Movies that you made sure you watched alone

Movies that you made sure you watched alone.

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i watch all movies alone
i dont have any freinds and im rather content

what content did dora have that required it being watched alone

I unironically watched it at the theatre with friends. I do not remember why.
It was shit.


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>watching a cute girl go on an adventure being cute is... le bad!

i will now watch your movie

Daily Reminder: All of Merced's movies are absolute trash made for the lowest common denominator. In short, for low IQ mexican migrants.

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Not a film but Spartacus, the show.

Watching movies alone is gay. I fapped to Dora with my bros, it was a great time.

>friend says she never watched the cartoon
>got close to telling her "I've only seen the film, haha nothing else was on tv"
>think before I say it
>glad I didn't say it

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Cuties. I've started and stopped watching it about 25 times now, I'm half way through it.

she was already an adult and severly WALLED during that pathetic excuse of a movie

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They were NOT kidding with this movie

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I love both

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>Phat Beach
>I hope they serve beer in hell
>But I'm a Cheerleader!
>The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie
>Brokeback Mountain
>Hedwig and the angry inch
>Sex and the City 1 and 2
>Gay Niggers from outer space
>Hard Candy
>Roller Gator

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>when she sees the BWC

This was on TV the other day and I had it on when my gf came through the front door.

>imagine being even more of a womanlet than kiki
holy mog

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amazing girl


She's really something else. I can't believe she isn't a bigger star.

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uhhhhhh im thinking she's a cute

God damn kiki has perfect legs

she is an obnoxious cunt, it became clear when she defended her weird freak FtM boyfriend in a classless manner
her fault for being such an in-your-face slut

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I'm thinking you might be right.

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very liccable

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Good lord, she's heavenly.

She's definitely one of the most beautiful actress in the industry right now, easily. And if this was Hollywood of just 20 years ago she'd be one of the biggest stars in the world because of it.
Unfortunately now 'leading ladies' have to all be plain or ugly so as to not make the majority female audience jealous.

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>average looking mexican could be the hottest actress in hollywood
keep on dreaming ese

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Not him but Boner is way hotter than Jay Leno's daughter, or whoever that is.

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it's ella hollywood

beach bikini moner is just pure heaven

What an awful pic 3/10, moon face and Brie larson jr feet

its unironically the peak of feminine beauty


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Ok Schneider

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Don't get me wrong, I'd fuck them both. But Moner blows her out of the water.

Without all the magical hollywood shenanigans she looks like a goblin coming out of a cave for the first time
don't kid yourself

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I mean Keirnan is definitely not very attractive but I wouldn't call her a 'goblin coming out of a cave for the first time'. That's way too harsh.
She's just a solid 5/10. Plain Jane but not offensively ugly.

well played

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*chair crattles*

It's just that 35 year old men shouldn't be seen watching fucking Dora unless they're downies or have a kid in the room. It's the implication.


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>merced without makeup.jpg

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Watched this with latina ex gf I had at the time. Coitus kino

I watched this movie with some girls from university and it wasn't awkward at all idk

Dora was gay
no wank bait


her name kind of looks like syphilis from a distance

she looks like Cillian Murphys autistic little brother

i never fished this because it was boring

she hit the wall at mark 5

>watching fucking Dora

she was born in it, molded by it

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Stop posting this inbred retard

Jerked off to both these movies. Dora I did it in the theater too


Yeah, Yeah, have another one.

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