Hammond was committing animal abuse

Look at how small this enclosure it. Is it any wonder the Velociraptors were murderous? It's like putting a dog in a small box for it's entire life. They must have been crazy sitting in there.

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Raptors in the books were worse. Like fucking demons. They killed for the pleasure of killing. Hammond was totally right in making their enclosure that small (which he didn't in the book), but Muldoon was even more right: they needed to be killed.

God I want to fuck a raptor

They were probably more like cats. Social creatures that admittedly love killing but also desire socialization and play.

It would have been fine if they couldn't smell the chili and seabass the fellas were eating in the tower every day.

I imagine it was meant to go underground somewhat. That's just the opening where they feed them.

Wouldn't be much of an attraction for guests if that was the only part of it. There's probably some 12 inch thick one way mirror glass in a cave below somewhere.

Even if it's the size of a football field (it's not) that's a disturbingly small amount of space for a predator that size.

IIRC it was originally supposed to be a temporary enclosure but the raptors proved so dangerous they couldn't be released into the main park. So the JP staff were still figuring out what to actually do with them when the accident happened and the worker got killed.

The real question is why did the Jurassic World guys breed raptors again after establishing they were too dangerous as an attraction?

This, it was temporary. Muldoon was right though, they should have been put down.

to fuck them

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Reminder that JPIII had the best raptors.
Psychopathic murder machines
Savage retards
Highly intelligent pack hunters that utilized effective communication and cared for their young.

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military contracts, back end shit, who do you think was financing Hammonds little zoo


it only looks small, it's bigger in the underground part

Listen to the audio commentary for Jurassic Park 3. Its just the effects guys nerding out. Its great.

Reptiles tend to not care as much about such things.

Hammond, look at how small this enclosure it. Is it any wonder the Velociraptors were murderous? It's like putting a dog in a small box for it's entire life. They must have been crazy sitting in there.

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Its Chilean Seabass! Not chilli and seabass.

I'd love a T-Rex King starring Hammond

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There are no seabass in Chile so you are mistaken.

Hammond, you idiot.

If Dinosaurs were birds, why didn't they simply fly away?

Kinda funny i thought the rex would be the biggest issue but these little fuckers are terrifying

Because Dino Vinci hadn't invented flight yet

Patagonian Toothfish

Same reason penguins don't fly away


they had a very finite supply of viable dinosaur dna and an even more finite supply of viable embryos, Ingen decided they were all too expensive to kill so they just stuck them in the holding pen until they could figure out how to make an enclosure for them. They wouldn't even allow them to kill a Dilophosaurus so they could autopsy and figure out how to disable their venom spit.

birds are reptiles
dinosaurs are reptiles

>birds are reptiles

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they're pretty close if ya think about it
>In the traditional Linnaean classification system, birds are considered a separate class to reptiles. However, crocodilians are more closely related to birds than they are to other living reptiles, and so modern cladistic classification systems include birds within Reptilia, redefining the term as a clade.

Hammond was an obnoxious faggot in the book, bitching about his dinosaurs getting killed even after they'd started their rampage.

Retarded ESL poster lmao.

Yes there fucking is and the movie we're talking about literally brought them to near extinction after people heard that line ironically enough. Thankfully the chili crops didn't take such a large hit, I think most people misheard it as Chile, buncha retards.

yeah he was a much more interesting character than than the Spielberged version

Velociraptors are the pitbulls of the dinosaur kingdom

I could easily take on a pack of raptors. Just wait till the last moment and duck and they hit each other. checkmate Jurafags

>they had a very finite supply of viable dinosaur dna
But they already successfully cloned them, the DNA problem is gone.

You clone an organism, not the organism's DNA

Yeah and now they don't have to combine frogs and dried up mosquito fluid to get that DNA, they have entire bodies to get that genetic material from.


they were already having to piecemeal the dna with other species to make complete strands, trying to make copies of copies would have just made it worse

also it took numerous failed attempts for pretty much every successful individual, they just hid all the failures on site B. Every viable dinosaur they produced was considered near priceless

Why didn't they simply swim away?

some did

Yeah but the animals in the park are hybrids. If anything they should be working towards a more perfect dinosaur, that is what all genetic engineering programs of this nature aim to do. But in the movie they have the technology to edit gene sequences apparently at will, long before CRISPR made that a reality. If they acquired enough DNA samples they would move closer to a full, perfect genetic sequence.

There was also something about how after they maimed a worker, the raptors realised humans are really easy to kill compared to their dinosaur prey

I think either Japanese or Chinese business conglemorates in the canon if I remember correctly. The EPA was actually investigating what was he up to on his island.

it's almost as if this is all just a work of fiction

thinking back to watching JP1 in theaters when it came out.... never would I have believed that grant was going to blow into a fucking raptor windpipe and communicate with them like he's fucking dr doolittle.

Both wrong. reptiles are coldblooded by definition

If they're so smart why didn't they just jump out?

It's better than raptors going full retard and getting killed by a little ape child doing flips.

why didn't jurassic park just clone herbivores
they still woulda been a big attraction and had none of the problems

Because why the fuck would you clone dinosaurs and NOT have a T. rex?

The same centuries old definition that classified whales as fish? Do these terms are even used scientifically?

No, less nuanced.

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Nigersaurus had the most teeth.