Movies about heroic last stands?

Movies about heroic last stands?

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Why are whites so evil?

Protec monke

Where do you think orangutans live, and who do you think benefits from the deforestation of that area?

return to monke

Forest is rightful human clay.

well thats not depressing at all

>punches metal
>"ahhh fuck! that hurts"
>gives up and falls to the ground

He'd do the same to us if he had the chance.

Somewhere where other brown people live, and the Chinese, respectively.

>who do you think benefits from the deforestation of that area?

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>retarded animal attacks what it thinks is a predator
Woman logic

>didn't see the guy shooting him.

You will never be a Woman, Trump lost

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America imported the wrong ape.

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That's an insult to apes

white people are the only people on the planet who care for animals

Conservation of the environment and co-existing with the natural world is among the most desirable of human traits.

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Whites care more about forests and environmentalism than any other race on the planet. Meanwhile the blacks are destroying their forests in order to get money from the Chinese.

Why are they trying to catch the orangutan? Don't they have superhuman strength? They'd get crushed.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the orangutan race.

Whites are the only people; all other races are simulacrum.


The human thirst for palm oil has been a disaster for the orangutan race

Yeah, it made food production simple from white Innovation and the browns' population exploded like a piñata.

to respond as if its the actual kaczynski quote, the idea of the industrial revolution to do the work of men with machines, then to do things it wouldn't be possible for men to do, with machines, is fine. the problem is we're mostly just spewing out a massive stream of low effort consumer shit because that's easier than doing anything else. in a couple decades the biggest industry is going to be landfill mining, to reclaim the materials wasted on planned obsolescent bullshit.

So why are we importing millions of non whites in? They need somewhere to live, work and play.

who's "we"

what exactly are we meant to do?

Wish they would explode like piñatas. Just imagine all of a sudden, *BANG*, 8 billion people dead. The world would be a better place.

In a perfect world...we'd probably have been able to reach the edges of the solar system if that happened 100 years ago.

Perfect technology to create artificial environments and move off the planet, leaving Earth as a wildlife resort and the unspoiled jewel of the human race in the universe.

step 1: take back political agency. you currently have none.

Looks damp and full of spiders

no one is trying to improve technology right now. just make it easier to manufacture and quicker to go obsolete.

>Orangutans are great apes native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. They are now found only in parts of Borneo and Sumatra

>lmao just leave the environment you literally evolved to live in
what the fuck are you talking about

Why did he do it, bros?

At least he did something. What did you ever do?

Technology beats evolution. That's the whole basis of human civilization and the reason we climbed the food chain to the top in such a short amount of time.

>the environment you literally evolved to live in
that is currently the climate controlled room you're sitting in.

Fuck you subhuman nigger, have some basic fucking empathy try being a human being rather than a literal chimp

Kill every non-white person on earth. That would be a good start since white people are only 11% of the world's population. That would let the planet recover.

I fucking hate when people cut down trees along roads.
Sometimes I think they do it just to do it. It's not nearly close enough to damage the road.
I think the fucking psychos just think the tree is "in the way".
God fucking damn that street is ugly now. Now I get to look at that stump for 2 years before you do something about it, then another year of a hole, then 3 more years until you actually make it look like a yard, and the end result is still that it looks like a bare ugly yard with nothing in it but grass and a bike.

my life is a nightmare

I think we're going to fail.
We're going to run out of materials to get us into space reliably enough to mine other rocks and we'll probably die off, then in another 650 million years, another species will evolve and use the oil our bodies left behind as fuel for them to try.

sure if we don't lob nuclear weapons at each other before we run out of materials. More to my point though is why is going to space even desirable. We evolved to live here in nature. There is nothing out there for us.

If you look closely you can see the center was already pretty rotten. Probably went all the way through and that's why the tree got removed. Depending on where it is you may need an evaluation and permit before you're even allowed to have a tree removed.

>leave our home for the dead, dark, infinite nothingness of space

They're also the most precious and thin skinned people on the planet who can't take the slightest bit of banter without lashing out while dishing out insults to everyone else on the regular.

And Chinkoids have destroyed their land completely for a couple of bucks. Almost all water there is poisoned lmao.

orangutans don't live in white countries

I can't believe Republicans did this

We will probably go extinct either way but without industrial revolution we would be ASSURED to go extinct.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. It happens to all species.

>fill the the dead, dark, infinite nothingness of space with an abundance of life

There is literally no better goal for humanity.

You say this, until the trees roots start physically damaging your property and absorbing all the water and nutrients from the soil killing your garden.
Trees are the niggers of fauna.

the only place he has left is skid row

Yes, we all know whenever white people hear about a white person getting shot they start rioting and burning down buildings and stealing shoes.

One terrorist attack caused them to raze an entire region to the ground and slaughter more than a million innocents. That's the exact same fucking thing on a global scale and don't even try to pretend it's not.

And all that's left of humanity is a mass extinction event in the fossil record.

you've already left "your home" in every way that matters. leave it in the last way before it is destroyed.

I hate nature so fucking much. Burn it all to the ground.

You may not know this, but trees in urbanized areas are protected. No one can simply cut them down without: a permit, and a valid reason for doing so.

based and rachel carson pilled

>comparing a terrorist attack to some nog getting ventilated while committing a peaceful armed robbery

On a global scale it's the exact same fucking thing
*nog out committing crimes
>oh why did this happen to meeeee
*america out murderising and destroying poor countries for decades
>oh why did this happen to meeeee
It's pathetic how much the two situations mirror each other.

All the other races are something, simulacrum is an interesting word choice

Except that’s the opposite of the truth.
Tell me your favorite White History Month story. Your favorite #whitelivesmatter protest location.

Fucking untermensch spoiling what could be a beautiful world

Lol, ok.

>make a noise that just barely sounds something like nigger
>every black person in a 5 mile radius takes this as the excuse they've been waiting for to drop their mask of civility and begin rioting and looting

>One terrorist attack
>tell me how you’re not white and how you’re younger than 25 in the stupidest way possible

Isn't this thread the perfect example of how white golems chimp out when you make even the slightest hint that they shouldn't be getting their dicks sucked 24/7?
You subhumans replied in defense immediately did you not?

>Fentanyl Floyd comparable to 9/11
I just wish this wasn't b8. It would be a lot funnier if it wasn't.

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One that mattered. The plane that got "wrestled to the ground" (I'll never stop laughing at how Americans so willingly buy into their movie fantasies) killed a couple of hundred people. Basically nobody died at the pentagon.

They were both criminals getting hit for their behaviour followed by an almighty tantrum which affected a lot of innocent people.
How can you not see that they're the exact same thing just different in scale? Are you willfully fucking stupid or just an idiot?