*Controls MTV with an iron fist*

>*Controls MTV with an iron fist*

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he's still on the air?

based (agreeable)

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My parents watch this shit all the time. They don't understand you can just watch hundreds of retarded videos on youtube without the peanut gallery and constant commercial interruption.

i too watch screen junkies


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Honestly the curating has some value, especially to boomers.

The bitch with the annoying laugh ruins it.

Fuck this garbage show. It's like pure torture to sit through a single fucking episode.

That's insane

Web Junk 20 and Tosh.0 for complete retards

it's literally just america's funniest home videos so that makes a lot of sense that theyd watch it

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

All the Viacom channels are total dogshit nowadays.

The commentary is funny sometimes. Steelo and Rob. And Chantelle always has her tits out so thats cool.

>brutally mogged by based tosh

Tosh seemed like he (or his writers) would actually occasionally visit the "more obscure" parts of the internet (including Yea Forums).
This MTV shit is all youtube/tiktok/twitter shit.

>based tosh
Fucking zoomer trash.

>that fucking Men in Black block on Saturday
Jesus christ how horrifying

No, that would be MXC.
You insufferable faggot.

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>American Idol ripoff #308
>My 600 lb Life
>Storage Wars
>Searching For Bigfoot
>Ghost Show
>Blue Collar Work
>Big Trucks and Drag Racing

Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

I only found out tger other day that Penny Porsche is the mother of the dumb bitch with the annoying laugh

No one watches TV, so what Viacom did was just take their cheapest shows and flood the line up with marathons and let the commercials pay for them. It's not so much impressive that rediculous plays 24/7 when you realize no one is watching. It's just keeping the lights on. Comedy central is much the same way.

IFC doesn't even play movies anymore either

the host of this show looks like he smells like hotdog water

>On Sunday's I watch Ridiculousness

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>sees controversial media figure
>immediately focus on the nose
Every fucking time

Nothing better to do on a Thursday at 10:30pm than watch a Nickelodeon sitcom that ended a decade ago on MTV

They can't though. Youtube would slip some little treats in their recommendations. Boomers cant help themselves when a little treat gets snuck in. And they cant shut off autoplay either. I bet after 2 days of unsupervised youtube use, your parents would be whole hog on either communism or flat earth.

>IFC doesn't even play movies anymore either
It was all downhill for them when they stopped showing movies without commercials. And that was several years ago.

How Ridiculous >>>>> Ridiculousness

jesus christ these faggots are annoying

>Thumbnail shows large multicolored balloons
>Video has plain white balloons
>Zoomers must be lured into watching a video by lying about the amount of color in the video

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Good for them to start learning to not trust things they see on the internet.

>It was all downhill for them when they stopped showing movies without commercials.

The channel was going bankrupt, so it was inevitable. But early 2000s IFC was kino, I saw Gingersnaps for the first time back then, and other shit like Pink Flamingos, totally unedited. Jon Favreau's Dinner for Five was also there back then, great show.

TV is unironically dead, and what's funny is we're not allowed to talk about nu tv most of the time on this board, because the jann.ies don't understand Youtube is now what real TV is.

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This shit can't be real. Ridiculousness is amazing, but that's too much.

What the fuck is even the point of having a "DUDE, LOOK AT THIS VIRAL VIDEEEOOOOOOO" show in 20 fucking 22? Just get tiktok lmao wtf

WTF. Is it normal for american channels to be like this?

I like how Chanel nips keep getting closer and closer to being the 3rd Co- host as each season passes. I know shes not even that hot and her whole rapper image is cringey, but her upbeat persona, pretty smile and ridiculous laughter bring a small ray of sunshine into a severely depressed mans life.

we have channels like that in canada as well
what happens is each channel will take their flagship show and a few other shows they have and make their own channel and play their own shows on repeat
paramounts bad for that

Heres the thing Zoomie, just because you were raised with a cellphone or tablet in your hands your entire life, doesn't mean everyone else was. This show is simply the saving grace and last hurrah for a channel that was once gold standard for music. You would be surprised, or maybe not, that like %60 of the viewers who even watch this show, let alone cable tv in general, are like 40 yrs old and up.

Yes, believe it or not Alpaca haircut kid, older people like this shit and like to laugh. And you know what they all say about you young kids, twitter, Instagram, and tiktok?

"What the fuck is this faggot shit? Why does every kid look gay on here?"

Yup. Up here in Canada TV is pretty bad.
Friends and BigBangTheory own our ComedyCentral. Its sad.

The only two syndicated shows i'll watch regardless are TrailerParkBoys and Seinfeld


He's a fucking nobody. Literally everyone knows who Rob is nowadays simply because his show is on all the damn time.

>a channel that was once gold standard for music

I don't know why people romanticize MTV. Even in its golden era MTV was at best 5% great videos that stood on their own and 95% shitty advertisements for FoTM industry plants.


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>I like how Chanel nips keep getting closer and closer to being the 3rd Co- host as each season passes
What are you talking about? She's been on every damn episode since the show's inception 11 years ago. I believe she only missed like one episode during the early days but have become a mainstay since.

how can one man be so (ridiculously) based?

Im Canadian, so i watched MuchMusic, but what i meant was at one time people enjoyed MTV for music videos. It was a one of a kind thing when it started.

>it's a steelo chimps out episode.

>Rob (host)
>Sterling (Co host 1, controls video replays)
>Chanel (Co host 2, laughs, shows titty meat)

>Chanels Nips (getting closer to on screen time, Co host 3)

>used to watch IFC every Friday night as a teenager because almost guaranteed boobs
>get lost in the kino instead

Interesting that so much of media is controlled by Jewish guys

Somehow I skipped the nips part. Need to get my eyes checked.

Its the whole eyes, brow, nose area for me. They generally get nose jobs but they can't get eye jobs

My dad (65) watches this nonstop. I can't stand hearing any of their voices nor the theme song any more.
In the bunch of episodes I've been forced to sit through I've never seen Chanel add anything insightful or funny to a video.


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>Entire audience is composed of people who dont know how to use a smartphone

Its funny Tosh copied someone and became popular then Rob did the same to him or MTV really. Tosh actually had some "soul" doing redemptions and showing random videos as versus just being FailArmy
Somehow he keeps getting young guests though

Just watched a few seconds of this show on YouTube. It reminds me of those Japanese variety shows that take some celebrities and make them watch random shit to comment or quiz them on just without all the clarifying textual information or fun music.

What's a "mtv"?