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>literal furfaggot

>2 hour
>Part 1

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I've had his channel blocked ever since he did a quick cut to making himself vomit into a bowl. Vile motherfucker.

Every time someone mentions this I ask for evidence but I just get called a dogfucker for "defending" him. I just want to know the reason people think he is. Hes never seemed like a furry in his videos. (not sure about social media)

This is a Jenny Nicholson board.

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He said animals can consent

Why do you want to have sex with animals?

Holy based

Two hours of avoiding saying "Jews and blacks raped another white man's production"

Get my cute wife's name out of your mother fucking mouth!

Dogfuckers . . . we won.

the proof spammed constantly in these treads you lying faggot. no one spoonfeeds you because you don't read the threads.
he basically claimed dogs could consent and that having sex with a dog wasn't animal abuse.

there I spoonfed the little baby. now go back to reddiybye.

fucking hate these retard threads saying "it's up" like everyone's supposed to know what faggy youtube channel series you watch. no one cares you piece of shit

how do people not feel extreme embarrassment making 10 hour long video essays about video games and movies?

their only purpose is confirmation bias.
no one has ever watched one of these and changed their mind.

Because it's likely Adum himself sitting here, spamming this fucking thread multiple times a day so far because no one cares that Disney raped his childhood.

Long man bad!

There you go just saved you 18 hours for the full thing

>3 hours
>Part 1
Schizo thread.

if they were entertaining or said something that mattered you'd have a point.

Running Shine does this with 1+ hour long videos. they're funny, unlike this dog fucking tranny who should be raped by a pack of negroes.


I really don't need 3+ hours to know why The Lion King remake sucks. Just look at it, it's self-evident. Now, a movie like Everything Everywhere All The Time needs a dissection, because too many people love it. They've had their tastes warped by modern culture. What they mistake for "imaginative" is just "lol banana so random" tumblr humor.

nah i think i'll stay right here. no harm in keeping my reddit tabs open while browzing with Yea Forumsros on Yea Forums

>dog fucker advertisement

agreed, but you will never be a woman or a man.

Disliking EEaaO is peak r*ddit.

he pointed out it's hypocritical for people to pretend that sucking a dog's dick is one of the most heinous crimes ever conceived because it's 'animal cruelty' while the same people are perfectly fine with the painful slaughter of millions of animals. people try to twist this into him saying it's acceptable to rape animals because he said a movie they like is bad.

the reason beastiality is immoral is because it's a disgusting act performed by disgusting people. but we're not allowed to say things like that because it's a slippery slope to saying things like homosexuality are immoral. so instead the justification is that it's bad because it's 'animal abuse'. the exact same 'animal abuse' occurs daily as we force animals to breed, or jerk them off to collect their sperm. we also, you know, butcher them and eat their flesh. why isn't any of that considered abuse by anyone besides fringe vegan weirdos? because as long as we're not actually drawing out their pain and suffering, nobody actually gives a shit about the 'rights' of animals. nobody cares if an animal is 'raped' or not. we condemn beastiality not because we care about the animals, but because the people who do that shit are extremely mentally ill and do not belong in a healthy society. and that's perfectly normal, in fact it's necessary. YMS is a faggot with a lot of retarded takes but this is one of his based ones. if you actually think that beastiality is bad because "animals can't consent" or such horseshit then you've fallen for the psyop. beastiality is bad because dogfuckers are degenerates who do not belong in society, but if everyone understood that to be the reason then we would start expelling other types of degenerates from society, and that would mean a world of trouble for some very powerful people.

This man fucks dogs

how can Running Shine make 1+ hour long videos and not feel extreme embarrassment? their only purpose is confirmation bias, you've never watched one of them and changed your mind.

Parts of MY cute wife belong in my mouth though.

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>2 hours and 40 minutes
>Part one
This is longer than the fucking movie, and it's only part one. Christ, when will people stop with the long ass video essay meme? Honest question?

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That is correct. I still wouldn't call Adam correct, because he fucks dogs.

I thought it was going to be shitty nitpicking too. I’m 50 minutes in and he’s actually making great points and really dissects it quite well

I've been thoroughly enjoying the rise of the long video essay over the years and the seething that has followed.

As someone who has to drive a lot in relation to work, the 2-3 hour essays give me something to distract myself with during travel. I don't mind thinking on dumb, gratuitously specific scene details and pointless plot holes. They're like shower thoughts to me, if that makes sense.

Plenty of people make 5-10 minute vids on YouTube explaining why they think something works or doesn't. It's not like long form vids are squashing out the smaller essays. Both can coexist.

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This movie is now almost three years old, and it's been out of the public eye for almost two years already. Why make a review now?

Thanks, Dogfucker

Just because you're friendless and drive 3 hours to suck dicks doesn't make the format good.

I miss when his videos were just him taking the piss out of movies for a laugh.

because he’s been creating this review for three straight years. I’m not kidding

Someone needs to call out John faverue’s faggotry.

He must have some garbage work ethic if it took him three years to cover 45 minutes of the movie. At least when fucking Moviebob did four hours on BvS of all things, at least he finished it on time

>seething dog fucker
you know I'm right adam you loser.

can't speak to this furry guy in the OP but 10 hour long autistic video essays are prime background noise while playing games or going on a long drive or something imo. Can't imagine having your full attention dedicated to them though

>could listen to books or music
>no I better simulate a friendship with a dog fucker

YMS has multiple different projects and ventures he’s worked on whilst chipping away at this review. I still don’t think The Lion King is worth making a 5 fucking hour review for (this is only part one), but his work ethic isn’t bad.

There is literal proof not just that video of him talking about dogs, here he is at a furfag convention and is interviewed about being a furfag

At 20:45

brave of him to include this

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>I REALLY REALLY REALLY know a lot about music and sound editing! Please please hire me for an actual job! I'm getting too old for this youtube memelord bullshit. I don't want to entertain retarded teenagers until I die! PLEASE hire me, I totally know what I'm talking about when it comes to music and sound editing, don't you think? The Every Frame a Painting guy worked for criterion and was even featured on a Netflix show. I want that too!
Almost 3 hours of this shit

>featured on a Netflix show
Which one?

>YMS has multiple different projects and ventures he’s worked on whilst chipping away at this review.
And nobody would've cared if he shelved literally all of them until TLK2019 was done.

mmmm i love liquid drum n bass and atmospheric jungle so comfy

this guy's voice is so grating and annoying. I hate his upward inflection everytime how he nitpicks some menial trivial bullshit. His voice is so punchable. He has a punchable voice.

Summary of the review: The Lion King 2019 is not a good movie because it doesn't try to be its own thing and is just poorly thought out nostalgia bait.

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People who watch these hour long video essays are retarded.

girls having sex with dogs isnt abuse. they enjoy it.

I can't watch him now that I've seen his deformed penis

>lion king autism
>music autism
>furry autism

just post his nudes and nuke this shit thread from the board

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You can enjoy abuse.

God he's such a fucking faggot I wanna punch his fucking lights out

based and hooahpilled

>never finishes a movie
>takes several years to talk about a movie everyone forgot about
>only 2 hours