>he's not intimidating
the fact that a guy is chimping out enough to threaten a random guy immediately makes him unstable and a nigger-tier red flag. not intimidating but who knows if he's got a knife or how crazy he is
>nobody talks shit before they engage in a fight
Have you ever left your house? This isn't John Wick. Bullies in real life will talk shit to see how you respond, a shit test. Louie failed the shit test by not responding to the guys taunts, and thus made himself a more likely target
>it doesn't matter if he wins the fight
except for if he gets stabbed, hits his head on the corner of a table, etc. you're a complete moron. louie has no idea how to fight and is scared. it's very human. the guy has no good reason to use violence and is chimping out anyway. if louie fought and got his ass kicked the girl would hate him. louie only benefits from that fight if he wins and doesn't get hurt or somehow neither guy gets hurt. he knows he won't win so he actually did the right thing. if you can actually fight, then go for it. but if you know you're gonna lose it is absolutely retarded to throw the first punch here. unless you know how to fight (99% of people don't) you're likely gonna get fucked up

the point of the scene is basically the kid is nigger and its very difficult to deal with them rationally unless you use force or just leave

>t. pussies who can't fight with their hands so they have to resort to a phallic object they keep in their pockets
Absolute faggots. No wonder all you amerifats keep shooting each other and gaining weight rather than fighting using fitness and strength. Fighting builds character, shooting people with a big gun shows how much a faggot you are and how small your dick is.

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>we are such fearful vile slaves.
Taking a strategic approach doesn't make you a slave you stupid nigger. Maybe if black people could get past their hangup on slavery then they wouldn't approach conflict in the stupidest way possible 9 out of 10 times.

For the same reason dumb white women think they can travel the world alone and not get raped.

>one of the greatest shows of all time
>this is the only scene that gets posted about
>not even the interesting part of it

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>including one where I was outnumbered literally 10 to 1 and needed to run to survive.

Well now we know you are full of shit

>shoot my adversary
>put my small dick in his ass afterwards
My only regret is that he would not live long enough to remember taking my seed.

>I was an amateur boxer for over a decade
Stayed amateur the whole time? Lmao, you must have sucked ass.

gun fags are fags, water is wet, trannies will never be real women

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