Why do low IQ branlets give their opinions on the new Batman film

Why do low IQ branlets give their opinions on the new Batman film

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He's not wrong though. The new batman movie should never have been made. It was a bland moody edgy teen mess

That was what makes it cool you dumb bastard

>white privileged assholes!
-the half jew half black daughter of lenny Kravitz and that mutt bitch from the Cosby show

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The Batman movie does suck ass, it will also be forgotten in a matter of weeks, I've already forgotten most of it. I really hope they don't make a new one with that 160lbs stickman.


They can't comprehend an alternative take on the character that doesn't conform to the ideas the previous iteration possessed.


Goodbye nigger.

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Do people really watch batman movies and think no one dies just cause his principle is "I dont kill people"? thousands of people have died from batman antics but you just dont see them

I thought the shilling for it was ironic like with morbius
standards have gotten low

Well, if Mr. President doesn't like it.....

KEEM is a 50 year old bald manlet that wears a baseball hat 24/7. Who gives a shit what he thinks?

Why do low IQ brainlets post twitter screencaps of other low IQ brainlets

They got together and decided to breed because they thought they were the only two kids from a jewish male/black female pairing. Not joking. Zoe is the result of that unholy abomination.

Keemstar played a large role in the death of Etika.
Also he deplatforms people, while claiming he is against cancel culture.
Also he had a 15 year old girl strip naked and dance for him on Justin.tv.

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If anything, having this retard's disapproval is a positive sign of quality

Battinson was capekino

>on Justin.tv

>no no dont make fun of my capeshit its artistic and moody so its kino
>they even talk about Bruce's checkin white privilege

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Justin.tv is dead.
It was killed and turned into Twitch.tv
There is a video of Keemstar admitting to streaming CP after GradeAUnderA exposed him.
His defense was he didn't know they were 15, and he regularly gave mod to children on his streams when he asked her to strip live.
He since deleted the Twitter video where he admitted to it, but there is an archive of it somewhere. I'm to lazy to hunt it down.

i can literally hear robert pattinson using the word "brainlet" in normal conversation

The movie honestly sucked, bro. Cat Woman is the only interesting character and she’s no Kim Basinger or Michelle Pfeiffer.

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You now realize you just typed this.

This pedo gets away with too much shit.

>Keemstar played a large role in the death of Etika.
Based, one less to deal with

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it's a midwitt tier film

My bad. The youtube video I linked from an archive was wrong. Here's the Keemstar one.


>wow why isn't batman giving those drivers panacea to heal them up?

Keemstar is a pedophile

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>can't even spell midwit
stop punching up

I cannot believe that John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, would betray us like this.

>Also he had a 15 year old girl strip naked and dance for him on Justin.tv.
I was planning to watch the new batman, but since he rate it 2/10, i won't watch it.
I believe a fellow he's a cunnysseur.

that sick fuck


Nobody cares about ethans silly vids. Keem has done some weird stuff read this thread.

I mean, it's bad, but not for the reasons he lists
It's just absolutely boring as fuck, and the Riddler doesn't seem like the actual bad guy until over 2 hours into the movie.
Everyone does a good acting job, the pacing is just so bad it ruins the whole fucking film.

>Why do low IQ branlets give their opinions on the new Batman film
>Asking this on Yea Forums

>There is a video of Keemstar admitting to streaming CP after GradeAUnderA exposed him.
I tried looking for that retards channel joeysalads that gradeaundera says posted the censored video and apparently it's down, you know where to get it? For proofsake ofc

Daily Reminder :
Keemstar had a 15 year old girl strip naked for him on Justin TV.
He admitted to it in a now deleted Twitter video.

No, he's just fucking retarded as usual. The movie's theme is justice vs vengeance. This Batman brutally beats down thugs, and kills those innocents on the road, plus he's new to vigilante crime fighting and that leads the Riddler to believe that Batman's on his side.

Based. Now stfu

capeshit is the anthithesis of "cool"

>The hell are you supposed to be?
>I'm vengeance
The movie is cringe as fuck. He could've said nothing and it would've been an improvement over what we got with the trash dialogue.

Actual mental illness. Why does every defender of this garbage movie sound like a complete retard or schizo?

It wasn't bad, it was just badly cut.
>catwoman and riddler scenes drag out for too long
>penguin did not get enough screentime
>Patterson overdoing the moody emo in the 1st half hour
>could've been a lot shorter
>white privilege line was retarded mutt jew cancer
>catwoman actress being shit
>Penguin and his associates not getting arrested for being caught with a body
>batman being pretty much invincible
>Alfred walking away without a scratch
It has a lot of dumb issues but overall they told a decent story. I really think they fucked up in the editing room and had an intern do the editing because it feels very amateurish despite having a decent cast and some decent scenes.

dude its keemstar!

Maybe you should stop following his career then

>this thread

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I thought Pattinson was great, but everything but the opening was stupid. I hate all the other batman movies too though and think the two Keaton ones are the only entertaining ones

Based Keem.

>Be 40
>Date 20 year old

Sounds like he's living the good life.
Of course a fat jew is going to be jew about it.

Do amerisharts really?

>wigger e-celeb literal who gets filtered by capeshit
>mouse shills make threads about it on Yea Forums and no one does anything about it
How did we come to this, bros?

Why do you care when low IQ brainlets don't like a movie you like?

wtf man when she was 10 Keems daughter was born!

>It's literally just a picture of a girl who wrote Keemstar on paper with absolutely no proof that Keem was involved or asked to see it
It's incredible how people will intentionally act retarded to try and lash out at the people they hate

I love how there's literally a clip of Ethan praising Boogie for dating a 20 year old while being 40, but when Keem does it he acts like it's an unforgivable sin.
Honestly I don't get why Ethan seethes so fucking hard over Keem. He's rich, married, and has a kid. He should be enjoying life, but he seems so bitter and angry all the time. He seems incapable of just letting go and ignoring the people he dislikes, and instead needs to try to ruin them, with little to no success


this man is a millionaire, with a child and pulls young women despite being 5ft3, middle age, balding and lacking any discernible talent other than being a persistent annoying asshole online, imagine his life without the internet, he would be absolutely no one



I assume this of all men in caps.