Yea Forums finally gets their white only flick

>Yea Forums finally gets their white only flick
>its fucking garbage


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Uh how do I blame the jews for this?

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>white flick only
>main actress is a Anglo-mutt abomination

Was it actually bad? Looks pretty awesome from the trailers

It's not though.

How is it garbage, user?

I liked it. Wish they would have trimmed off 20 minutes tho.

Is Bjork Asian?

>if anything with white people in it is bad, theyre not actually white!
kill yourself
the trailers are better than the movie

All the main actors are charisma vacuum box office poison

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It’s bad

Anya Taylor Joy walks barefoot in the mud. Dunno if you're into that but I thought it was cool

She's not white kek

It's The Green Knight of 2022. All it is good for is looking pretty but it's a bog standard tale with little substance and you will never think or talk about it again a week after you watch it.

I was not invested in the main character at all.. i am a sappy guy and this didn’t pull a single heart string.

That is a tremendous failure.

His dad was killed.. who cares there was no investment in the dad
His mom turns out to be a lying evil bitch
Who cares?
He falls in love
Other than her being pretty, why? Who cares
He dies..
Who cares

How can the director do such a bad job?

Look at her. She’s white.

>It’s bad
Nobody is buying your fake narrative.

her sweet ass and curvy thin body made the movie redeemable. Shame we couldn't see her tits

Maybe for your mongrel people.

i actually prepared myself for a long first act of the movie where they establish the father-son relationship. I think it was all shortened for the sake of brevity, the movie was already too long. As for the "he falls in love" she's a sexy slavic witch who happens to be fertile, everyone wanted a piece of her

Anya has shown her ass in this and The VVitch, showed bush in this too. Why does she have the aversion to her tits?

pretty good

It's really well made. The story is just Hamlet though.

my thoughts exactly, she has an amazing body and this seemed like the ideal film to bare it all in either a sex or ritual scene, maybe she's just insecure

>t. ayyylmao

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Bro I went to the movie with my two kids and we just didn’t get invested in the characters at all.

I did not like that the movie started out as a historic believable world and then turn into outright fanciful world of magic.

I didn’t like that we are talking slaves and rape and pillaging yet where was the rape? Where was the nudity? Oh sure they can show us blood and gore and burning up children but not rape and naked women? Sorry anime has made me demand fan service in my entertainment.

Also I didn’t care for a single character in the film, not one. Why? I am easily moved and I wasn’t.

I have a history degree btw so historical settings appeal to me but I walked away shaking my head at this pos.

Some of the visuals were cool and that’s all I will give. The dialogue was terrible.

I think it’s only shills or cope that are promoting this.

>You will never take a hot springs bath with Ann Taylor Joy and fuck in hut afterwards

It’s great

he avenged his father's death and secured his bloodline, that's the story. the story isn't anything amazing at all. its very grounded besides the revenge of the sith ending.

If the character has no established motivation you can be invested in then the film fails

richard spencer says it's great and that it's "kind of a white nationalist movie"

where did you see fanciful magic? the movie blends myth and reality pretty well and never flatout says if the gods are real in this universe or not besides the scabbard bit.

Yes tard. Bjork is literally Barbara in Chinese.

The story doesn’t have to be great or groundbreaking to be an excellent film the problem was the execution

There is zero connection with the audience. I just did not care

that's subjective. obviously a lot of people are invested in the character even if he has no motivation.

The whole movie is just white people killing, raping and enslaving each other, that doesn't make any sense

I found it very enjoyable. Everyone seething and malding are coloured and incapable of enjoying white cinema.

Reminder everyone who is saying it is shit has not seen it or is an ADHD zoomer who hasn't seen Eggers last two movies.

the protag also isn't a great dude. he's very amoral. his entire life he was just autistically laser focused on getting swole enough to avenge his father at some point. meeting anya was the first time he felt anything since childhood.

>muh revenge
the laziest premise possible. i fucking hate revenge flicks

>white cinema

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well he loves it so he must be right.

Right.. who care

but gon's revenge is an awesome part of the chimera ant arc

>characters fart n burp while acting like dogs in the first 15 minutes
>next scene is a village being brutally murdered and rape
Why? Should've been the other way around because it made the next scene tonally over dramatic and immature.

The scabbard, crows eating his rope, dogs attacking everyone, somehow finding a wizard in a cave telling him about the magic sword

Dumb, it was taken too far and it should have been more ambiguous that it could have all been in his head

It's worth the money to just not see a nigger for an hour or so.

>dude no it can't be real I need to sit there and redditly think about how science could've done those things!

Why would you want your children to see rape? What sort of anime brain rot do you suffer from?

Why does everyone hate green knight? It filled the same light hearted/dark fantasy feel as LOTR, one of my favorites from 2021.

Where was the rape? Goblin slayer had more rape

It's very good.

the only one of those that sticks out as being something definitely magical is the scabbard.

did you not watch the lighthouse?

I thought Anya had a body double do the nude scenes in VVitch?

Early life check the author. Its a kike
Its a fucking movie, retard. Magic is fine. It helps moves the plot instead of relying on coincidences.

Takes a European story and denies it its European hero, while also going out of its way to sever the story's Christian roots. It maliciously subverts and undermines the work that inspired it, tearing down something beautiful and replacing it with a grotesque substitute. To make matters even worse, it's also a dreary, ponderous slog that's completely full of itself in that usual smug A24 way. Spent 99 cents on a rental for it, would've been better off just buying a Kinder Bueno and calling it a day.

you know the movie is fake either way right

Hamlet and The Northman are actually both based on the same Scandinavian legend.

>she's not white
I hear prosopagnosia is a difficult disease to live with, I hope you can find the help you need.

Fuck off Tarantino.

Oh so rape is bad but stabbing people through the face is fine?

Give me a break all animals rape it’s more natural than murde.

Also my kids are old enough to handle , my oldest is 20

I love how this gynocentric society pretends rape is the worst thing on earth, meanwhile they are burning kids to death and chopping up people.. it’s fine to show that but not rape..

It was world breaking for me.

Rape you have to live with, murder you don't, unless you're related.

So is Lion King, nigga, who cares?

hamlet is just amleth

I am amazed that an abject retard such as yourself managed to have children, let alone raise them to adulthood.

You are terrible human being. Thats right, even people on Yea Forums think you are despicable. Let that sink in.

It was kino. The berserker scenes were great. The sport scene was great. I liked the supernatural stuff. Just wish we saw more of Amleth building himself as a warrior and less of him plotting around pretending to be a slave, though.

The fart scene was strange and filtered me a bit.

I know you're just being a contrarian for contrarianism's sake, though.

fart scene is literally just eggers sense of humor. that's it.

It's extremely kino user. One of the best films I've seen in a while. Its not for plebs Though. It has more of an apocalyto feel to it. Id you didnt like that you won't like this If you can't handle the unabashed violence of this movie you might want to stick to Troy/gladiator.

It was a world with magic. Like many movies.

No user, the green Knight has to be the worst movie I've seen last year. This was an epic tale of revenge. Kino!,

Showing someone push a sword into someone’s face is fine
Showing rape is not fine

Ok.. it’s cucked shit

A nippon cartoon is more honest than western cuck shit

I thought it was awesome but i like weird movies. I don't understand the backlash from you faggots. Maybe your brains are broken. I liked the arcane rituals and visions, the whole movie is dripping with exotic norse symbolism.

Apocalyptic was great and did everything well that eggers did terribly