There was doo-doo feces thrown all over the walls, thr floor, the ceiling, and it stunk so bad

>There was doo-doo feces thrown all over the walls, thr floor, the ceiling, and it stunk so bad.

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seriously what the fuck did she mean by that?

Females are nasty, dirty animals, user.
t. have always lived in a house as the only male and lived the hell

Amber Turd

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>good afternoon Mr. Depp
>good afternoon Mr. Rottenborn

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hahahaha, I remember that line. fucking lawyers man. what's the American dream?

Cut all ties with any female that has BPD

>Cut all ties with any female

so, all females?

First sign is if she dyes her hair platinum blonde or any color of the rainbow.


Lol, no, there are many BPD psychos out there who dress/look normal enough

ngl amber is made for throatfucking

Of course, as there are many serial killers. I'm just saying you can notice some flags right away. If she dyes her hair bleach blonde/ platinum full or any color of the rainbow 98% chance she has mental illness.

Well, whoever dates some girl with danger hair deserves everything bad coming their way
The problem is screening the ones that hide their illness better, my uncle got royally screwed and had to leave the country for two years so the bitch would give up and go find another poor sod


Well I feel you on that. Thats why I've created a list for the redflags and signs. I just lost my job because of some whores but my checklist is now complete

I bet it was actually your fault.

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based [agreeable]

Even though he has that weird Madonna pretentious fake accent, Ive been fascinated by him needling that lawyer, its hilarious
Dude got fucked over, its good to see him hitting back

Baltimore Police Department?

johnny...dep...johnny...dee...dee...megadoodoo lmao :D

lmao never realized this is the same exact trial

The more you know about this case the more likely it is that you're an NPC normie. This whole drama is feed for the flock. My GF is an NPC and she's following this case every day and can't get enough. Being able to talk about the details signals to other NPCs that you're in-group. Fine, if that's what you like.

>I just lost my job because of some whores
Sure male BPD creature

I wrote this, have a gander at mine. I've written whole books on these crazy bitches :)

Its a man who lost millions due to fake netoo bullshit
If youre a man not rooting for this dude, you might be a homo
every man has dealt with this kind of woman at least once

All I know is that Amber Turd is a psycho and depp is keeping his cool
No details though

lmao xD

Not gonna click that shit nigger. Chances are it's going to read like a typical Yea Forumsthread anyway.


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God I cant wait for Amber to take the stand and Depp's lawyer grills her on the bedroom turd.

>wants to go to his house to collect his things while psycho gf is away
>friend shows him picture of poopoo in his bed
>"Nah fuck that I guess I'm not going over there now"

Were her poops really that stinky?

In case you don't actually know, it's borderline personality disorder
Imagine a woman, but turned up to eleven, a professional control freak and emotional abuser

Yeah that's my stepmom

I can't wait for her to lose her cool and lash out at depp in front of everyone

Just run and take your dad along, you're essentially living with a psycho

Yeah I got the fuck out of there a long time ago

Didn't michael jackson say this?


she is unironically mentally ill, she thought that was getting back at him but she doesn’t realize it just exposes her as a sociopath

I bet you’re fun at parties

>Im stupid so everyone else is too
suit yourself, you are the one reading Yea Forums threads night and day you stupid nigger

>it was....human....(breathes)...fecal.....matter (court laughs)

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>there's something rotten in denmark
>maybe they were hearsay papers
>rock the boat, as it were
>mr. rotten-born
>"you dont exist"
what are sum other kino johnny lines from this show

>everyone else is a sheep but me. i was born...special you see.

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>You continue to read them right.
>I think that box could fit some cocaine in it.
>Lawyer: We're going to fast forward a little bit here.
>Depp: Oh yes, I can feel it.

Me on the bottom right.

This is the only reason I'm paying any attention, in case she drops the act in court. Also Johnny could be any one of us alcoholic bastards, that shit is scary. Hope it gets better for him

how does she feel about the POOP


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Haven't watched much of the trial, but this shit made me laugh.

Underated as fuck, post.
This NEEDS to be posted to that twats twitter if she has one

is there a supercut of kino moments of the trial yet?

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He should've known better by that age. He had to have known by that point in his life that she was a good bang but why the fuck put a ring on her? Even at that age, what a fuck up.

The user youre replying to is probably getting pegged by "said" GF


Liked, upvoted and tweeted XD

Is he like playing his character from Secret Window in this trial lmao

This board is just reddit-lite now, 2016 ruined this website