Is fatherhood really this kino?

is fatherhood really this kino?

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I hope so. I know someone who I want to knock up one day :)

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>t. dad

Dad, I already told you Yea Forums isn't for old people.
Why do you keep embarrassing me in front of my friends?
>t. son

>*start doing the dabbing gesture repeatedly*

My brother in law has a 2 year old son with my sister, and it truly confounds me that he hasn't blown his brains out yet.
Just comes home from his 10 hour manual labor job to get screamed at for not changing the baby's diaper correctly and then makes his own food and goes to sleep until he wakes up at 5am to repeat.

Being a dad is the best.

I hope it ends up that way because as of now it is exhausting (but my son is a toddler so I suppose that's normal).

Yes. I love spending time with my kids.

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Enjoy that time while you can. You don't get those years back. You will forget how tired you were.

>has a shit job requiring him to be away from kids for extended periods of time
>claims that his children are a priority.

Being racist dad is the best

I saw a woman and her kid drop off dinner to some guy in a construction site
It makes me happy to see such love still exist but also a little sad because i dont experience it

He's providing for his kids dumbass

peg was so hot in this bros

I always try to keep this mind.

Please be a good and loving father, and actually spend time with them. The little things mean a lot.

> t. user who didn't have any of that.

Making money to feed your children is a pretty big deal. Most people don't have a lot of options in what career they end up with.

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no point doing it if you don't plan on being around

Then don't have a kid

check DUH map gooooof

Kids being self-endangering retards is one of the big reasons I'm apprehensive about parenthood.

everything in that webm was non-lethal and kids would end up with only bruises or several scars.

We all wanted her

I disagree. I've known people who went from pizza delivery boys to doctors. It comes down to sacrifice; Will you watch Netflix or play that video game or will you study and develop your career? It comes down to priorities and discipline, in the end.

I don't blame you, it's exhausting and stressful to deal with, my toddler tries to sprint into traffic and jump off of things and other stupid dangerous shit literally every single day. My daily life is like that webm.

Same with my daughter; up until about 3 or 4 you really are in overdrive to stop them from injuring themselves st the very least

Why did disney stop doing anything soulful with goofy

If I ever want to kill myself, I think this gif could make me want to live.

My father is a tyrant and we never got along.

They released some amazing traditionally 2D animated shorts of Goofy last year.

That's a very good impression of a woman, user.

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Father here. This movie gets better and better the older I get.

Wait til he's 18 first you sick fuck


it always sucks to be a beta married to a dumb whore - that has nothing to do with kids

What a fucking waste.

I have a 2 year old son and have been living this life for a few years, but with an office job instead of manual labor. My son keeps me from killing myself, and from getting a divorce or murdering the wife. I've been thinking a lot about this and I'm genuinely considering becoming an alcoholic as a potential solution.


Christ some of these are cute "oops" moments and others are kids literally about to death. Watching this is like riding a fucking roller coaster

>Kid about to fall into a deep construction hole
>Kid about to be hit by a rogue van and sitting just under its wheel

Did this with my little niece one time. I was chasing her and she slipped and fell but as she fell i leaped out and caught her and did a little barrel roll. She was fine but i scraped my arm pretty bad. Its just a natural instinct of a reaction

Yeah not only is it WEAR ZE MASK shit it was also released in fucking August 2021 which was way past when people were actually quarantining.

On the same level as Disney's Jew-hating WW2 propoganda.

Somebody got a paycheck and stopped giving a fuck.

the difference is that in the traditional era the propaganda was anti-nazi, not pro nazi masking policy

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The peak of humanity
Nothing even comes close

>son dresses up like the artist formerly known as princ and intterrupts a school assembly to impress some lightskinned thicc redhead girl

Fucking depressing. I hate my life and often think about swerving into traffic or putting a gun in my mouth, but there's a comfort to knowing I can exit any time with little to lose.

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>swerving into traffic
Jesus Christ, don’t ruin someone else’s life because you’re a fucking non hacking loser. Just blow your own head off.

>oy vey, listen to nigger music
>goyim, your parents only exist to embarrass you
talmudic garbage from Yidsney

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>some lightskinned thicc redhead girl
So we are all under the implicit understanding that the Goofy Movie is a black movie, right?

I wish I met my 18+ y.o soulmate when I was a baby

Imagine working that same 10 hour job except you don’t leave a legacy and have occasional access to wife pussy. Maybe you should be the one blowing your brains out?

user as the child of an alcoholic you really shouldn't do that. The worst feeling in the world is talking to your parent and realizing they're drunk (and even worse if they relapsed).

Stop being bad at sports.

It gets pretty odd when you realize the message of every post-Jewish takeover Disney movie can be broken down into
>Your parents are always wrong and dumb and you should do the opposite of what they say

>on raft with dad on the lake
>sandals heavy and annoying
>drop shoes in the water
>dad wtf
>it's cool you can just dive at the bottom of the lake to get them
>i'm not doing that

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....theres people that think its not?

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The hat fling is so goddamn good

I hate this movie soooooooo much.