Come here user, let's netflix and chill

>come here user, let's netflix and chill
what kinos are you going to watch with her?

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Sub-par feet and zero lip game. I'm not going to watch anything with her


Nobody would ever ask me that idiot


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If you watch Netflix there aren't any other alternatives. Tried to give archive 41 a shot. And yikes.
But imagine being the rabbi who posts shit like this tho lmao hooknosed creep

>They Live
>The Hitcher (84)
>Scott Pilgrim to lighten the mood

Then sex

>The Terminator
>The Fog

>actually watching movies with this slut
>not just using background noise and pounding her shit out

looks exactly like my oneitis help

why hasn't God made all of us pretty and attractive

you'd be watching it by yourself, like you always do. Imagine how pathetic a livestream of your life would be.

>pull out my laptop with an HDMI cable
>user what are you do-

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God isn’t real

hello i hate feet

bro? sauce? please?

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thx bro

Don't know what you're talking about, those look smooth and well-curved.

scuffed Melody Marks.

She looks like the actress from the good place

This and witchskull tier nose


kristen bell? no she doesnt

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>pop some Seinfeld
>tries to explain to her the sublime cast that can be revamped and translated into any media and time

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>hooked nose
Triumph of the will

i don't believe she would have sex with me, maybe 10 years ago

Back in the days of yahoo chat I met a girl that looked like this (except more angelic) from Wisconsin. We used to even talk on the phone from time to time and she had a cute accent. I sperged out and stopped talking to her for some spergy reason :(

looks like a young jodie foster

I truly don’t know what happened in your life to cause your brain to work this way, but its embarassing

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I can tell you’re not an actual foot fan because a real connoisseur would know those are nowhere close to subpar

>t. probably likes gross super long alien frog toes

she's right tho, online streaming websites are infested with virus, crypto mining bots and 1000 popups

>come here user, let's netflix and chill

I would've run for the hills before sentence was finished.

Uncharted and we can fan girl about Tom and paint each others toe nails

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>God isn'---...ACK!

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This better not awaken anything in me

my coworker looks exactly like this but fake blonde


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these are much better

>just fill your mind with superstition to cope bro!

God literally isn't real tho lmao

where is her upper lip?

Its amazing how this bait always work

>Its amazing how this bait always work

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>zero lip game

Not even a footfag but maybe they have some good points...

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She looks like the daughter of the owner from Rainbow Costume Rental.

she has no fucking upper lip

fucking hell looks identical to this chick at work, freckles on the nose, dimples, stupid ass grin and ultra curved nostrils like some coke whore, splitting image of her

Melody Marks i hope it doesn’t create a cuck fetish I don’t want that influence to be on my hands

monke cute

this is how it starts. welcome, brother.

based beyond belief.

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Mentally ill and a nigger, what a combo

i cant watch porn of someone that looks like her

>what kinos are you going to watch with her?
Cobra Kai

the feet in OP pic are 10/10. my gf has like...idk. red feet? they aren't gross at all, but not great. fuck. I refuse to tell any girl I like feet though

>based beyond belief.

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What about when he uses his perfect link and it works perfectly?

>herp lip