It begins as a whisper and then It spreads like wildfire

It begins as a whisper and then It spreads like wildfire.
Cancel marvel.

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I hope more countries ban the fuck out of them. Stop adding gayness to my capeshit.

Capeshit is already gay, why is this a problem for you?

>Smear campaign before a movies release

Usually means it's culturally challenging, drops too many truthpills, or is good.

HahahaHA OP is a gay!


You're saying that about Doctor Strange?

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Who's the gay character

There's a scene where doc strange has an orgy with himself from his infinite selves.

the mexican "american chavez" they have a sex scene where they molest kids at the library

Based Kuwait.
Anyone who has a problem with this is just racist and a colonizer

the audience

Literally who cares


Did Sam just fall in line for the check or does he really believe globohomo crap?

I still recall when marvel tested the waters with that captain america group therapy scene in which dude says his spouse had died and he missed "him".
Told my kids they can watch marvel again when they're 18

All small and insignificant markets. Now all the LGBTQAWhatever and their allies in the western world will watch it four times to 'own the chuds" in their act of solidarity with the billion dollar megacorp

Twitter trannies don’t watch movies, they just write articles about em for internet points

There's more of them willing to pay than Egyptians. You know how much Endgame made in Egypt? 1.7mil and NWH 1.3. They're an unbelievably tiny market and kuwait is even smaller. Marvel doesn't give a fuck about them. The amount they would have got from these countries is less than what they would get from fucking New Zealand alone. This "controversy" is just good for marketing

Little of both

It’s banned throughout the entire Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. Not to mention Russia/China
They will watch it for free on the Pirate Bay tho
Trannies will never recover

What trannies are you talking about? There aren’t even any trans people in the movie, just a lesbian. Everything is trannies with you people.

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Captain brie cheese made 1 billion

People thought they had to watch it to understand Endgame

Every other chick I see on tinder is a tranny. I cannot escape them

Wow chud America Chavez is a brilliant character. She's an alien with 2 moms from a planet with no men named utopia. Her writer is big on subtlety.

Why don't chuds move to one of the "based" countries like Kuwait or Russia?

holy menstruation that's fantastic

Good. Hopefully it'll discourage the cucks at Marvel.

You people literally think everyone is a tranny

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Based and liberals don't deserve human rights pilled.

>Stop adding gayness to my capeshit.
but user...

lol based

>I like watching hulking, sweaty men in tights wrestle with each other to make one of them submit to the other's dominance but Im not gay I swear bros

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>America Chavez
isn't that one of those woke comic book caricatures that the fags created a few years ago.


no no caricature works better

They don't grapple like WWE and mma, they punch each other to opposite sides of the cities until they're a pool of blood like real men.

wait, what faggotry did the jews inject?

can't tell anymore if retarded bait or real

The fuck kind of gay parody movies are you watching?

post tits or GTFO

The first thing you think of in a fight scene is gay sex. You immediately imagine two men fucking. You're a faggot.

America Chavez is a lesbo.

Probably Bruce Campbell's character, lol.

Doesn't Kuwait own America or something?

She's L G B or T????

strong muscular guys prancing around in tights and capes is pretty gay already

>America Chavez
oh shit it's true
>born of two women in the utopia parallel ..
fuck that shit, even the google first sentences are enough for me

fucking muslims are right again

the Olympics must be tough on your penis then,

methink the lady doth protest too much. Get thee to Bangkok

It's a publicity stunt. Look all those backward countries that represent less than 1% of our gross are banning the movie! Every self respecting, liberal and freedom loving chuds needs to support our superior civilization! They did it several times before for movies that weren't projecting good numbers.

don't watch the Olympics because I'm not gay. Do like lesbian porn though

>Usually means it's culturally challenging
That was BEFORE the neo-marxist WOKE takeover.
Nowadays it means they're right and the (((producers))) should be stoned for good reason.

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>to my capeshit.
> my capeshit.
These are movies for kids, ofc they should be banned if they include gays.

>I'm not gay
that's where you're wrong kiddo

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You know, I think there's nothing inherently wrong with those kind of people in movies, these people are common nowadays, trannies are always bad and wrong though, since they try to make it feel natural and fine instead of the inhumane abominations they are.

>that pic

Ellen looks rodiculous as always, but why the fuck is Jake's aunt cosplaying as a dresser?

i was interested to see where they took the dr strange story.. weird marvel doesnt want me to see it

Dilate freak

Transholy fucking shit.

The #transvestigation hashtag is the maddest shit I've ever read.

That's a transkek.

We will, once you move to Africa.

The fact that you only think men do Olympics is proof you're gay

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ah, well you seem to know about being gay more than I do so I'll defer to your wisdom in such gay matters

Fags aren't complicated. You like dicks and don't know where to find attractive women.